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  1. I'm also seeing 1 CPU @ 100%. Currently running Version - 0.0.1-beta3.
  2. Sorted it thanks. Cleared the cache in Chrome. Settings were fine all along.
  3. Nothing else running on 8888. Cache looks ok too.
  4. Still the same. I've reinstalled, applied settings as yours and rebooted unraid. Anything else I could have missed?
  5. Also struggling to launch the webUI. The WebUI option is available to click on but it goes nowhere.
  6. I'm currently testing the version on GitHub on my TV library. Going really well, however I'm finding the output too heavily compressed which is compromising the quality. I know you want to keep the interface simple but I for one would welcome some ability to set the quality of the output.
  7. The solution to this issue was: Stop the container. Remove the cache: rm /rf /mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO/cache/* Start the container. Credit to Djoss.
  8. Also having a problem connecting to the server. Has been working for many weeks but now says "waiting for connection". Tried reboot, increasing memory ... anything else I can try?