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  1. Thought there was more to it than that......isn't there? I mean...shit....there is even an additional container (varken). I'm sure its more complicated than simply dumping a json.
  2. I'm excited to get the v1.5 but I use @testdasi grafana stack...hopefully he gets some time to update it to the latest UUD version. I might get impatient though and just dump it and try to setup all three containers separately though. Dunno.
  3. @testdasi Any chance you could incorporate UUD version 1.5 into your all-in-one Stack? It looks incredible!
  4. Any help at all regarding this.....Sometimes its just plain easier for me to run stuff from a terminal instead of the unraid GUI....and I'd rather not clone all of my userscripts to another location just so I can run them via terminal. But if that's how its gotta be....ok....
  5. Research a github project called cloudplow. It does exactly what you want. I will NOT walk you through setup for it. Review the readme carefully. You MAY have to use a docker version of cloudplow if Unraid has issues installing it the standard way.
  6. And you were experiencing this organizr-related crash? Sorry, I only ask because I didn't see you post in here explicitly saying you had experienced this crash.....just wanted to be clear
  7. Maybe the latest beta (now in RC phase) that was JUST today released solves this issue......dunno. Anyone care to test and report back? Kernel jumps from 5.8.18 ---> 5.9.13 here php jumps from 7.4.11 ---> 7.4.13
  8. Ok. I did not know you are using unionfs. Provide your unionfs mount command. This matters in solving your issue. use this command to copy stuff from rclone remote to your local array storage. rclone copy "remote:some_directory" "/mnt/user/some_share/" --bwlimit 10M -v -P That will limit the download speed to 10 MB/second. You can download about 10 Terabytes per day I think. The download limit is higher than the upload limit. You should also use the --dry-run and -v flag. The dry run flag is used for testing your command (nothing actually transfers) and the -v flag is to output
  9. Thank you so much causefx. I know you always help as best you are able. Really appreciative. Please let me know if I can provide ANYTHING to help you at all.
  10. Well.....I'm a believer! I've been pulling my hair out until I found this thread. Server was hard lockup/crashing before hitting 24h uptime consistently. I turn off Organizr......been good for 2+ days now. I'll keep it up longer but I am Sooooooo grateful for you guys discovering this. I REALLY hope Organizr devs FIX THIS. It was infuriating.
  11. How do I run any CA Userscript Script from within a Terminal Session? I know copies of scripts are held and ran from " /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts"....but when I go there via Terminal...I don't see ALL of my scripts listed (only a subset). It appears the only scripts listed here are ones which have been previously executed through Userscripts GUI. I know scripts are also located in "/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts" but those are all buttoned up with permissions restricting run (probably for good reason too since its the flash drive).
  12. Typically yes.....and for this troubleshootings sake....I also have the GUI syslog window open so I can capture a syslog when the crash occurs. I have to do this because the syslog server is broken in 6.9 beta right now.
  13. Post a syslog of that crash....I think your issue is not related to this crash. Upon deeper searching.....this looks like it might be my issue. I say this because all of my crashes state "php-fpm7" as a possible problem....just like people here. Still testing this though as suggested to turn off organizr docker container.
  14. I never have nginx worker process messages spamming my syslog ......but being on 6.9 beta 35.....the syslog server is broken so only way to capture logs is to tail the syslog in a terminal or keep the syslog ui window open forever capturing. Kind of a pain but ok....