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  1. Great, thanks Hoopster. Ah, thanks, Ich777, I must have missed it.
  2. Hey All, Is there a list of known-compatible video cards anywhere? I pulled the old MSI GeForce GTS 450 out of my Mac Pro (server way back) and thought I'd pop it into my unRAID box to give Plex docker whatever help a 1gig card can provide but I don't want to bork anything or spend tomorrow fighting something that will never work. Thanks, ~ Aaron
  3. WebAPI Plugin for Organizrv2 Ok, so let's figure this out if we could. I've looked over the forums and the general consensus is that the WebGUI add plugin doesn't and won't work. Meh, whatever. But to manually add it: Download WebAPI-0.4.0-py3.7.egg (or one of the variants) Place in (assuming SpaceInvader One's setup guide) appdata/binhex-delugevpn/plugins/ Restart the Connection Manager/Daemon .... Profit. However, these instructions don't seem to work for at least myself, but also a bunch of folks in this thread. Vital info: Delu
  4. It doesn't seem to work with the unRAID remote beta Once I updated my DNS it was super unwilling to connect. Which... beta, but still, fyi. I'll upload some logs and jazz later, for now, it's time for some Snyder Cut and, I imagine, a brief morning period for what's left of my childhood. (ok, ok, judgement reserved... for now)
  5. I saw those but some of the mobo links were dead (newegg.com) I suppose I'm a bit lame for not looking too much further past that, but I was still in the fearful "is this current or am I messing something up" phase of system building Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated. I sent your link to a few friends (in the same boat) and they are also very grateful!
  6. Yowza! That should be a sticky on all the sub-forums, and in the FAQ / on the main site! You're a hero, keeping all that up to date must take forever, thanks for your effort!
  7. I just got an email reminder that my University has a monthly properties sale. One could get a Dell GX270 (or 280, basically any Dell that's about 2 - 3 years old) for around 100$. Could a Dell be used for unRAID, provided I added a SATA controller?
  8. Thank you, this seems like a great community I live in the states, though fairly remote (Wyoming) so there aren't many local stores. Thanks, DrPeril @theludologist
  9. Questions answered in this awesome thread of goodness: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=7998.msg113243#msg113243 Thanks Raj! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey all, I've spent some time browsing the forum, and unRAID seems like the ticket for my needs. Right now I have a Mac Mini running Plex, AirVideo and a few other less important things (management scripts, security camera software, etc, bit it's primary purpose is media server). Att