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  1. Hey all, Just saw this on Ars. At the office atm, so I can't do much in the way of looking into it, but I thought I'd post and see if anyone else has any info about the exploit, and/or, if we need to worry about it with internet-exposed Dockers? https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2022/01/a-bug-lurking-for-12-years-gives-attackers-root-on-every-major-linux-distro/ Thanks~
  2. Great, thanks Hoopster. Ah, thanks, Ich777, I must have missed it.
  3. Hey All, Is there a list of known-compatible video cards anywhere? I pulled the old MSI GeForce GTS 450 out of my Mac Pro (server way back) and thought I'd pop it into my unRAID box to give Plex docker whatever help a 1gig card can provide but I don't want to bork anything or spend tomorrow fighting something that will never work. Thanks, ~ Aaron
  4. WebAPI Plugin for Organizrv2 Ok, so let's figure this out if we could. I've looked over the forums and the general consensus is that the WebGUI add plugin doesn't and won't work. Meh, whatever. But to manually add it: Download WebAPI-0.4.0-py3.7.egg (or one of the variants) Place in (assuming SpaceInvader One's setup guide) appdata/binhex-delugevpn/plugins/ Restart the Connection Manager/Daemon .... Profit. However, these instructions don't seem to work for at least myself, but also a bunch of folks in this thread. Vital info: Deluge 2.0.4.dev38 binhex/arch-delugevpn (no version specified, updated today) Python 3.9.2 (default, Feb 20 2021, 18:40:11) unRAID 6.9.1 I've tried eggs: deluge_webapi-0.4.0-py3.6.egg from https://pypi.org/project/deluge-webapi/ WebAPI-0.4.0-py3.6.egg from https://github.com/idlesign/deluge-webapi/tree/master/dist WebAPI-0.4.0-py3.7.egg from https://github.com/idlesign/deluge-webapi/tree/master/dist WebAPI-0.3.2-py2.7.egg from https://github.com/idlesign/deluge-webapi/tree/master/dist WebAPI-0.3.1-py2.7.egg from https://github.com/idlesign/deluge-webapi/tree/master/dist None of these seem to work by loading or by dropping them into the directory and restarting the docker. Manually expanding the egg files and adding the folders to the plugins/ dir also doesn't seem to do anything. Most places also remind us to update binhex-delugevpn/core.conf to include the Plugin: Note "WebAPI" added to enabled_plugins "download_location_paths_list": [], "enabled_plugins": [ "LabelPlus", "AutoAdd", "Scheduler", "WebAPI" ], "enc_in_policy": 1, "enc_level": 1, "enc_out_policy": 1, "enc_prefer_rc4": true, "geoip_db_location": "/usr/share/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat", "ignore_limits_on_local_network": false, "info_sent": 0.0, Some posts have mentioned restarting the Daemon to initialize the plugin, however, 1) wouldn't it no longer be activated after a docker restart?, and 2) Don't know about anyone else, but if I select the Daemon in Connection Manager and hit "Stop Daemon" I get an error message window that just says "An error Occurred" so... womp womp. Meanwhile, back at Google... My old buddies at OpenMediaVault (it was good at the time, but I'm soooooo glad I made the switch omg) are also struggling with adding plugins to deluge. I found a few posts that outline getting AutoRemovePlus-0.6.2-py3.7.egg to work, so I followed those (more or less the same as above, adding the egg to the plugins dir) to make sure it wasn't just the WebAPI egg itself. Sadly, no joy. I know it's a few years old now but SpaceInvader One's plugin vid also doesn't help with this. dev.deluge-torrent.org appears to have gone offline while I was typing this, so that's not ideal. But if anyone has an idea of how to enable plugins I'd appreciate some pointers. If nothing else, perhaps I could request @binhex include the WebAPI plugin in the build? Given the number of requests it seems like it might be a well received addition ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ---------------------------------------- WORKING! ---------------------------------------- Right, welp, got it working though good, old fashioned, luck. There's a github support thread here: https://github.com/idlesign/deluge-webapi/issues/27 that got me going on the right path. Basically, you need to download the plugin linked here: https://github.com/idlesign/deluge-webapi/files/4458994/WebAPI-0.4.0-py3.8.zip And then rename the file to "WebAPI-0.3.9-py3.9.egg" then copy it into your config/appdata/binhex-delugevpn/plugins/ directory. Also expand it as if it were a zip file, the folder should be named "WebAPI-0.3.9-py3.9" by the expanding software. I don't know if it's the egg, the folder, or both that deluge wants to see, but I also don't care cause it's working. You do need to add "WebAPI" to the binhex-delugevpn/core.conf as seen above. Make sure to mind your commas! Now reboot the docker and, hopefully, you'll see WebAPI available in Settings > Plugins and can activate it. Once activated it will have a settings item in the left list, click on that and check Enable CORS. Now go back over to Organizrv2 and in the Deluge Home settings enter the [ip]:[port] of your deluge instance using the password that you use for the webUI (as best as I can tell this doesn't work if you don't have a pw set). Hope this helps folks in the future
