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  1. I have an hourly cronjob running that backs up my rclone config to a private repo..... That way, I maintain a backup AND I can deploy my rclone setup on any system quickly (including service account json files).
  2. Reauthorize won't break anything...it just changes that access token field in your rclone.conf. But since you said your rclone.conf file works fine on your Windows rclone.......but not on Unraid...I'd say it's something with your Unraid rclone installation. Did you try removing rclone-beta plugin, restarting server, reinstalling rclone-beta plugin?
  3. This command (below) will show you where rclone is looking for your config file....maybe rclone is looking for your config file in a location you didn't know about. rclone config file For example, the output of that command on my unraid box is: /boot/config/plugins/rclone-beta/.rclone.conf
  4. Ahh sorry, looks like you've tried everything I can think of....but I'm just another noob. Maybe pros can help you. Good luck
  5. You sure you are on the latest rclone-beta plugin? The dev fixed all the issues with fusermount3 I thought. Bunch of talk about it a few days ago. Easiest solution would be to not run RC builds of Unraid haha.....I don't see much need to run an Unraid server on the bleeding edge of development unless you are a pro yourself. Also, use this to force unmounts umount -l /path/to/remote/mount I noticed a lot of scripts call fusermount -u command.....it's better to use the unmount command
  6. That looks like an issue with fusermount....not rclone. Why do you want to mount an rclone remote to anon-empty directory? Why not mount your rclone remote to an empty directory.... Then use unionfs to merge your non-empty directory with the contents of your rclone mount directory?
  7. https://forum.rclone.org/t/whats-the-behavior-of-allow-non-empty/1924 Read that. There is an option for what you want... It you can use unionfs
  8. Type rclone config and reauthorize your rclone remote
  9. The error says the directory is not empty.......Did you verify that? Run these commands to make sure your rclone mount is indeed unmounted fusermount -u /mnt/disks/google fusermount -u /mnt/disks/secure umount -l /mnt/disks/google umount -l /mnt/disks/secure Then check and see that /mnt/disks/google and /mnt/disks is EMPTY. Then just go ahead and delete /mnt/disks/google and /mnt/disks/secure just to be sure. Then try your mount script again and report any error message.
  10. According to the rclone documentation HERE this is the flag you are looking for: --bwlimit BwTimetable Bandwidth limit in kBytes/s, or use suffix b|k|M|G or a full timetable.
  11. Seems kinda lame fusermount version 3 executable is named fusermount3. I mean, it's not like any fusermount version 2 executable was named fusermount2....it was just plain named fusermount I dunno, just seems silly. Whatever.
  12. We'll, that's good to know...I'm too chicken to try out RC versions lol. I'll just wait hehe
  13. That's up to you if you want to go back to an RC version to troubleshoot further. The mount script really only has two primary commands in it....the rclone mount command and the unionfs command. I'd be curious to know which of those commands cause the error. rclone could very well be working just fine...but unionfs could be the issue. Dunno. I'm not any pro scripter or anything but that's just the basic troubleshooting I would do.
  14. Given the scripts you provided....did the error ONLY occur during the unmount script? Or both?