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  1. Oh, I'm gonna try it out I was just wondering why the official recommendations said not to use that setup, if that is the most stable setup
  2. Yup, tried that. When first the VM gets in the "wont boot" state, nothing can save it.
  3. Interresting, can you find a concrete place where this is recommended? As far as I know it's only recommended for Linux & MacOS?
  4. For the past 3 years, I've been daily driving a Windows VM (see link for topic around my setup) I've had some problems here and there, but this week everything just went heywire. I've started to get currupted boots, every, single, time. After tinkering with it for the past week, i've tried setting up a bunch of new VMs today. Fethcing the latest ISO for Windows, and basing my VMs on that. After install all of the updates, and rebooting, the problems starts. Sometimes the system just halst after trying to start up windows for half and hour. Other times it goes strait
  5. Can it be true that I cannot create read-only users? I created users in unRaid and set the description as needed. But even though they are set as only having read-access to a given share, they still have write access?
  6. @Josh.5 unfortunately I don't really play games anymore. It's primarily work and video-consumption that's done on my computer. I've been trying to play some CS:GO, but it seems that FPS caps at 100FPS, and I too have experienced micro-sutters from time to time. In the end CS:GO competitive was a no-go though a VM for me. So I have a bare-metal machine for that. Passing though the entire SSD, and the entire USB controller seems to give the best results too. Regarding my XML, I see no harm in you getting my XML :) <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?&g
  7. Is it possible to move lancache cache-data from one disk to another? Trying to do it with krusader tells me that I can't access the cache-folders
  8. Ok, I'll play a little with it, and then hope Google fixes it
  9. Just to be sure, did you try setting up a new instance from scratch, or did you log into an existing? Logging into an existing instance works for me, but new ones can't be created
  10. I'm trying to get the Google Play Music Manager docker working. Installing the image and logging in the first time works like a charm. But after logging in, I get the following message: When looking in the log, I see the following: Looking in the log it says: 2019-12-27 11:43:03,245 +0100 ERROR TId 0x14b62f5df740 Error: Domain (1) code (400) label (Bad Request) url (https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/programmatic_auth?email=SomeEmail@gmail.com) [ExtendedWebPage.cpp:48 ExtendedWebPage::extension()] If I navigate to the URL, I g
  11. Hi there, I'm SO SORRY for replying so late. Right now, I'm using a USB DAC for my audio. Works like a charm :) When at my computer, I'm only running a pair of headphones, no surround.
  12. I forgot to edit the template, got it working
  13. I totally understand, and I only have this problem due to me using unBalance I was hoping there was a way to tell a program "if you find any dupes on diskX, delete them", so that I was in charge of what files was removed. Guess I'll have to do it the hard way
  14. It only looks, right? There's no magic button to help one clean up?
  15. I did hear that it could do something like that, of couse I havn't tried "extended tests" yet
  16. In my case, this happened when using unBalance to scatter files from one disk to multiple others. As I see this docker could not help with looking for duplicates on the disk-level, so we know of any other docker og app that can help us with finding and deleting these duplicate files?
  17. Thank you so much everyone, I got everything up and running again
  18. Ok, that's what I thought I had just hoped there was a "restore" button
  19. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  20. I'm not sure how to use the restore function. Where should I look?
  21. How would I go around doing this?
  22. I upgraded to the release candidate because I had the problem before on version 6.6.6 Upgrading to the release candidate however gave me the error message, that I didn't have before
  23. My bad It went a little fast with that post It's the service that won't start Diagnostics: nas-diagnostics-20190210-1626.zip Image where I got the error-message
  24. I get the following error message Does anyone know what that means and what I should do about it?