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  1. I just tried the exact same with the same result. Not sure of a work around but it would be good to have Unraid capable of recording from this camera.
  2. Not sure if this is new, but the logging is not currently reflecting the selected Timezone.
  3. I lost access to my server for about an hour while I sorted these broken settings after update to 672. Changed after install Network name Custom UI Port Workgroup name SSL/TLS from OFF to AUTO All TIME settings. FTP re-enabled Not what I really wanted to start fixing after a long day. The other server can wait.
  4. Here we are 3 hours into a Parity check... A full Smart test came back clean too.
  5. Hi, Here's a snapshot of something that started today. I'm getting temperature warnings from one of my disks for no obvious reason. I've checked the hardware and it's cold. Has anyone seen this behaviour before? Not sure if it's Unraid or the drive going crazy. Not had a good time to reboot yet. One reading... Ten seconds later... The drive does seem to be aging though so probably best replaced soon anyway...
  6. I just had the same issue. I stopped the docker, changed the docket storage size from 20GB to 40GB and restarted it. Everything worked at that point and the error is gone. Is there any way to find out what actually caused this problem? Is there a way to find out what is taking up all the storage? When check the container size now it shows that there should not have been a space problem. I most recently installed the MQTT and Home Assistant dockers around three weeks ago.
  7. Suddenly Fix Common Problems is reporting this: "Unable to communicate with GitHub.comReset your modem / router or try again later, or set your DNS settings to and Also make sure that you have a Gateway address set up (Your Router's IP address). Additionally, this may also mean that GitHub is currently down. This error means that you may not be able to update your OS or plugins" I'm not aware of any issues with my DNS, I use OpenDNS with 6.6.5 . I can use the Apps tab, Update checks all seems fine. No symptoms of any issues, except this message. Random App download and install is fine. Is it just me? Any suggestions on how to test further to see if the error is real or a mistake? Thanks Robertv!
  8. Just installed this and it works perfectly for my Trust Oxxtron 1500VA UPS and it works well. Always struggled with PC software for this UPS so glad I can get it working on my Unraid box. Thanks for the work. Showing as: USB DEVICE: Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0925:1234 Lakeview Research Screenshot is for anyone else struggling with this UPS.
  9. Just setting up a new server and I'm having this issue currently, see image. I need to open the terminal and "Reboot" the server to resume operation of the GUI. The system still responds to shares and VM's as expected. Anyone got a suggestion for this?
  10. Yeah. I worked it out in the end. Weird thing is I got the link from the one at the start of this thread, the usual place I get it. Seems odd.
  11. Currently getting a 404 on the CA plugin url. Any ideas? Been down for a couple of hours just as I need to setup a new server. ? https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Squidly271/community.applications/master/plugins/community.applications.plg
  12. Yup. I won't put the device UI on the internet. Was just wanting it to be a bit more secure inside the network, hence moving the UI to an odd port as a start point.
  13. That's odd but, OK then. Was worried about leaving the "root" account there and visible to the network. I guess I just need to secure the password to protect the server a bit.
  14. Sorry about the video stuttering and glitching. Ther terminal wasn't being recorded at all well. Hopefully the log file will show what's needed.
  15. Hi, I create a new user and it appears to save fine. When I try to login to that user it never works and throws an error: Jun 2 11:43:37 ADAM nginx: 2018/06/02 11:43:37 [error] 29796#29796: *16785 user "robertv" was not found in "/etc/nginx/htpasswd", client:, server: , request: "GET /Main HTTP/1.1", host: "adam.local:32321" Video and Log output below. I'm not a Unix person so I'm not getting what this could be. Any ideas? Whats the best way to learn this stuff? Robert 2018-06-02 11-42-18.mp4