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  1. can you give an example where such VM Browser Leak is / was exploited and what data is being compromised (random temporary host dram bits / cpu cache fragments?) ? Is that really a serious threat with a modern and updated browser I must worry ?
  2. When I start the android app I can see my unraid server screen for a blink of a second and then the screen goes white. When I check the server logs it shows a successful login. Reinstalled the app - same, resinstalled the plugin - same, restarted the plugin -same same. Since this morning. Any idea whats happening ?
  3. re-check PCIE1 Link Width and PCIE Link Speed and maybe disable ACS Control
  4. what did you think else will happen when you isolate the network ? Once you shut down the server you can pull the USB boot stick and manually edit these settings on another computer. (check the Unraid Wiki/ forum to learn how). Then plug back in and start up Unraid. Network should work as before. WebGUI likewise
  5. A one-click to remove the disk from an array. 👍
  6. besides the issues mentioned from the other posters with the pcie lanes needed for proper GPU usage, you may also run into trouble isolating 3 usb controllers on top of the one you need for the host machine itself. Hot plug virt usb would be an option but I dont trust its performance much...
  7. if your motherboard supports bifurcation (Z10PA seems not you could also save a PCIe slot and use something like this. ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Card V2
  8. its a caching that happens between VM and host, which distorts the measuring
  9. Sorry I am a noob ? What does this mean ELI5, please. :) I run NVM drives on a 4Drives x 4Lanes PCIe Adapter via the UD Plugin. What must I worry about ? TIA
  10. I guess 2nd Gen Threadripper has an excellent $/performance ratio but m.board can be more expensive. 2-4 years old refurbished XEONS may do the job. Decision depends also what HW you want to use along with the VMs and if you have need for passthrough. What do you plan doing in the VMs ?
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    Happy B-day Squid !! 🍻