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  1. unSERVER 24TB unRAID 6.3.5 Pro PC-Q25:H87-I:i5-4570S:16GB:SX500-LG:RC-218:AVRG900U
    unBACKUP 15TB unRAID 6.3.4 Pro Node 304:P8H61-I:i3-3220:8GB:ST45SF-G:1430SA


    I would like to know how you run your setup. With your unBackup.

    I'm almost to that stage of my 2nd system. I use crashplan and file something forgot. It check Hash and Priory. 

    Sorry im still new. But im not backup my entire system yet. Just a few files. . Dont want any failures or make big changes. I just upgraded from 6.3.3 to 6.3.5 because i was nervous of something bad happening. But everything went ok. 


    OK Thank you. 

    1. trurl


      I just use an rsync script to do a monthly backup of some user shares from unSERVER to unBACKUP. unBACKUP is only powered up for this purpose and is normally not running. The hardware for unBACKUP is mostly from my first build, which I gave to a friend for a while, then got it back after they upgraded their hardware.


      I consider some of my data to be critical and other data to be less important, depending on whether and how easily it can be replaced. Here is my total backup plan:


      Nightly scheduled backup of critical user files from Windows PC to the critical unSERVER user shares using DeltaCopy.


      Monthly scheduled complete image of Windows PC to unSERVER using Acronis.


      Monthly backup of critical user shares from unSERVER to external disk for offsite storage using Unassigned Devices plugin with rsync script.


      Monthly backup of less important user shares from unSERVER to unBACKUP.



    2. trurl


      Probably better to ask this sort of thing using Message, or even better, on the forum so you can get more ideas.

    3. cpluse


      Thank you for the run down. Ok next time i will ask in the forum.