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  1. Thanks @saarg, I used your MKV containter for a long time. Thanks for the reference to jlesage's container. I'm using his container now and it's great. There is even a setting to autopull the Beta key on launch. I tried binhex's but could never get it to read my optical drive.
  2. I have been using Saarg's MakeMKV docker for years. Recently he broke it and decided to abandon the project and recommended binhex's or jlesage's project. I'm happily using binhex's emby and krusader dockers so I figured, let's keep it in the family. However I can not get binhex's MakeMKV docker to recognize my SATA optical drive. Stupidly I deleted Saarg's docker as soon as I read his abandon post so I lost my 'config' to refer to. So when I had trouble getting binhex's docker to work, I thought it was something I was doing wrong. lsscsi -g showed [3:0:0:0] cd/dvd PIONEER BD-RW
  3. +1 I find my pioneer 4k reader more forgiving when ripping using makeMKV unRaid docker than either of my dvd reader or writers on my winblows machine. Was hoping to find an Imgburn docker I could use on unRaid.
  4. Unfortunately these links no longer take you to the specific message threads they only take you to the forum home page despite showing the complete URL.