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  1. Has anyone got i9-9900 to HW transcode in plex as of recent? April 2021? It works fine with i7-8700t i swap the cpu for i9-9900 and it wont start transcoding 4k video. the drivers load fine and are seen inside the docker container when i run cd /dev/dri from the container console. unraid 6.9.1 i tried linuxserver and plexinc containers. i do have the ‘- -device parameter added. i do have the igpu enabled in bios. i dont have any other dedicate gpu. i habe installed the intell drive plugin i did add line to sysconfig
  2. I'm going from unraid to DSM... I need something that works with out me having to tinker constantly. TimeMachine never worked reliably, VM's worked good for 2 weeks then would stop booting out of nowhere. I hope DSM is a more professional solution.. I no longer need VM's so im going to DSM cause a small celeron cpu is not capable of decent VMs anyway.
  3. Problems again out of no where my Win10 VM and OSX mojave VM dont boot anymore. i tried to recreate the XMl file thinking it was a bad nvram, but no luck im stuck at the tianno screen again. Im about to give up on unraid, this doesnt seem reliable enough, to have 3K invested in hardware and have it work here and there is not acceptable. I'm going to go back to a chepo build just for plex and nas and thats it. So frustrated with this. Everytime i think i got it to be stable i reboot, shut down the vms couple times in a day im happy. Then the next day i go to use it and crap again... I would exp
  4. I will do this if the issue comes up again. But i was able to get it to work by re-creating a new VM, maybe the NVRAM file somehow got all jumbled up with the ASUS 10gbe i was trying to use before. But macOS recognized the device this time no problem and of course i got pased the Tiano Core screen and into Clover etc. So i will mark this as solved, the fix was to rebuild the VM image. I didnt have to do a fresh install i used the nvme drive with the OS i was passing through, just recreated the XML file from scratch, thus generating a new NVRAM file. Im getting decent sp
  5. The tonnymac site says this card should work out of the box with out any kext or other changes in clover. My thing is that i dont even see the clover boot screen, it gets stuck at the tonao logo. and throughs those errors i mentioned above. I used to have a ASUS 10gbe card that it boot with it, but the macOS wouldnt recognize the card. After a while it stopped booting with that card so i had to remove that card from the xml to get macOS to boot. I will try to recreate a new XML instance maybe the nvram is corrupted.
  6. Thanks, ill check tonnymac, the reason i bought this sonnet solo 10gbe is because they say out of the box osx support.
  7. Hello Everyone, Im trying to pass-through a Sonnet 10GBE nic to the 2nd vm (OSX) i have on the server. The device is RESETABLE, and i have it Stubed-OUT in the unraid flash config file. My windows 10 vm boots up just fine with it and i got the driver installed and it works. however i can't get it to work from OSX. It keeps saying i need to include a rom file. But its not a GPU why would it want a rom file. Any thoughts? Server Error: Jan 29 03:26:42 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:b3:00.0: Invalid PCI ROM header signature: expecting 0xaa55, got 0x397c 2019-01-29
  8. Hello Everyone, Im trying to pass-through a Sonnet 10GBE nic to the 2nd vm (OSX) i have on the server. The device is RESETABLE, and i have it Stubed-OUT in the unraid flash config file. My windows 10 vm boots up just fine with it and i got the driver installed and it works. however i can't get it to work from OSX. It keeps saying i need to include a rom file. But its not a GPU why would it want a rom file. Any thoughts? Server Error: Jan 29 03:26:42 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:b3:00.0: Invalid PCI ROM header signature: expecting 0xaa55, got 0x397c 2019-01-29
  9. I tried VEGA also, couldnt get it to pass through a second time. Got it finally to work 1 time than it would remain in a crashed state after 1st use, had to restart the server to boot again. The Sapphire RX580 Pulse 8GB is an amazing card. Get one of those for 1/2 the price of VEGA, works amazing with unraid, osx mojave and windows 10. THe fans even shut down when not needed unlike the vega. Geebench opencl gave me a 130,000 score with RX580 and 160-170,000 with VEGA, so for double the price and nightmares and constant fan it wasnt yielding double the score anyway... For windows i
  10. I would like to try your method here as i'm building my osx VM as my primary and about to sell my mac mini 2018 with 10gbe. I was able to get 900ish speeds with mac mini and unraid via a ASUS 10gbe card in unraid, but if that ethernet port was on its own different IP ( and my mac on that same subnet eg ( where my normal network would be on The problem is i wound not get internet access on the mac mini. So when i bridged the two ethernet ports in unraid, and just put everything back on my LAN subnet ip the mac was able to access the internet and the u
  11. I have slow transfer also I think it has something to do with the br0 network we emulate and passthrough to the VM... but it’s beyond me at the movement.... Even though I have a second 10gbe nick I can’t get it to work faster than 100MB/s where I should see something like 400MB/s going from my name to my SSD sata3 cache oboe share....
  12. Hello, im trying to passthrough my entire unassigned device (Samsung 1TB SSD) but the guest os (mojave) sees the disk as spinning disk and doesnt show that trim is supported. SMART = YES, but no TRIM. Am i supposed to passthrough the device in a different manner than what i have here? im setting boot order=2 becuase im also passing a pci-e nvme drive as the boot drive to the quest. <disk type='block' device='disk'> <driver name='qemu' type='raw' cache='writeback'/> <source dev='/dev/disk/by-id/ata-Samsung_SSD_860_EVO_1TB_S3Z8NB0M101503K'/> <ta
  13. Thanks John_M i was able to re-upgrade to 6.7RC2 and found a setting to turn on timemachine in the SMB settings, then i was able to setup the disk share as TimeMachine under SMB. My mac can now perform TimeMachine Backups. I do have the dB path for all my shares on the cache, drive in a cache only share. The one i forgot to do one for is my disk2 share. ill try that tonight see if it helps. I might stick to SMB if it continues to work tho.
