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  1. Nor does you stating something make it true either. You're better than the response you gave to this.
  2. Why wouldn't you just click the update button and check? LSIO always keeps the container up to date and when it's available that is all you have to do. For the record the 2058 version is available now for the container and I verified it is working with the new API changes, shows that wouldn't update before now do.
  3. Got this working and imported a pool from FreeNAS - nice work! I'm guessing this conflicts with the Unraid Nvidia plugin? Or does it need to be re-installed for it? Edit: To answer my own question, if you install the Unraid Nvidia plugin, which has it's own kernel package, you need to re-install the ZFS plugin to re-enable it.
  4. I had that board (technically still have it). There's no "direct" upgrade for it, that supports E3 Xeons. If you are willing to go up to the E5 line there's the X10SRM-F, which can take up to 128GB of ram if you use 32gb RDIMMs though most people find 32 or 64 to be more sane. The 2680v3 is a big jump in cores (12) and a step down in clock speed (2.7/3.3) from the E3 you have. There's also the 2660v3, which is the 10 core version, slightly higher clock speeds, and cheaper. E5's draw more power (the 2680v3 is 120TDP, the 2660 105, vs 80 for your CPU) but in day to day use I haven't found that to be an issue. You can find all of this retail or on Ebay. This is my setup: Supermicro X10SRM-F ($280, new) E-2680v3 ($290, used) 64gb DDR4 ECC RDimms 16x4 ($115x4/$460, new) Intel x540 10GBase-T NIC ($140, used, the SFP+ variants are usually cheaper) $1170 total. Only the CPU and NIC are used, and I'm not worried about Intel failing on me. You can find the board and ram used to if you want to go cheaper (or maybe it's cheaper that way via Ebay in AUS?). Mine is installed in a Node 804, like so:
  5. Less an issue with the plugin and more an issue with the Supermicro BMC only supporting two zones. Asrock, for example, supports individual zones for fans and thus you can assign them individually with this plugin. Though with splitters you can probably at least get the two profiles you want, one for fans on one side and one for the other.
  6. Didn't know it still tar'd the files. Your best bet then is to leverage Duplicati's custom commands (in advanced options): --run-script-before, --run-script-after, --run-script-before-required and --run-script-timeout. You'll want to stop your dockers prior to having it backup Appdata then restart. There's some suggestions on how to script the latter around the forums, do a search. They might be able to help in the CA Appdata backup thread since I am pretty sure that is exactly what it does.
  7. Stopping dockers is a good idea prior to backing up appdata. Not all of them require it but there are enough variables, particularly if you run a lot of dockers, to make it the safe thing to do. You can just use CA to automate that part then Duplicati to back up CA's backup? You can disable compression in CA and have it retain only one copy if you'd rather manage the rest with Duplicati. Not like the CA plugin takes up a lot of space or resources.
  8. Djoss maintains the container, not the application. You may have better luck making the request on the application Github site: Edit: Although this statement on Github means it will likely not be addressed (at least he is upfront about it):
  9. Was it broken in 6.6.3? This is a newer system, I started with 6.6.1 I believe.
  10. Sorry, I was out for a couple days. I can't remove the card - it's the only one I'm using. Before I left I did however rollback to 6.6.4 and the system hasn't crashed since. Something in the delta between 6.6.4 and .5? The latter looks like a small change but maybe there was an undocumented fix that is causing this, perhaps? With 6.6.5 it would crash within 12 hours or less of the last crash every time, but 6.6.4 is still humming along as normal.
  11. Since upgrading from 6.6.4 a few days ago Unraid crashes about every 11-12 hours. I enabled troubleshooting mode via Fix Common Problems and captured the logs (attached, with the FCPsyslog_tail.txt inside the zip). Any ideas? Seems to be something network related triggering an Emby server problem, though hard for me to trace down. It worked fine with 6.6.4 and previous; the update to 6.6.5 is the only change. Could it be related to my NIC (Atlantic chipset, it's the 10GB Asus card)? It was working before too but maybe there's a driver issue in the new update?
  12. I hope there are because you are replying to a thread that is almost 7 years old....
  13. Same. Works for me but the cat error is still present. Could be considered cosmetic, all things considered, but something is clearly wrong still. Thanks for the updated plugin btw, much appreciated.
  14. I've updated and so far, so good. Supermicro X10DRI motherboard, SC743TQ-SQ case. I'm using 3 of the 80mm SQ fans for intake and the 92mm SQ fan for exhaust, and two SNK-P0050AP4 heatsink/fans. Idles nice and quiet and doesn't scream under full load, though of course you can hear the fans then.
  15. IE11 is practically dead. The official EOL from Microsoft is technically 2020 but even they would prefer you stuck a fork in it now and declared it done. Reminds me of the dark days of IE6, oh how I hated having to support that well past its shelf life because lots of IT departments put off updating due to all the custom ActiveX crap plugins their users depended on.