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  1. I changed to multi gpu support (igpu and dedicated) in the bios (igpu was already enabled...) and this fixed the issue.
  2. Could it be my bios that changed the primary graphic adapter to the Nvidia card when I put it in? Instead of the onboard graphics of the cpu?
  3. Oh right sorry, it was such a long time ago since I changed the go file. This is my go file: #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & #enable module for iGPU and perms for the render device modprobe i915 chown -R nobody:users /dev/dri chmod -R 777 /dev/dri edit: from putty console: root@DeusVult:~# ls -al /dev/dri /bin/ls: cannot access '/dev/dri': No such file or directory Same as when trying to pass it to the Plex docker container
  4. Where do you want me to write the command? In Unraid console? Everything worked fine before i changed the ACS override setting. I have in the syslinux configuration written i915.alpha_support=1
  5. I was thinking about asking this in a Plex Docker thread but I do not believe this is an docker issue. I had to enable PCIe ACS override (set to both) to be able to passthrough my Nvidia graphics card to a VM. This setting broke the possibility to add --device /dev/dri:/dev/dri to the extra parameters row in my Plex docker. It gives me the following error when I try to add the line Error response from daemon: linux runtime spec devices: error gathering device information while adding custom device "/dev/dri": no such file or directory. PCIe ACS override is the only option I'd changed before the restart. If any further information is needed just tell me and I'll do my best to provide. Thanks.. Edit: to clarify, I use Intel Quicksync for Plex hardware transcoding, not the Nvidia card.
  6. I have a Lian Li PC-343B cage (the one with 18 5.25 inch slots). Currently I am running 2 of the Icy Dock MB074SP-1B for 8 of my drives. The backplane of these cages doesn't allow for proper airflow, so the drives run a bit hot. When I ran 4x8 TB Ironwolf drives in one of these some of the drives where at ~45-50 °C. My 4 TB Red drives run at ~35-40 °C. I've swapped the original fans to Noctua A12x25. I was thinking of importing a few Rosewill RSV-SATA-Cage-34 but I can't really find any good reviews of airflow for these. Any other good (as quiet as possible) drive cages that doesn't cost a fortune that I can look at? Hot-swap for easy accessibility and a 120 mm fan is desirable... Off-topic question: I need to get some good sound dampening material for the PC-343B. It is so cheaply made with VERY thin metal. Any good suggestions of what to do? Thanks / kakmoster
  7. All right, it began when I activated the beta/alpha support driver, it seems to work flawlessly for me aswell. Just gonna mute it for the moment as well then.
  8. Please I can't figure this out.. still getting those call traces.. deusvult-diagnostics-20180708-1909.zip
  9. How do I manually get this information?
  10. Still getting call traces. deusvult-diagnostics-20180530-0114.zip
  11. Alright I will upgrade, didn't know 6.5.2 was released. :) I am running the official Plex docker. Almost my content is 1080p or 4k, I direct stream at home to my htpc, it's my sister who need transcoding, she has slower internet. But never transcode in less than 720p to her. Thank you
  12. Hey, I've gotten some Call Traces warnings from Fix Common Problems. I think it came after I enable alpha support for coffee lake igpu for hardware transcoding in plex. deusvult-diagnostics-20180528-1200.zip
  13. It seems that when Plex is transcoding a video with .pgs subtitles it only uses 1-2 cores or something like that. I tried transcoding a movie with .srt subtitles and now I can transcode a 86Mbps 4k HEVC to 12Mbps 1080p x264 file without any problem! EDIT: 122,7 Mbps 4k HEVC to 12Mbps 1080p x264 works great with 95-98% cpu utilization! 916Mbps file was out of the question!
  14. I don't run any VMs on this machine. Running dockers only. Cadvisor, couchpotato, r(u)torrent, Plex, qbittorrent, sonarr and taitulli.
  15. Hey, my Plex container is not using full CPU when transcoding or optimizing. I can only transcode ~25Mbps HEVC to 10Mbps x264. More than that requires a lot of buffering. It uses ~15-35% of the CPU. Same while using HW and SW transcoding. I have a i5 8600T processor, it has ~11100 passmarks. A Ryzen 1700X with ~14600 passmarks can transcode 85Mbps HEVC (SW) without a problem. However the Ryzen does not run Plex in a docker, it runs Plex in a VM on Proxmox.