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  1. Cloudplow developer also has made a complete rewrite of it called "crop". It is still beta sorta....but is like a Swiss army knife of rclone. https://github.com/l3uddz/crop
  2. People use tools like cloudplow to do what you want. You set it up to use rclone sync function and run in regular intervals. Just a suggestion https://github.com/l3uddz/cloudplow
  3. Thanks @KptnKMan and @SpaceInvaderOne. I will be using this information to overhaul my old unraid build. I too think it would be amazing if Unraid devs decide to add all sorts of advanced VM configuration in the Web UI.
  4. How did it go with the Asus TUF X570 Mobo and the GPU passthrough? I've got a Asus TUF X570 coming to me soon and am curious about your experience. Can you confirm this Mobo completely eats up a GPU in order to boot....and that it actually forcefully eats the primary PCIe x16 slot too!?
  5. Just purchased the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (No-Wifi version). Curious what people's Virtualization experiences are. Does it suck up a GPU to boot unraid (even if unraid in server mode)? If it DOES require a GPU to boot unraid....does the BIOs allow you to choose which PICe slot to Boot from...cuz it would suck if it forcefully grabs the primary x16 slot from you everytime. IOMMU Groups, Passthrough Experiences, Audio, Bios Config, etc. Wonder about it. This reddit post has comments which seem to show a BIOS update gives decent IOMMU groupings.....but someone also states there are some vfio issues....such as problems booting from 2nd GPU.
  6. They is because rclone edit isn't a command. Try rclone config. Refer to the rclone official documentation for the full list of commands
  7. Thanks. Ya, I'm not experiencing any issue so I'm good.
  8. Is it worth updating current VMs with the latest VirtIO Drivers? What if any benefits are there? My primary Win 10 VM is using virtio-win-0.1.141-1. How do you go about updating if you want to?
  9. rclone does not have any sort of special logic available that checks for other active rclone instances. You'll have to program that yourself. There are many ways to skin a cat...You just need to be a little creative and willing to dive into a little bash coding (or whatever you are most familiar with). Alternatively....You could just run both at 2M speed permanently if you are unwilling to figure out a few lines of code.
  10. Then it's unmounted.....you should see nothing in that directory.... you're good to go
  11. Use this if fusermount doesn't work umount -l /mnt/disks/google
  12. When a dev goes dark, it feels really bad to post stuff like "he needs to speak up". Sorry....but it is. It's been pretty clear for quite some time now the dev taking a leave from working on this. Permanent or Temporary.... I dunno but everyone should just chill out. I recognized his absence pretty early on. This is the reason why I've simply been redirecting people to the Script version...nothing else. Report bugs...fine.....but it is really bad to ask/insist/demand/whatever that he responds. His lack of response is ENOUGH for people to realize just like I have for weeks now....just let it be. And lastly, this is a VM Backup plugin in a pre-release phase. Absolutely NOBODY should be relying on this to secure their data anyway. As such, any use of this plugin is purely to HELP the developer out. That's it. No expectations of anything else. Beta, Alpha, Pre-Alpha....whatever...it is still pre-release. Don't rely on it.
  13. My comments are constructive. Reminding people who visit this thread the beta/alpha nature of the plugin is very important. In addition, it is equally important to remind people of the more stable alternative. I'm not trying to be an ass or anything. You'd be surprised how many people don't even read the comment above their in posts. Until (If) the dev gets comes back, there isn't much to do here in the plugins current form. Unless another dev wanted to pick it up
  14. The plugin is Alpha/Beta....use the userscript version if you want something more stable.
  15. Research "rclone copy" and/or "rclone sync" commands. Typically, "rclone mount" is really optimized only for reads, not so much writes.