  5. It doesn't seem to work with the unRAID remote beta Once I updated my DNS it was super unwilling to connect. Which... beta, but still, fyi. I'll upload some logs and jazz later, for now, it's time for some Snyder Cut and, I imagine, a brief morning period for what's left of my childhood. (ok, ok, judgement reserved... for now)
  6. I saw those but some of the mobo links were dead (newegg.com) I suppose I'm a bit lame for not looking too much further past that, but I was still in the fearful "is this current or am I messing something up" phase of system building Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated. I sent your link to a few friends (in the same boat) and they are also very grateful!
  7. Yowza! That should be a sticky on all the sub-forums, and in the FAQ / on the main site! You're a hero, keeping all that up to date must take forever, thanks for your effort!
  8. I just got an email reminder that my University has a monthly properties sale. One could get a Dell GX270 (or 280, basically any Dell that's about 2 - 3 years old) for around 100$. Could a Dell be used for unRAID, provided I added a SATA controller?
  9. Thank you, this seems like a great community I live in the states, though fairly remote (Wyoming) so there aren't many local stores. Thanks, DrPeril @theludologist
  10. Questions answered in this awesome thread of goodness: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=7998.msg113243#msg113243 Thanks Raj! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey all, I've spent some time browsing the forum, and unRAID seems like the ticket for my needs. Right now I have a Mac Mini running Plex, AirVideo and a few other less important things (management scripts, security camera software, etc, bit it's primary purpose is media server). Attached I have about 3, 1- or 1.5tb-HDD's and each of those has a backup drive that SuperDuper! clones on a schedule. It works pretty well, but I'm running out of space, and I'm way past being out of cables and power outlets. It's time to dust off the PC builder hat and get a server running. I like some of the builds I've seen here, but it looks like most of the Newegg links are dead (EoL parts). So, per the New Thread topic, here are the nuts and bolts: Budget: (Not including drives) I'd like to come in under 5 or 6 hundred bucks, less being better of course. That said, I'm not opposed to increasing that to whatever it takes if given a reasonable argument. Drive Numbers: As mentioned, I've got 6 drives that I can take out of enclosures, but capacity and scalability are prime for me. I want to be able to upgrade as much as I can before I build another server. In this respect, the MD series are dead on. 15+ bays is a good goal, but looking at newegg I might have to settle for 8 to 12. Advice here is much appreciated. Expandability: See above, expandability is a big goal. Addons: I glanced over them, the iStat one looks handy, the rest are nifty but unimportant to me. The Mac Mini will do the lifting, I just need this to be a glorified NAS. Parts: It's been so long since I did any PC building (being a Mac guy spoils you) that I have no parts around worth mentioning. Links: Not really. WD Green drives I suppose. Quite is going to be a major deal as this will need to be near the movie room etc. So, really what I'm after here is the cheapest (without it being crap) way to get a massive amount of storage connected to my Mac Mini. I know I could install more server features onto this system, but it's been a Mac house for a while now so Plex / AirVideo / AppleTV2 / etc has established itself a place in my entertainment center. I have gig router/wires for everything, but even saying that, transfer suggestions are welcome. As a final note. The server, networking, etc are all going to be hidden away as best as possible. Even the Mini if I can manage it (line of sight isn't important we all have iPhones and there's "living Room" iPod Touch 2G for guest / general remote control). So none of this has to be pretty, just expandable, tidy (I'm a cable nut), and hushed Thanks guys, DrPeril