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  1. Well I like the idea that it's separate but, I didn't know if there was/would be a way to add a route in unraid for it.
  2. So my local network is I can see that my VM was created on virbr0 and has an IP in the pool of How do I get a route created so that I can use RDP to access this network? I've attached the screenshot of the routes that Unraid has configured.
  3. Do you know if you have to have to game to host the server? My buddies asked me if I could host one but I do not have the game.
  4. So after trying that I'm still not getting an internet connection. I am able to ping and but when trying to actually get to the site it never loads. Same with Steam, it's not detecting a network connection. Edit: Now i'm getting a network connection but, it is not caching. In the lancache folder I am seeing the confighash file. But the cache folder has nothing in it. I've downloaded doom a couple of times and it's not catching it. Edit #2: So it appears the network connection I was getting was because my adapter got reset and removed the lancache dns. So still not getting a network connection when I set the lancache docker as my DNS server.
  5. So I should be setting my upstream DNS to the IP of my router? Currently I have it set to, but I can give that a try when I get home and point lancache to the router.
  6. So when I point my PC to lancache my internet connection isn't showing a drop but, I'm unable to reach webpages or steam (these were the two things I tested). I was in my discord server with my buddy who was sharing his screen and I could still see that and talk to him. But I do not have a connection when pointing the DNS of my pc to lancache. Any suggestions?
  7. Thank you very much for the clarification.
  8. Sorry, I'm seeing the place to reset the root user password. I was just searching online and did not see that under Users>Root that I could reset the password. Everywhere else I searched kept bringing up the usb method to reset the password. I will reset it via Settings users location.
  9. I didn't give it a try yet but I am just needing to change the root user password. When searching I did not see this option available but I could see it within the settings.
  10. I'm curious if I am able to change the root user password from the users tab? I did see how to rest it based on Unraid New Users Basics Blog #1. Is this the only way?
  11. Switched to 50meg and will monitor thanks again
  12. Thanks, I've turned on log rotation and backed the container to 20GB
  13. Here is the current dockers I've got installed