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  1. Just had a weird issue - resolved with a reboot, but was very scary - posting here in case anyone else saw the same and needs a sanity check or solution. Woke up today, saw there was an UD update, and installed the update. An hour later, my server is reporting that it can't find my license key, or anything else on /boot - everything throwing FAT read errors for /boot and sda1. Remounting the USB drive didn't do anything. After some investigation - I see that UD has taken over the usb key and re-identified it as /dev/sdw - no idea why. I no longer had a /dev/sda or /dev/sda1. They simply did not exist anymore. Rebooting resolved the issue - but my understanding is this should never have happened in the first place - I have the auto-mount USB devices option disabled, and no actual hardware changes were made - this appears to exclusively be the result of me installing the latest UD plugin. I'd offer to share logs but they've rolled over and don't have anything useful. Hopefully this was a one-off...
  2. Unless you're passing credentials to it, you'll get a 404. The old URL works this way too. Clicking the link in your browser will not work, use curl with the -u param.
  3. I'm getting the same error with - it looks like PIA moved this with a 301 to , and this is somehow breaking the script. Updating the script to the correct endpoint may resolve the issue...
  4. So, title. Just went through my second samsung doublechecked, sandisk ultra fit drive in a single year. obviously i have something writing to the drive frequently, but i can't seem to catch it in the act with lsof. I have a new drive in there now from a no-name brand that's hopefully better, but I need to track down the offending log or whatever. Anyone have any ideas how to track down what's killing my drives? Any bash scripts or custom commands? (also if staff could prioritize my key replacement email/ticket that would be super helpful, i'm dead in the water atm and can't start the array, partially making this post just for visibility since the replacement key thing said up to 3 days) Thanks!
  5. Nope. They seem to have completely closed up shop. I keep an eye on eBay about once a month but no luck so far, at least for my chassis. Apparently they differ depending on model, despite looking the same.
  6. I have version BP-001 1.3. I believe this is the 'old' version.
  7. I've hit every email I can find. No responses on any of them. It's like they just disappeared.
  8. Hey folks, I recently had a norco backplane fry on me, taking out 4 drives (and another 2 used to troubleshoot). I fixed the issue (bad molex in backwards) but the backplane is dead. I ordered a new one from Norco's official reseller,, but it has yet to ship and all emails are being ignored. Phone number on both norco and IPC's websites are both disconnected. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Norco? Alternatively, does anyone have a spare RPC-4224 (BP-001) backplane they can sell?
  9. Experiencing the same "Not Available" after having to manually reconstruct my docker templates post-corrupted-bootflash-disaster. Very possibly could be something on my end but seeing someone else report the same makes me think otherwise. Edit: I waited a bit and performed a check for all updates and it went away. Oh well.
  10. Disregard. Turns out the controller had crapped out after all. That one good boot must have been a fluke.
  11. Hello, My flash drive managed to corrupt itself and unfortunately i didn't have a backup. I reimaged it fully expecting to have to reconfigure my server (and copied over the non-corrupted files from the drive, looks like i mostly lost dockers/VM XMLs) but when I booted back up, four of my disks (one backplane) are not showing. Info you need to know: I have three controller cards: 2x 8 port 1x 4 port The 4-port one is the one that isn't showing any drives. I don't believe the controller is the issue because when I swapped the backplane it was connected to, the other drives showed up. I also tested that backplane on another controller. I've already replaced the cable and the issue persists. Diagnostics attached.
  12. Yes, I save my credentials in my browser. I know that makes me an evil, non-security-minded person. I don't even put passwords on the VNC interface of my VMs. Let's move on. When I'm reconfiguring VMs since updating to the 6.8.x versions of unraid, Chrome's password manager thinks that the VNC Password field is the same field as the main login page password field, and tries to fill in the password. I often don't notice it and end up having to re-edit the VM again because I've started it but couldn't connect. Does anyone else have this issue? I know this is super trivial and minor, but it's super annoying. Any chances this could be looked at?
  13. Hey, quick question: Why is User0 considered deprecated? Is there something I should be using instead to replace this functionality?
  14. Oh man, one of those server badges would be perfect for me Norco RPC-4224. And happy birthday unraid, you've changed my life!