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  1. You da man! It has been so long since I set that up that I totally forgot about that setting. Thank you.
  2. Does anyone know what I might need to do to fix this issues? My banner for isn't rendering the text colors properly so everything appears to be blank. If I selected the area I can read it though.
  3. So has anyone else had sync issues recently with Plex v4.51.3 depending on the source file? I know it's not the fault of the container but didn't know if anyone else is seeing this? The client is a Tube Shield TV and web on a Chromebook.
  4. Awesome. Thank you so much. That's kind of where this all started for me. I was just looking for some way to turn the notification off. Then, after doing some reading, I tricked myself into thinking there might be an issue with the shares creating themselves on the new drives. I think I'm good to go. Many thanks!
  5. Thanks for the help!
  6. Looks like I am in the same boat. Apparently I made some false assumptions on how the data would be distributed. First I thought the data would spread across all the drives. That didn't happen. Then, I thought when the first drive filled up it would move to the second. But now I'm getting High Usage Messages. I'm not so sure my server is configured the way it needs to be. What did you end up doing to fix the problem?
  7. Did you set the built in apc ups settings to No, simple and dumb? You may need to restart. The apcupsd may still have a hold on your ups I had the built in UPS setting set to No. The other settings were USB and I changed them to simple and dumb. After a reboot I seem to have similar issues. I've tried with enable manual config on and off. I'm not sure what's the right way to do this. HERE is the new output when I run rc.nut start, as well as the settings in each config. I'm a noob to this so maybe I'm missing something. I only edited the ups.conf. I've read where people seem to have had issues with Tripp Lite UPS'. Maybe it's a fruitless battle. Any help is appreciate if there is something else to try.
  8. So I am trying to get NUT working with my Tripp Lite OMNI1500LCDT UPS because the UPS APC daemon within Unraid isn't working properly. When I auto-detect within NUT it seems to find the info it seems but NUT is not starting. HERE is the info I see when doing /etc/rc.d/rc.nut start. Does anyone have an idea of what I might be able to do to get NUT to function with my UPS?
  9. Actually I did install NUT this morning. The thing is, Unraid 6.8.3 is saying the status of the plugin is stopped, even with the Network UPS Tools Service set to yes. Autodetect finds the UPS. The server was rebooted. I was just going to create a new thread unless someone has an idea.
  10. Well, that fixed the problem. Honestly I don't completely understand what happened. In looking back at the mouse after deleting it from the XML and rebooting, it was indeed the mouse attached to the server. I don't know. Regardless, I think I'm good again. Thanks for the help @bastl!
  11. So I did something stupid and checked a box to add a USB device (mouse) to my VM that was connected to another machine. Now the VM will only run when that machine is on. I was hoping I could just uncheck the USB device that I enabled but it's no longer listed under USB Devices on the form view of the device I added it from. Is there any easy way to determine what I enabled in the XML view? To be clear, I enabled a connected mouse on my laptop. The VM runs fine when the laptop is on. With the laptop off, I can no longer run the VM on my Chromebook. Also, once the laptop is turned off the VM appears to stop. Anyone have an idea of what I can do to fix this issue? HERE is a link to the XML on Pastebin of my VM config.
  12. I just bought a TrippLite UPS. After looking through the forums it seems like others have communication issues with TrippLite as well. Have you been able to figure out a solution to the communication problem via USB?
  13. Dear Lord, what a pain in the ass. I'm not sure what I did but after deleting and re-adding the config in VNC Viewer and turning off the setting Connect via Proxy, which was on by default, everything seems to be working. I still can't connect to the VM using through the Unraid VNC Remote, but that's fine. I'll play more with VNC Viewer. I'm sure it will work fine. Thanks for all the help @Andrew Clarke
  14. Oh yeah. They're definitely on the same network.
  15. Thanks for the help. So I actually am using VNC Viewer on the Chromebook. When I connect to 5900 it just sits there and says Attempting to reconnect to VNC Server. It's very odd. You are right though. I see now that the Graphics column in the VMS section of Unraid says VNC:5900. I'm not sure what's up suddenly with my Pixelbook. For what it's worth I have two VMs (one is normally off) but neither seem to allow me to connect from the Chromebook right now.
  16. So when I try to connect to my VMs on my Chromebook I now get a failed to connect error. It works fine in Chrome on a PC and also has worked on the Chromebook in the past. Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing the issue? I'm running a Pixelbook on version 81.0.4044.94 of ChromeOS. I think I did recently update the OS, maybe that is the problem. I have tried using VNC Viewer on the Pixelbook and it doesn't seem to want to connect either. Maybe I'm making false assumptions with the port. This is my URL to the VM in novnc: I'm assuming the port is 5700 to connect to in another VNC client, right? Anyone have an idea of what might be going on?
  17. I'm on 1.4.0 and everything seems fine with my container. My Unraid version is 6.8.2 for what it's worth.
  18. Yeah, I've seen this but unfortunately it's not really what I'm specifically looking for. Thanks though.
  19. For the admins in the thread... Are there any plans to big this item back? I know there were some given away for the contest a while back but I'm eager to purchase a couple.
  20. Just wait until the container updates. In Unraid you can easily auto-update. I do this after I backup my appdata every night. You can elect to obviously just wait and update the container when a new version is available.
  21. So I'm running the latest Docker version of Syncthing. So far I really like it. One thing doesn't work like I would expect. I backup my app data and auto-update the container. Every morning the Recent Changes log is empty. Is there a setting that makes this persistent when restarting the container?
  22. So I'm relatively new to Unraid after using a Synology NAS. I love the community and ease of the OS. Drive management is a snap and Docker implementation is a breeze. What would I like to see in 2020? How about having apps native to Unraid without needing to install a plugin?
  23. So I got this back just by deleting the container and copying over the old data. Is there a way to get this to work properly in a reverse proxy or isn't it such a good idea? Really I suppose it's unnecessary.
  24. So I had the latest binhex-Plex working just fine. Today I moved Plex behind a reverse proxy and something seems to have stopped working properly. The WebUI is no longer available to the container and Plex is not available via my local IP. Oddly enough it works via and the reverse proxy. I tried to change the container back to normal, outside the proxy but the WebUI is still not available if I right click the container. According to some reading in this thread, it might be a permission issue. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried deleting the perms.txt file but it didn't seem to do any good. I'd like it in the reverse proxy but it's honestly not necessary. I do want to run it locally. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  25. Odd issue. I just installed Dolphin in Docker for file management. It wasn't working at first and then I discovered there is some sort of conflict with my Windows 10 VM. If Dolphin is running the connection to the VM will not work. If running the Windows 10 VM then Dolphin will not work. Any ideas? The ports are different.