  14. I tried 6.7RC2 and it killed my server in regards to AFP. I was no longer able to connect using AFP, to my shares. And of course timemachine couldnt find the disk. One thing i didnt try was to change the disk in time machine using an SMB mapped drive. I will try that tonight and post feed back. I since then downgraded back to 6.6.5 to see if i can get it working again, and it completely killed my AFP TimeMachine Setup. AFP somewhat works with connecting to shares and transfering data, but i need it most importantly for timeMachine. I will try tonight to re-upgrade to 6
  15. Hello, i recently upgraded to 6.6.7RC2 and AFP connection wouldnt work. I then downgraded to 6.6.6 and my AFP drives mount in macOS and i can transfer files through finder, but TimeMachine no longer works. I even tried going back to 6.6.5 and my TimeMachines still doesn't work. I tried restarting server, restarting client mac, and even stopping AFP and SMB in unraid settings, and re-starting them. Still the error persist. What else can i try? I checked to make sure the shares are ok, and that they have AFP enabled. The TimeMachine connects to a disk share, that is setup
  16. My problem was fixed when i changed the Windows FAST STARTUP option to OFF.
  17. So i upgraded to 6.6.6 and timemachine stopped working getting a PANIC error now... Any ideas why this would be? EDIT: I Manually Downgraded to 6.6.5 by replacing the 5 files that start with bz... on the flash drive, and my problem wasn't fixed. So something got corrupted when i upgraded to 6.6.7RC2 to see if the new kernel would fix my Vega Reset Issue (It didnt) So when i reverted to 6.6.6 i lost my 6.6.5 recovry through the gui, but i learned you can replace the 5 BZ files with the ones i download from unraid. I will keep investigating this and might start my own thr
  18. Any progress on this issue? I wasted my weekend trying to get my new RX Vega 64 passthrough without much luck. Im getting the same problem of not being able to start the VM a second time, without restarting the server. Problem exists with both my windows 10 and OSX Mojave VMs. Sleeping the server and waking it seems to reset the GPU also. I even tried upgrading to unraid 6.6.7RC2 which has a newer kernel and still same problem. I had to revert back to 6.6.6 because AFS didnt work for me with the RC version of unraid. So back to the drawing board... I just
  19. I would use isci for attaching a drive to my mac so that i can move my photos library off the small internal SSD to the isci Target. Right now photos only allows the library to run off attached drives (internal or external is OK) but you can't runt he library from a nas drive.
  20. I will try this tonight as im getting the same problem i will post my results. What i discovered was im only getting this error when i shut the VM down from within Windows. If i shut it down from the VM Manager in UNRAID then it starts up ok the next time. Problem only exists when i shut down the VM from within windows. I also was re-watching the windows 10 vm install videos and i noticed i missed the installing the qemu-guest agent x64 driver. I wonder if that will help? I will try that tonight and report back. EDIT: Changing the Windows FAST STARTUP to OFF fixed my re
  21. Also, when i shut down the VM from UNRAID VM And select STOP, it always lets me re-start the VM without issues. Problem is reproduceable every time i shut down from within windows VM. The suqsequent time it doesnt start, crashes or something, then i start again and it comes up... EDIT: I was able to determine that i had to change a windows setting in Windows to prevent fast boot. Then the VM can be shut down and restarted no problem repeatedly. It now works ok.
  22. Im getting the same error, i started another post about this. I do see that extra address tag in my pcie passthrough, however when i try to delete it then save, and come back into xml edit its there again. Some reason it keeps getting added again. But i noticed all my PCI passthrough devices have a source address tag and an address tag. So maybe that is normal...? <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x07' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </source>
  23. So, i have confirmed that the NVME drive is not mounted and i even turned desctructive mode to OFF on the UD plugin to see if that would help. I still get the same problem the VM only starts up every other time. So i decided to stub-out the 3 devices i'm passing through to the VM, the GPU Video+GPU Audio+PCI USB Controller+PCI NVME Drive. and the first time i ran the VM on a clean server restart it worked. then second time same crash it would show the TIanno screen then when the windows circle thing would pop up the screen goes blank. Next time i run it again it worked fine. So it
  24. Ok, thank you for pointing that out i was messing with mounting/unmounting that drive because i accidentatly delete a partion that was0B and the VM wouldnt boot, it HUNG the server. So i restored it from a copy which brought back the 0B partion. But i will look at it again tonight to make sure when i do boot it up it is not mounted. Also another note, why would my windows vdisk image have that 0B 3rd partion? I used the dd command to convert from my vdisk.img to the entire drive and thats when it appeared, and wasnt sure what it was for becuase windows doesnt see that 3rd partion.
  25. YES, WDS250G2X0C-00L350_182687801217 is the pcie nvme drive i'm passing through. Im 99% sure, the nvme drive is NOT mounted when i try to launch the WIN10 VM. I have auto-mount set to NO. Ill double check this, to make sure the drive is not mounted when i launch the VM, see if i keep getting this error. When the VM does bootup correctly, the nvme drive disappears from the UnAssigned list. (This is expected behavior since host, and guest can't control at same time) Ill report back when i get home tonight.