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  1. @limetech Going to BUMP this one as I need to know soon if the HighPoint RR2840A is supported by unraid (I only have 1TB free now)
  2. The following was posted in the 6.7 release post: "Parity sync/Data rebuild/Check pause/resume capability. Main fu nctionality in place. Pause/resume not preserved across system restarts yet however." No idea what that means for the ETA of this being done.
  3. +1 I would love a better login method. The current basic Auth is well basic and it being the first thing you see before the great dashboard it puts a downer to it imho. Would love to see a new designed login page.
  4. I would greatly welcome this feature, as I store all my movies and tv shows on disk, when a parity sync is running it can take longer for things to load. Not to mention loading SMB takes much longer when a parity sync is running
  5. I am unsure if the drivers for the HighPoint RR2840A 16 Port have been added as of yet. However it would be nice to see it added as I plan to get this card soon and I have seen one post before in General Support mentioning this card too. The Linux drivers are available here http://www.highpoint-tech.com/BIOS_Driver/RR3740A_840A/Linux/RR3740A_840A_2840A_Linux_Src_v1.19.0_19_04_04.tar.gz From what I can see with these drivers the card should be OOB or close to OOB. (Would need to test once drivers are added)
  6. I have been looking at getting this card myself too. From looking on the HighPoint website it says it can be used in JBOD/Non-RAID mode. Have you been able to get the card working with unRAID.
  7. Upgraded my server from 6.6.7 to 6.7 and everything went smoothly. I love the new dashboard, although I would like the ability to add your own server case, as the specific one I have is not on there. (I have a 3U case with the drives sideways) Other than this though everything is working as expected.
  8. Hello, I got this error today within Fix Common Problems. It mentioned "The output of mcelog (if installed) has been logged" I know how to get this plugin but how do I run this and find the log to provide it here for some help?
  9. Yeh I have seen other plugins preparing for the 6.7 release. I have been monitoring the forums since I first saw a plugin mention 6.7, however there seems to be no updates about the release or even the possibility of a release candidate..
  10. Hello, So I was going around and updating my Plugins and noticed that dynamix system stats plugin had an update from 12/01/2019 when I went to update it it gave this error: So once it said this I decided to click the "i" and it showed the following: After this I checked the update UnRaidOS but there it is not showing any update for me: Even after clicking "Next" it doesn't show any newer version avaliable: So my question is there something wrong with my UnRaid as it is not grabbing a new version or is there not actually a new version and this plugin update is just early... ??
  11. I wasn't aware off this, but that is very nice to hear.
  12. I used to use the spin up groups but then got annoyed with the fact that when I wanted to access data on the main array it would take some time for it to spin up the drives. I would rather have the drives on all the time and not spin down after sometime as that way I don't loose performance. Not to mention as I use Plex I don't want people waiting for the disk to spin up, search for the file and then play.
  13. My current system has 32GB of RAM and I am currently using approxx 30% most of the time. I will at some point probably upgrade to a new CPU, Mobo and RAM and when I do will probably opt for 64GB so I can run a few more services on it.
  14. Hello, Now I am unsure if this is even possible but I would like to see the clock speed of both the CPU cores/threads and the memory within the dashboard so for example below: Where each of the % usage of each thread and memory is it could have / [clock speed] This would be very nice to see so people can know that the CPU is running at the desired speed. I doubt this would be high on the list of features to add if it does get accepted but I am willing to wait. If there is a Plugin for this and I am unware please do let me know.
  15. Upgraded from 6.5.3 to 6.6.0 and worked flawlessly. The only question I have is how does CPU pinning work?