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  1. Thanks. Started array in maintenance mode, ran it with the -n, then without, but with -L, then started array w/o maintenance mode. Drive came back as mounted. Ran a parity check w/o correcting errors. It found none and my missing data was back. Thanks again.
  2. Hooked up new UPS last week. Forgot to connect USB cable to unRAID box. Power was off for 3 hours while out of town. Came home to unclean shutdown. Booted up and disk 1 of array (sdc with xfs) shows unmountable: no file system. Last parity check was done on 4/6/19. Next one scheduled for 5/6/19. Hope I can recover file system/data. It is a 5TB drive. I can acquire another 5TB drive to use as last resort to rebuild from parity, but last time I tried that (I am impatient), I messed up and lost the data permanently. Would appreciate suggestions this time before I go pressing buttons. hitower-diagnostics-20190427-2204.zip
  3. Currently at about 69% for data rebuild of 2 of the 3 drives. Guess I'll figure out what's up with the 3rd drive when it stops. It says, "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout" right now. Wanted to thank everybody for the information that data was likely still there, giving me courage to start the array again. Not sure what happened, most likely scenarios are: 1. controller card not fully seated, or the SAS cable wasn't fully seated, for that controller card. It's the one that has the 3 drives in question connected. 2. maybe hard drop/power outages caused drive/controller corruption/breakage - I mean it at least took out a motherboard also, so could be possible. Maybe another question for my learning? Is it because I have 8 other drives & 2 parity drives, or just 2 parity drives, that allows me to rebuild these 2 drives (with a 3rd one also not in the current array?). I thought I would be limited to 2 drive failures at 1 time, but essentially, I had 3, right? Thanks again!
  4. Thanks, all. I had made no changes to my USB thumb drive/configuration. I have encrypted array, 1st attempt, I entered wrong password, then correct one. Still not sure why it took so long to mount the array. Boot time was still pretty fast. unRAID indicated 3 drives were unencrypted now, all 3 were on 2nd controller card. Both controller cards are an LSI-9211. I may have put controller card in different slot than before. I cannot recall. In troubleshooting why server would not post, I had removed all cards from system. I know which controller card was in top PCI-e slot (main 1 with 8 drives), but I may have transposed the 2nd card with network card upon mobo swap. Unraid told me when I mounted the array this time that the 3 drives on 2nd card were unmountable, volume not encrypted or unsupported partition layout. It's currently doing a parity-sync / data-rebuild (and writing at a whopping 150-180 MB/s, so that's great I think!) Another question - should I have mounted in maintenance mode & not mounted file systems to do this instead? After about 5-8 minutes, rebuild is at 2.1%, so I think that's moving quickly at least.
  5. Last week, due to unfortunate circumstances, my unRAID server went down hard. Long story short, was on UPS, wasn't aware power was gone from wall, wasn't aware UPS was already drained, and power was pulled. Server would never post after that. Prayed hard it was power supply. It wasn't. Tried new motherboard - and it booted. Now, I'm afraid I have, again through stupidity, trashed my array. I have 4 8TB drives, 2 of which are parity, and I have 7 5TB drives, and roughly 51TB array with about 30TB used, give or take. I put all the SAS cables back in the same controllers, in the same PCIe slots on the motherboard (and the replacement motherboard is exact same model as the one that died). I noticed upon boot that 2 of my 8TB drives were in parity slots up top (normal view). I saw the other 2 8TB at the bottom of my array configuration - and don't think that was normal. Unfortunately, I started the array. It took 20 minutes to come up. There is no data in the array and none of my saved shares were showing. I nearly immediately shut down after that, thinking about the lost data. My fault. Yes. I'm fairly sure that my 2 parity drives listed are correct. parity: sdb (8TB) parity 2: sdf (8TB) I'm not convinced the other drives listed as disk 1 - disk 9 are in the correct order. In fact, after the week I've had, whatever order they come up in may or may not be wrong. Am I SOL?
  6. Disregard - and this can be deleted. This was operator error. I had some client side issues that I had to resolve. I apologize for wasting anybody's resources. For what it's worth, I knew it was my client when I could connect to my server just fine from another client.
  7. I have been making changes to a couple of routers off/on for a few days. Today, I went to login to unRAID (latest stable) and was greed with this instead of the login screen: This site can’t be reached <alphanumeric>.unraid.net’s server IP address could not be found. Try running Windows Network Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN I tried to find clarity in this thread: Now, I have a very strong suspicion that something I modified in my routers (DNS based on the errors?) has messed up my DNS routing and/or blocked something and my unRAID server doesn't get to authenticate. I did see in the link above that I can set USE_SSL="NO" and likely log into my server, but I wanted to confirm that this is my fault (DNS broken by my changes?) and once I get that fixed, my server will work with https/USE_SSL="YES" again.
  8. Thanks, just the type of answer I was looking for...
  9. Good morning, all. New (obviously) user coming from a Synology to unRAID. I've got a base install done and went through a few setups of plugins (CA, some Dynamix, Nerd Tools, Preclear, Fix Common Problems, Unassigned Devices). I got the array setup (though not sure if correct yet), and was browsing to the tower via a windows desktop and saw the 4 pre-defined shares: appdata, domains, isos, system. I also see the flash shares. My questions now are: should these be cache only? Should I make them all private or secured security setting? Maybe it's just being overly picky, but I would prefer that anybody looking at the tower on the network only sees the actual shares I think they should see: media, movies, tv shows, photos, games, etc.). I have plenty of data disk storage (at least for now. ) and currently 1 500GB Samsung SSD cache disk (which I had hoped to use as VM cache only storage as well. I understand now I probably want to get a 2nd cache disk for that pool so there's some fault tolerance. Was on a trial key, but went ahead and just purchased the Pro license.