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  1. I too am having the same issue. I moved from Unmanic to Tdarr as i liked the layout of TDARR better. Hopefully a fix is found
  2. A Couple of new ones.
  3. you want me to remove the unraid logo and centre up the other icons? Edit: Like that?
  4. I tested this over the weekend on my Gen8, i get the same issue.
  5. ay ideas how to get rid of it? Doesnt show up on two other gen8 microservers which is weird.
  6. I love how easy it is to use, build and maintain. Id love to see some new themes for 2020
  7. Hey guys, anyone know what this drive is? I have a total 4 permanent drives fitted to my server, one USB drive connected and the boot USB. when i show details it shows that the details are my ILO card built into my HP gen8 microserver. Any ideas?
  8. I hope i have understood your request. I rebuilt my cache drive last night and resetup all my dockers from scratch in a vain attempt to resolve the issue. Still seems that the drive is constantly being written to. I think i have identified it to being something on the Appdata/domains/system shares. I installed a cache drive a long time ago but obviously didnt do it correctly as there was still data on the array that should be on the cache. Now i have fixed that the drive that is now being hammered is the cache instead of drive 1, so it seems to follow the appdata/domains/system folder
  9. 6hrs later and this is the amount of reads and writes i have on 1 drive.
  10. Hey guys, I am trying to figure out why one of my disks has really high reads and writes. my setup is as follows Partiy 6tb disk 1 6tb disk 2 3tb disk 3 3tb cache 240g SSD To start i have stopped all dockers apart from nginxproxymanager and stopped my unifi VM. Disk one is still climbing in writes and reads, granted it has slowed but it is still climbing.(The screen shot is of the reads and writes straight after clearing stats) disk 2 and 3 spin down and very rarely come up. i have this come up on the disk log info when i select disk 1 not sure what it is could anyone shed some light? Hope this makes sense still learning about unraid even though ive been using it for 3+years thanks in advance
  11. Hi, i have just updated the docket to the latest unstable version, I am now faced with a constant message of “unifi controller is starting up...” ”please wait” any ideas? Can i roll back to the previous version of "unstable" that has worked?
  12. Celebrating the new refresh design of our beloved Unraid.
  13. What am i doing wrong here then? Got it working, I guess trying to do anything whilst one of your HDD is rebuilding is never a good idea. Only issue now is that i cannot get the reverse proxy to work, I have my own domain and have created the CNAME entries that are needed, when i try to navigate to i get the cloud flare 502 error come up, saying that my server is not responding. I have opened port 1446 (443) and port 90 (80) on my router and they work. if i try any of my other sub domains for example i am routed to the logon prompt of my unraid server. any ideas?
  14. any news on this update? I am struggling with all the same issues :(
  15. Yep you are 100% correct, I worked it out shortly after posting this ? typical really. Thanks for your help
  16. Hello all, After having a network cable come out of my HP gen8 microserver i discovered that i hadnt setup both ETH adapters. I looked at the settings and tried to set up the ports as active backup. current settings are as follows: Interface eth0 eth0 Enable Bonding - Yes Bonding Mode- Active-backup (1) Bonding members of bond0 - eth0 Enable Bridging - Yes network protocol - IPv4 only IPv4 address assignment - static Interface eth1 Enable bonding - Yes Bonding Mode - Active-backup (1) Bonding members of bond1 eth1 enable bridging - yes IPv4 static IPv4 Both adapters have the Same IP address assigned. Please could someone explain in simple terms what i am doing wrong here. I was not able to connect to my openVPN whilst eth0 was unplugged neither could i connect to any open ports over the web via ddns. Im clearly missing a trick please help Thanks in advance
  17. ok, so i found the issue, thought i post again the results It appears that the password i used was not suitable. There is one character that it is not liking which is ". changing my password to something less secure wasnt really something i wanted but it seems that i will need to do this to secure it anyway. I wonder why it wont accept symbols in password,
  18. Hi Guys and Gals, I am new to UNRAID and i am probably being really silly, every time i try to change my root password on the webgui and press apply the web gui crashes and will not restart, the only way to get it back is to reboot the unit. Has anyone had any issues with changing root password? I had the issue whilst trying to add users to but i tried again a moment ago and it worked, tried the root one once more and crashed it out.