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  1. Thanks for making this - looks like there is an update to rclone itself, I get a prompt when launching the webui. Appears the github repo hasnt been updated since Sep 2020, hrm
  2. There is a vorta docker on ca apps now, just an FYI.
  3. I am using the unassigned devices. It appears my repo on said unassigned device (external ssd) does not load until I reboot the vorta2 docker. Is there anything I can do to automatically run the backup when a device mounts?
  4. Thanks for making this tool. I don't see any docker updates, but the webui is telling me there is an update available. NEW VERSION AVAILABLE
  5. Anyone know how to easily move Sources from one repo to another? I have quite a few external drives I back up to, and the sources all are the same. I can move them one-by-one, but looking for a quicker way if possible.
  6. Thanks for making this docker. What is my best course of action for backing up my Borg repo to multiple external drives mounted with UD? Rsync, or make them all borg repos themselves?
  7. Yep, I was able to find it, was just letting you know. Thanks again for the containers.
  8. Thanks for the V2 docker. The previous docker when you selected a folder, /locations would be the default selection. Can this be updated?
  9. I am getting the following error when running a backup. edit: I was able to fix this, I had to create my backup folder on my unassigned disk. On a related note, is there a. way to kick off a backup when an unassigned disk mounts?
  10. Thanks for making this. Is there any way to specify a number of external backup locations? I am thinking multiple external drives mapped using unassigned devices.
  11. Don;t know - I found this menu today and I would assume its for creating bookmarks / shortcuts to folders?
  12. Can you add keditbookmarks to the Krusader docker?
  13. There is this, but I don't know how to set up the docker. Would love if someone was able to get it into CA apps GitHub - Taxel/PlexTraktSync: A python script that syncs the movies, shows and ratings between trakt and Plex (without needing a PlexPass or Trakt VIP subscription)
  14. Anyone know how to change the color theme in the Text Editor? I see the color options but I can't select anything other than the default.
  15. What naming templates are people using?