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  1. Anyone know how to change the color theme in the Text Editor? I see the color options but I can't select anything other than the default.
  2. What naming templates are people using?
  3. I did start a new appdata folder and install a couple days ago, but I can try again if you updated something. It is not a huge deal really, but I will test.
  4. Hopefully this helps. It looks like its creating a tab at the bottom when doing a file copy/move. I can switch to the other tab at the bottom. I assume this is a setting, I would prefer to see the copy up at the top.
  5. Stupid Krusader quetion - when doing a file move/copy, is there a way to just have it not create a new tab that takes up the entire session?
  6. Looks cool - should there be an appdata folder?
  7. Can this repo be updated to 3.2.0? Thanks!!
  8. I don't use DLNA, but this is my mapping
  9. I would join the Stash discord, lots of devs and people willing to help.
  10. Which version of the docker are you running? I can see the DLNA feature under the stable build .8
  11. This is how I have mine set up, and its working for me.
  12. I am looking for a script to clone a github repo to a folder in my appdata folder. Can someone help me? Figured this out, super easy. My example: git clone <REPO> /mnt/user/data/ETCETC
  13. Same for me, even using the direct link on the subscribe page doesn't work
  14. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do we know if its "safe" to update our unraid version if we use this plugin? Wait to see if an update has been pushed to CA apps?