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  1. Just upgraded from 6.6.7 and everything looks good on first boot!
  2. The quickest way would be to only transfer the world over to the existing server. If you don't have a network share to the appdata folder, set it up and give yourself read and write access. First stop the server from the web interface if it's running. Go to 'appdata > minecraft > servers > NameOfServer > world' and delete the files and folders in there. Then open your existing server world folder and copy (Do not move the files! Always keep a copy in case something goes wrong) the files and folders into the new location. Now you can start the server and log in to it and your kids old world should be there.
  3. That sounds more right. It's been a while since I had a MineOS docker installed.
  4. I can't remember experiencing this either but then again, I never rebooted my server unless there was an update available. I don't know much about dockers either to help diagnose Loady's issue if it's a problem with the container.
  5. Then it may be time to ask Lime Tech about persistent permissions if the group and owner keeps resetting.
  6. Note to self: Check the lime tech forums more often... I was running the docker by Hexparrot, the creator of MineOS. It always told me it couldn't find a new update with an error but never gave me any problems.
  7. Your signature says you're running 6.1.9. Have you considered updating to the latest 6.5.2? It's possible there is something that has been fixed in a later version as I have not seen permissions being reset during reboots before.
  8. No problem. Hopefully we can find a solution to the issue.
  9. Could you share a screenshot of the MineOS docker config page? Click on "Show more settings ..." as well and I'll take a look to see if I can notice something else that may be an issue.
  10. Enter the number zero in both group and owner and it will be owned by root.
  11. Ignore the rw/slave stuff. Upon further reading it looks like it's only for the Unnasigned devices plugin. Reading the "Real docker FAQ" it's recommended to not put it via the user mount point apparently. All my dockers use the user mount point and never has had any issues... I am honestly blank if changing permissions doesn't do anything on that path. I know there are some other MineOS docker containers out there. It may be worth trying one of them and see if it changes anything.
  12. You mention you can see the servers in "/mnt/cache/appdata/minecraftos/servers". Is that the folder you changed the permission on? If so it may not have worked. The folder you need to edit permissions to would be "/mnt/user/appdata/minecraftos/". If I remember correctly, dockers need to be set to "rw/slave" if you are using a disk share, (eg /mnt/disk1/ or /mnt/cache) which you preferably should not unless you purposely are splitting the appdata folder between the cache drive and array.
  13. Updating the BIOS and upgrading unRaid didn't help. It's back flooding the logs.
  14. That doesn't look right... It should be /mnt/user/appdata/minecraftos.