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  1. Ah alright! Yes, the firmware I'm using is also from 2018. I'll try setting backplane to disable when I test it later and hope it'll work then. Thank you.
  2. I made sure to set it to HBA mode before connecting drives to it. I didn't touch backplane mode. What is your set to? What version are you running?
  3. I haven't plugged in the battery, however the AMF-700 is connected. Could it cause problems? I hope the cables are good, if bad I'm sure not all of them should be.. The firmware file I flashed is called 71605_fw_b32118. The older firmware that was already on the card didn't show the correct serials of the drives so they ended up as missing when I booted the server. I should be able to get some photos of the settings during the day or tomorrow. I'm doing my bachelor thesis right now so I don't have much spare time. Could you post your settings while I'm at it? Thanks!
  4. I've tested the other drives that are connected to the onboard, they work fine of course. I have moved back to my two old controllers for now. I'm gonna build a test machine when I have time to see if I can get the controller working. Maybe it's the cables. Bought this product: https://www.ebay.com/itm/193223352016
  5. I reset the settings on the controller and only activate HBA and drive listing. Still got 7MBps. Firmware is latest available from Adaptec (released in 2018 something).
  6. So far I've tested 2 drives on the controller, both doing around 7MBps... Cache drive is also connected to the Adaptec. It's also doing 7MBps. Also tested a drive running on the motherboard controller and it was fine at ~150MBps. Diagnostics are attached diabetes-diagnostics-20210501-2023.zip
  7. I moved the card to second x16 slot (physical x16 with 8 lanes) and it has the same problem.
  8. Hey, I swapped my two LSI controllers to an Adaptec 71605 controller to free up a pcie slot. Updated the firmware on the Adaptec and changed to HBA mode. I've also enabled some write cache setting for all devices on the controller. I have 10 out of 13 array drives connected to it and getting 10MBps during a parity check. So it seems it doesn't handle more than ~100MBps throughput at the moment. It is connected to my first pcie slot and at the moment no other pcie devices are connected. Unraid 6.9.1. Have I missed something? As far as I know it should be able to handle a few GBps atleast..
  9. Hey! I got an Array Health Report [Fail] message a few minutes ago. But I can't find what's wrong, possibly something with the cache? Posting diagnostics 3 minutes after the message. Thanks! diabetes-diagnostics-20200615-1226.zip
  10. Also, it seems like the autotools tool fails to hardlink. I have this setup /share1/movies/movie1.ext want to hard link them to the following when files are done downloading. /share1/links/movie1/movie1.ext But autotools copies the file instead.
  11. Hey, I have an old rutorrent container (captrutorrent) and want to migrate to this one. Can I just copy over the rtorrent session files and be good to go? I have no problem rechecking everything (~1500 torrents). All mappings are exactly the same on both rutorrent containers.
  12. Yeh, I think it was worth the price. I bought mine for 99 Euros at amazon.de. It seems like it's more expensive now tho.
  13. I can do a quick review of the MB15SB-B (the FatCage). It has much better airflow than the one in OP, more ventilation and bigger fan. I "couldn't" handle Seagate Ironwolf drives. Temps where at +45C at idle. For these drives the Icy Dock Vortex (4in3) is a better choice, ~38C at idle and 45C parity checking. However, when I run my 5 old 4TB WD Red drives, the temperature is stable at ~33C idle and 39-42C while parity checking. This is with fan at max, thinking about swapping it or running it at a lower speed because it's loud! Edit: at lower speed it's much more quiet. Trays are pretty great according to me. Sturdy. My ambient temperature is around 22C.
  14. Got my hands on an Antec 1200 this weekend for 200 SEK (~20 USD). Have 2 Icy Dock vortex cages and have purchased an Icy Dock fat cage (MB155SP-B). If the fat cage has good enough airflow for Ironwolf drives, I'll eventually go with 4 fat cages for a total of 20 drives.