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  1. yesterday I made a snapshot of one of my unactivated Win 10 VMs, updated to the latest Then I used this tool to upgrade to Win 11 https://github.com/coofcookie/Windows11Upgrade No errors, went smoothly. Now playing around with it a bit and have not yet found any bugs I dont have any TPM, nor an emulated one, nor a supported Win 11 CPU
  2. since Win 11 also requires a certain CPU Gen. Is it possible to change the CPUID of my guest VM to a newer Gen CPU, and advisable at all ? I wonder by doing that there may be other implications for security/proper ISA functions ?
  3. +1 yes please (being on Broadwell ... can I spoof required CPU as well 🤔?)
  4. can you give an example where such VM Browser Leak is / was exploited and what data is being compromised (random temporary host dram bits / cpu cache fragments?) ? Is that really a serious threat with a modern and updated browser I must worry ?
  5. When I start the android app I can see my unraid server screen for a blink of a second and then the screen goes white. When I check the server logs it shows a successful login. Reinstalled the app - same, resinstalled the plugin - same, restarted the plugin -same same. Since this morning. Any idea whats happening ?
  6. re-check PCIE1 Link Width and PCIE Link Speed and maybe disable ACS Control
  7. what did you think else will happen when you isolate the network ? Once you shut down the server you can pull the USB boot stick and manually edit these settings on another computer. (check the Unraid Wiki/ forum to learn how). Then plug back in and start up Unraid. Network should work as before. WebGUI likewise
  8. A one-click to remove the disk from an array. 👍
  9. besides the issues mentioned from the other posters with the pcie lanes needed for proper GPU usage, you may also run into trouble isolating 3 usb controllers on top of the one you need for the host machine itself. Hot plug virt usb would be an option but I dont trust its performance much...
  10. if your motherboard supports bifurcation (Z10PA seems not you could also save a PCIe slot and use something like this. ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Card V2
  11. its a caching that happens between VM and host, which distorts the measuring