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  1. A new version of the docker is now available, which seems to fix the problem
  2. pederm


    When searching for Jitsi in the apps tab, there seems to be docker images available since April 8th
  3. According to sources, a 5406 beta bios exist for Asus x370 boards, which seems to play nice with both Ryzen 3rd gen and virtualization (AGESA Probably the one that @cjbconnor refers to? I have downloaded it for my x370 Prime, but have not flashed it. Other manufacturers seems to have released this some time ago for their x370 based boards, just not Asus. In case anybody has tried this on an Asus x370 based board, please report results.
  4. Unraid allows me to get the most out of the available hardware, which includes providing contents for my family through Plex.
  5. I have put this into the go file: /usr/local/sbin/zenstates --c6-disable The same setup has been running for a long time without exhibiting these crashes.
  6. The last couple of months, my server has been suffering of annoying halts with no apparent pattern. Attached is a photo of the last moments of todays crash. Any hints are welcome.
  7. I faced a similar problem on my Asus x370 board after a BIOS update. According to Spaceinvader Ones excellent video, please ensure that the IOMMU setting in BIOS is changed from Automatic to Enabled. After that when setting pcie_acs_override, the hardware passed through as before.
  8. Installed 6.5.3-rc1 on my Ryzen system, apparently no change to boot-time of my Ubuntu Bionic VM with GTX1050-passthrough.
  9. @AhmedI changed the ip-address to the host-name in the remote line of the ovpn-file and it started working.
  10. Running Ryzen, I at some point got the impression, that turning off address space layout randomization (ASLR) would provide a more stable environment. I have therefore added this to the go script: echo 0 | tee /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space I actually dont know whether this (still) is a good idea. Also it seems to provide a more stable Ryzen system when adding the rcu-nocbs option (substitute the number of cores minus one for 11): label unRAID OS kernel /bzimage append rcu_nocbs=0-11 initrd=/bzroot
  11. After several hours of VM usage, no trouble closing it down. The qemu issues indeed seems to have been fixed.
  12. Ran an Ubuntu VM for more than 30 minutes and closed it down. No trouble, it worked fine and the qemu process exited as expected. Afterwards I was able to start a new session. I will runn this session for a couple of hours and hopefully be able to close it with no trouble also.
  13. The Ubuntu VM closes down, all looks ok. But in htop, the qemu process is marked with a red D in the S column, and a new start of the VM gives an error stating the VM is already running. I have recreated the problem, but the diagnostics file does not show much as far as I can judge.
  14. The problem seems to persist for my installation. The Ubuntu VM with passthrough Nvidia GTX 1050Ti and a USB 3.0 hub runs fine for hours, but never closes down properly.
  15. Still the same trouble, Ubuntu VM runs fine for hours and shuts down normally. But libvirtd never cleans it out, and it is not possible to start a new instance, only Unraid reboot works.