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  1. So I'm running the latest Docker version of Syncthing. So far I really like it. One thing doesn't work like I would expect. I backup my app data and auto-update the container. Every morning the Recent Changes log is empty. Is there a setting that makes this persistent when restarting the container?
  2. So I'm relatively new to Unraid after using a Synology NAS. I love the community and ease of the OS. Drive management is a snap and Docker implementation is a breeze. What would I like to see in 2020? How about having apps native to Unraid without needing to install a plugin?
  3. So I got this back just by deleting the container and copying over the old data. Is there a way to get this to work properly in a reverse proxy or isn't it such a good idea? Really I suppose it's unnecessary.
  4. So I had the latest binhex-Plex working just fine. Today I moved Plex behind a reverse proxy and something seems to have stopped working properly. The WebUI is no longer available to the container and Plex is not available via my local IP. Oddly enough it works via Plex.tv and the reverse proxy. I tried to change the container back to normal, outside the proxy but the WebUI is still not available if I right click the container. According to some reading in this thread, it might be a permission issue. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried deleting the perms.txt file but it didn't seem to do any good. I'd like it in the reverse proxy but it's honestly not necessary. I do want to run it locally. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Odd issue. I just installed Dolphin in Docker for file management. It wasn't working at first and then I discovered there is some sort of conflict with my Windows 10 VM. If Dolphin is running the connection to the VM will not work. If running the Windows 10 VM then Dolphin will not work. Any ideas? The ports are different.
  6. So yeah, I did get it working by watching that video. I guess I was a little confused because I thought the thread mentioned being able to do it without enabling SMB 1. In the video SI One has us enable it. That's what I have done for now. It's fine I guess. Thanks for the help.
  7. So I am getting the Error Code 0x80004005 on Windows 10 Build 18362. Enabling this value doesn't seem to work for me. Are there any other known tricks?
  8. Ah. Ok. Thanks for the info. All this kinda rings true to the problems I was having before when I gave up after updating. I just couldn't get the UI to load. My assumption at the time was that I couldn't get the Docker container running. Now that I know there is a solution out there I'll starting digging around in the Synology forums. For what it's worth changing the value to 'yes' does prevent my WebUI from loading. Thank you for the point in the right direction.
  9. Ok, I already had debug set to true. I just deleted the log to start fresh, started the container, went to IPMagnet, and downloaded the torrent. The IP matched my public IP. Attached is the log you requested. I'm sure it's something stupid I've done. Thanks for the help! I'm using PIA and just checked the credentials. They seem to be valid. I have DelugeVPN running on my Synology NAS for what it's worth. supervisord.log
  10. Hmmm... That wasn't in my list of environmental variables from my old install from 1.5 years ago. I most likely missed adding it back in the day when I was playing around. I had it working perfectly at one time. I then updated the Docker container eventually and everything fell apart and it stopped working for me. Eventually I just gave up because I honestly don't torrent all that much. The other day I felt like playing around with it again and I just carried over my existing settings. At any rate it was my stupid mistake. I'll give it a go again and try to be more careful. 😂 [EDIT] Oh snap. I just realized my variable list is so long that I didn't scroll down to the bottom. It is there and it is set to yes. It's entirely possible that the VPN credentials are wrong but that that shouldn't have caused the leak, right? I did test it with IPMagnet after the fact and it's not using the VPN.
  11. Meh crap. Boy did I just screw the pooch. I had an old Docker container that I was fighting with (not working) and gave up on for a while. The other day I decided to manually update the container to try again and didn't bother to look at the documentation. The application seemed to run just fine. When did the container change to allow traffic without the VPN? That just bit me in the ass. 😲 I realize it's all my fault. Like every bit. But the nice thing about this container was that I could trust that nothing could leak out. Using the same environmental variables I had with my old setup I didn't realize I wasn't protected. Before if the VPN didn't work neither did Deluge. I should have checked the new variables since it had been so long. I should have probably tested the connection too. Don't be a dumbass like me. Ugh.
  12. FWIW I too now have the same issue. You're not alone. I'm sure it'll get worked out at some point by delugesiphon.
  13. Once I added /data to the Sonarr Docker, exactly as it was setup in Deluge, it worked just fine. I also added the label option so we'll see if that works for removing the torrent. Regardless, I'm happy. Thank you very much for the help!
  14. So right now I'm having 2 small issues if you don't count the Transdrone issue reported above. Thanks for that btw, I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why it wouldn't connect. Anyway, I know this is tied to Sonarr (linuxserver image) so I apologize in advance if it's not a Deluge issue. For the record Sonarr is up to date on (3.9.2017). Deluge is on 1.3.14. Sonarr adds the torrent to Deluge and labels it properly. Once the download is done it's not completing the download handling as it does with a nzb by moving and renaming the file. As a result the show is never moved to the proper TV Show directory that I have defined in Sonarr. I must be missing a setting on Deluge or Sonarr somewhere. The downloaded files are located within a directory of the download in my designated /data directory. I've added and enabled the Auto Remove Plus plugin for Deluge. Once the ratio or seed time is met I have it set to remove the torrent. Instead of removing the torrent it's just pausing the torrent. I need to go back and manually remove it myself. Any idea what might be going on here? Any enlightenment would greatly be appreciated. Is it wrong that I enjoy playing with setting up these Docker containers more than watching TV Shows or a movie? Kinda funny actually.
  15. LOL! That's fine. I'll just have to man up and follow BakedPizza's lead. I appreciate you keeping it real.