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  1. You actually might have pointed me in the right direction here. After disabling mover logging (as suggested), and then rebooting the server, all these warnings stopped popping up. At least for the time being. I'll still monitor closely in the next 24 hours or so to see how it goes. But anyways, I'll be closing this topic as solved now. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, ti-ti jorge. And thank you for your reply. But as I've typed into the closing statements of the original post itself - sadly a reboot doesn't fix this issue. It still persists. As for the rotating syslogs, my server is running 24/7/365. I reboot it just 2-3 times per year (usually around Unraid upgrades), I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not. Kind regards, E
  3. Hello, Unraid community. There's been an issue which was bugging me for a while, but having a couple of babies at home, didn't have enough time on my hands to go after it. But as with anybody having an OCD, enough is enough - babies or not, I'm tackling this. With your help of course, as I wouldn't be able to do it myself alone The issue is as follows: There is constant polling (callbacks) for a couple of devices (sdp & sds) that are not connected and/or part of the server build (and have never been), yet the system is constantly trying to access them read/write or whatever it polls them for, and throws constant warnings in the log files (attaching diagnostics info to the post). All day, every day. And it looks something like this: Dec 5 13:50:00 CORTEX kernel: fat__get_entry: 54 callbacks suppressed Dec 5 13:50:00 CORTEX kernel: FAT-fs (sds1): Directory bread(block 16384) failed Dec 5 13:50:00 CORTEX kernel: FAT-fs (sds1): Directory bread(block 16385) failed Dec 5 13:50:00 CORTEX kernel: FAT-fs (sds1): Directory bread(block 16386) failed Dec 5 13:50:00 CORTEX kernel: fat__get_entry: 54 callbacks suppressed Dec 5 13:50:00 CORTEX kernel: FAT-fs (sdp1): Directory bread(block 16384) failed Dec 5 13:50:00 CORTEX kernel: FAT-fs (sdp1): Directory bread(block 16385) failed Dec 5 13:50:00 CORTEX kernel: FAT-fs (sdp1): Directory bread(block 16386) failed Background and context: I'm an intermediate Unraid 6.7.2 user (can handle some, but not all of what Linux can offer), running an older-generation dual Xeon custom built system dubbed CORTEX, which I'm mostly using for a family NAS and media server (PLEX). I also have a few VMs (different OSs) to play around with on it, with one of them being constantly running as my daily PC driver (Win10). That being said, I have no idea where this issue comes from. Sadly, a reboot is not a fix. Tried to diagnose this myself, but apparently I lack the necessary knowledge to tackle this on my own, hence I would require your help. So... pretty please Thank you upfront for your time looking into this. Kind regards, E cortex-diagnostics-20191205-1130.zip
  4. Hi, guys. Thanks to you @bonienl , @eschultz and @limetech for helping out. It finally seems to be working now. Upgraded and so far the initial couple of hours of testing are OK.
  5. Thank you for this lead! I do have 4 NICs. And I use only one of them - eth0, with br0 attached to everything - Dockers and VMs. I tested eth1 a lot of time ago if it worked or not, but never used br1. What is the resolution to this? Removing everything eth1 and br1 related from network.cfg perhaps?
  6. Here's everything we agreed upon on both 6.6.6 and 6.7.0. Hope this helps. Keeping fingers crossed, as I love Unraid and the latest UI change REGULAR-6.7.0-cortex-diagnostics-20190511-2334.zip SAFEMODE-6.7.0-cortex-diagnostics-20190511-2339.zip REGULAR-6.6.6-cortex-diagnostics-20190512-0203.zip SAFEMODE-6.6.6-cortex-diagnostics-20190512-0211.zip
  7. Alas I already reverted back to 6.6.6 as I described in the original post. But this offers us an unique opportunity. Would you like me to do both of these: 1. Boot into SafeMode on 6.6.6, and get diagnostics zip 2. Upgrade again to 6.7.0. Then boot into SafeMode and get its diagnostics zip. This way you would be able to compare them both for differences?
