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  1. Anyone know how to change the color theme in the Text Editor? I see the color options but I can't select anything other than the default.
  2. What naming templates are people using?
  3. I did start a new appdata folder and install a couple days ago, but I can try again if you updated something. It is not a huge deal really, but I will test.
  4. Hopefully this helps. It looks like its creating a tab at the bottom when doing a file copy/move. I can switch to the other tab at the bottom. I assume this is a setting, I would prefer to see the copy up at the top.
  5. Stupid Krusader quetion - when doing a file move/copy, is there a way to just have it not create a new tab that takes up the entire session?
  6. Looks cool - should there be an appdata folder?
  7. Can this repo be updated to 3.2.0? Thanks!!
  8. I don't use DLNA, but this is my mapping
  9. I would join the Stash discord, lots of devs and people willing to help.
  10. Which version of the docker are you running? I can see the DLNA feature under the stable build .8
  11. This is how I have mine set up, and its working for me.
  12. I am looking for a script to clone a github repo to a folder in my appdata folder. Can someone help me? Figured this out, super easy. My example: git clone <REPO> /mnt/user/data/ETCETC
  13. Same for me, even using the direct link on the subscribe page doesn't work
  14. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do we know if its "safe" to update our unraid version if we use this plugin? Wait to see if an update has been pushed to CA apps?
  15. I would love to see this added as well.
  16. Tdarr has much more control over how the files are handled, but its more complex than unmanic. I would honestly just test yourself - use test files obviously and see which one you like best. Generally, I had to stop using unmanic because I kept getting file sizes larger than the original file. Tdarr has worked well, its just a little more complex like I said.
  17. Hello all, I have an ongoing issue with Out of Memory errors on my server. I am running 6.9.1 with the nvidia plugin. Any help would be appreciated. Hardware should be current in my sig.
  18. Would like to request an enhancement - can you add bulk-downloading to the Pinned apps section as well? My reasoning is that I pin my main set of dockers I use all the time. I know I can re-install from previous apps, but previous apps has all the one-off dockers I tested and don't use. I also know I can remove them from previous apps, but hey thats work!
  19. Thanks, does this look right? Sorry my coding skills are non-existent.
  20. I added the top line to my config file per the instructions, but I keep getting this error 2021-03-05T16:20:10.068Z vault:message Loading "/config/config.json"... 2021-03-05T16:20:10.071Z vault:error ERROR when loading config, please fix it. Run your file through a linter before trying again (search for 'JSON/YAML linter' online). 2021-03-05T16:20:10.071Z vault:error Unexpected string in JSON at position 101 I edited the json file using notepad++ on my windows vm and then copied it back to the config dir in appdata
  21. Can you post your node settings? I am super confused as to how I am supposed to set this up.
  22. Stupid question - do I need both the tdarr and tdarr node installed if I am only using my server? If so which docker do I add my NVidia variables to? edit - found an answer on reddit, just the node needs GPU
  23. Couple other people along with myself are having the same issue. No idea how to fix it, as there is no appadata folder to reset.
  24. Same issue here. I noticed in the docker template there is no appdata folder, is this by design?