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  1. How do I run any CA Userscript Script from within a Terminal Session? I know copies of scripts are held and ran from " /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts"....but when I go there via Terminal...I don't see ALL of my scripts listed (only a subset). It appears the only scripts listed here are ones which have been previously executed through Userscripts GUI. I know scripts are also located in "/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts" but those are all buttoned up with permissions restricting run (probably for good reason too since its the flash drive).
  2. Ok.....not sure how that helps me install rdiff-backup on unraid though???? Are you suggesting a different command?
  3. Unraid GUI --> Docker Tab --> Uncheck Autostart next to Sonarr/ they do not run automatically......
  4. @learningunraid Dude, the answer is simple. Stop trying to run Sonarr/Radarr before rclone mount..... Only start sonarr/Radarr AFTER rclone mount.
  5. FWIW, I'm running version 2020.09.29 of the rclone plugin with absolutely no issues on 6.9 RC2. Been running for months. I don't know if this is the most recent version of the plugin or not but it kinda doesn't matter. You can update rclone from within the plugin so.....ya, this is great! Also worth mentioning, I don't recall exactly if this is what I did...but I believe I had this version of the rclone plugin installed prior to updating to any 6.9 release. Then upgraded to 6.9. Again, no issues.
  6. At least now you'll have MORE time to develop....right? 🙃 Sorry, had to throw in that joke/jab. Divorces suck!
  7. No idea how to do that but seriously.....upload the files to Google Drive without the VPN. Google truly does NOT care. This isn't like you are seeding torrents, you don't need a VPN in this instance.
  8. Type "rclone config" in a terminal session and follow along with all the prompts. When you reach a prompt which asks if you are Headless, say YES. And just follow the prompt. It'll ask you to go to a link, auth your account, and paste some code back in the terminal. That's all. And for FWIW, this is the exact same procedure for any headless device. Unraid is not special. So you can Google any setup tutorial for help on this. I'm not exactly sure why SpaceInvaderOne had all the GUI mode discussion stuff in his video...but his video there is very old.
  9. No idea what you are trying to do.
  10. Google "plex unraid rclone". First result.
  11. 50TB of total data. I'd do your transfer in chunks...I'd also do it in a tmux/screen terminal session to avoid disconnects
  12. 750 GB/Day is for UPLOADS to Google. It's about 10 TB/Day for DOWNLOADS from Google. You can workaround these limits with the use of Google Service Accounts (no I won't explain how you set that up) There are scripts on github such as sasync to help you download to local. These scripts are capable of performing service account cycling so you can download/upload a lot per day. Google to find this in github.
  13. Thought there was more to it than that......isn't there? I mean...shit....there is even an additional container (varken). I'm sure its more complicated than simply dumping a json.
  14. I'm excited to get the v1.5 but I use @testdasi grafana stack...hopefully he gets some time to update it to the latest UUD version. I might get impatient though and just dump it and try to setup all three containers separately though. Dunno.