  8. First of all, please allow me to show my gratitude for the amazing work you and the people at limetech have done for all of us. As well as for you helping me right now. Cheers 🍺 Back to your question: - The router still didn't see the server as an active device on the network - Still couldn't ping the outside world from Tower. I do believe it's an in-OS change which triggered the network-related issues, at least that's what I deduced based on my troubleshooting. But I'm just not advanced enough to tackle these on my own 😢
  9. In all the "Fail" cases, I meant that it kept on working improperly as described in the points above. Not that the OS failed to start. Sorry, my bad
  10. Hi, team. I upgraded from 6.6.6 (stable) to 6.7.0 (stable). And it broke both the server and my heart. I guess this release starts off on the wrong foot for a lot of people. In Summary: - I'm having massive network-related and some PCI-related issues. - I need help. Diagnostics attached. Thank you in advance! In Full Detail: Been an extremely happy Unraid user for quite a while now. Never had any OS issues before, other than the occasional hiccups which I caused with my limited understanding of Linux. But nothing which a friendly chat here in the forums or a video from Ed wouldn't fix. This time is different though. Upon boot everything seemed fine - the Docker containers auto-started, everything was peachy at first glance. Alas as soon as I started clicking around I found out a lot of issues, namely: 1. The Apps tab (Community Plugins) - told me that it couldn't connect to download the latest list of apps, and according to it - there were DNS issues. Went to check the network settings - everything seemed fine. It had been fine up to 5 minutes ago before the upgrade, why wouldn't it be now? 2. A lot of Docker containers (most operating via regular bridge connection) didn't load in their respective Web UI's 3. The DelugeVPN Docker container - which as the name suggest utilizes VPN and Privoxy, told me it couldn't connect to its respective VPN server, as it couldn't resolve the name of the server... ****.privateinternetaccess.com. Hmm... so perhaps there was some DNS issue... 4. The Let'sEncrypt Docker container - couldn't pass on the necessary data and none of the nginx connections loaded properly. The plot thickened. 5. Decided to try the PING via the Web Terminal - it pinged through to the Router as well as other PCs on the network. But it didn't want to ping any hostnames like google.com for instance. 6. That's when I noticed that my router (Google WiFi mesh network) - didn't recognize the device as being live on the network at all. Apparently, I was able to connect to the Web GUI, so it did have the correct IP set up, but Docker and the Router seemed to think it's offline for whatever reason. The stuff which was working: 7. Finally, Unraid got the UI it deserved 8. The VMs worked normally for the most part - I say "for the most part", because the PCIe USB controller which I have in the system sort-of disappeared after the upgrade and the VMs didn't auto-start. At least they had a network connection and ran fine. 9. The PLEX Docker Container - couldn't connect locally, but at least the Remote connection worked, so my family wasn't going to be stranded media-less for that period of time. And that was sole because of that I've separated it on a separate IP address (different than the Tower one) via br0 bridge. What I tried (Troubleshooting steps I took) in resolving the networking situation: 10. Pinging from Tower (terminal) to the outside world - Still crap. 11. Connecting from the outside world to the Let's Encrypt / nginx / nextcloud - Still crap. 12. Connecting from the outside world to the Open VPN server running as a plugin - Still crap. 13. Running SpeedTest plugin to reach out to the outside world servers - Still crap. 14. Disabled Docker. Rebooted. - Still crap. 15. Disabled Libvirt. Rebooted. - Still crap. 16. Started Unraid in SafeMod - No plugins, everything else disabled (Docker, VMs, etc.). Couldn't be more barebones than this. Even the Array was stopped - Still crap. * And I did try to plug and unplug the network cable, as well as reboot all my network gear a couple of times along the tens of server reboots as well. That's when I decided it's time for a rollback. So now I'm back on 6.6.6 and everything is running as smoothly as ever again. Please help me. Diagnostics file attached. Thank you upfront! cortex-diagnostics-20190511-1238.zip
  11. Bumping up this thread, as I'm in the same boat as OP. Anyone knowledgeable enough to help, please?
  12. Upgraded from 6.6.3 -> 6.6.5. So far it appears to have no issues. Will monitor and let you know if this changes. Cheers!
  13. Upgraded from 6.6.2 and drank beer while doing it. No hiccups thus far.
  14. yeah, I was asking myself the same thing a while back.... I would love to contribute to this btw, updated my server yesterday from 6.6. Everything is functioning as it was before (server, dockers, VMs, etc). Thanks!
  15. I was in the same boat this morning, as you are. The original plugin has been created a while back, and hasn't been updated for a while. There is an updated version of the plugin, by a different developer. All you need to do now is to just uninstall it (your old version) from Plugins page. And then simply go to Apps and search for "hotplug". A plugin by the developer "dlandon" should come up. Just install that one, and you should be good to go! Hope this helps