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  1. 25 NOVEMBER 2019 - PLEX-ing my muscles, in MINECRAFT???!!!. So, I picked up a lifetime subscription to Plex (on sale at 20% off) and upgraded my Plex server (Docker) from the LimeTech build to the Plex, Inc build - inside of Docker. Thanks to the excellent youtube video tutorial from SpaceInvaderOne - I was able to move over the Plex configuration and files within about 15 minutes. No muss, no fuss. (Reminder: 1 beer owed!) While I'm not seeing any real improvements in the way the new Plex docker handles the streams to my devices outside of my home network - I, at least, feel a lit
  2. Had the exact same problem - and the only docker I had running was Plex (the depreciated one from Lime Tech). After using that "fix" I was back in the game again - Many thanks Friis!
  3. Friday, November 15, 2019 - The day I "cursed" nVidia. So, still running unRAID 6.7.2 - but I had enough of trying to get the nVidia GT 1030 OC Phonenix card from Asus to work in the Dell T310 box, and tonight ran out to Microcenter and bought a low profile/low power MSI Radeon R7 240 2GB video card. Yes, I knew it wasn't going to be blazing fast, but then neither is my server. The card didn't need an extra power plug, just the power from the PCIe slot. And I just wanted something to work in the tower that would give me some decent graphics capabilities and not the accused "error 4
  4. No, I had not tried that. Thanks very much for that follow up! I might go back to that at some point, but just tonight - I bought a MSI Radeon R7 240 card (yes, I know, dog slow) but the VM and video was running flawlessly right out of the box inside the Dell T310 and porting out with TeamViewer was a piece of cake. So I'm currently loathe to change the VM configuration back to the Asus GT 1030, but after a week or so of "dogging" it - I might just do that and see if this works. Again, really appreciate the follow up!
  5. November 11, 2019 So, back at it again tonight. Have to say, I like 6.7.2 for the windows "findability." Also those automatic docker and software updates make for a lot fewer "warning notices" and a lot smoother running server/machine. System has repeatedly been up for DAYS with no real dwn time for maintenance. Sadly though, I have had "Less than zero" luck with the nVidia pass-throughs on VMs. And I have tried just about everything. I've re-re-re-watched SpaceInvader One's videos, and tried every trick in the book. So am now to the point of throwing in the towel on the nVidi
  6. No, you guys are amazing... and we appreciate all that gets done and shared on unRAID Forums. 👍 Thank you!
  7. Hello fellow T310 user ! I am considering some of the same pathways as you, and am often out looking for used server hardware. I did shoehorn in multiple drives (Up to 7 SATA/SAS drives and a 1TB SSD) and a GT1030 into my T310 that I am running a NAS on, but struggling to get either a Win7/64 or Win10/64 in a VM to address the 1030 card correctly. (You can find my thread on my T310 build in the forum) I picked the 1030 video card as it is relatively low power, which is important for the T310. And I like the T310 Xeon X34XX 4 core/8 thread design for CPU utilization. But if I had it
  8. First, much appreciation to all involved in developing this (fork?), and documenting in this thread - it helps me understand the potential value. Second, I am a "noob" but running a unRAID NAS server box with vanilla Plex docker (limetech/plex - no subscriptions). I recently was able to acquire a nVidia K10 Tesla GPGPU, so I have some basic questions: 1) Is there any inherent value in "Unraid Nvidia", outside of the obvious speed increases in media transcoding? 2) Can "Unraid Nvidia" take advantage of the GPUs and memory on a Tesla card? (K10, K80, M40, V100, etc)
  9. Squid, I could kiss you... or buy you a beer. I didn't even know one existed... but will pop it in now! Thanks!
  10. Well, time for an unRAID update. The Dell T310 has been mostly quiet and doing what it does best - Parity Checks. Very few issues running unRAID. Only real issues are that it screams for updates on software tools and dockers, which I do regularly. Otherwise, it's been up continuously for 45 days, serving files, running a couple of VMs - without much of an issue. One 600GB Seagate SAS 15K drive I have - alerts that it gets "Hot" at 115F, but quickly goes back to 99F within a minute or two. May be a fan/circulation issue in that 3x drive bay that I have it in. Likely will "push" the
  11. First - You're absolutely welcome! Bummer about the SATA/SAS cables, hope that's resolved now. Mine have given me zero issues. And yes, I am "eye"-ing larger SAS drives, but am waiting for the prices to fall a little more. When I can Three 8TB or 10TB drives (one parity, one data, and one "hot swap" spare) then I will move over to larger drives. For now, I am fine with the multiple 4TB drives... easy to get spares if I need them. And I am not using up that much space yet (although I upgraded my photo, sound and video equipment too!) I'll have to look into Op
  12. Thank you for the reply Jonathanm, I do appreciate you taking the time to follow up with me. To your comment - I can get to the management console with "root" or "admin" accounts. However, I used to be able to use https://nastyfox/Main and now I have to use https://nastyfox.local/Main to get to the server. I can also get to the management console with But I am unable to reliably map a network drive to my unRAID shares in Win7/64, like the one named "Music". In Win 7/64 using 6.7.1 with any user and password combination, it connected the
  13. 31JULY2019 - Upgrade to 6.7.2 issue? Upgraded the OS to 6.7.2 from 6.7.1, but something new happened. I had been able to access the system with https://tower (actually https://nastyfox) but now have to issue https://tower.local/ or the direct IP address - in order to get to the server GUI. This was not an issue in 6.7.1. I tried a few fixes, including purging the network (DNS) entries in router - without any success. Plus all of my drive maps in Win7/64 laptop had to be remapped and re-logged in. Another issue is when I try to log in with any user name tha
  14. 32GB DDR3 ECC - Using most of it for running Windows VMs.
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    Glacier Point at Yosemite National Park on a clear day! Nice shot.
  16. I just upgraded my tower from 6.7.0 to 6.7.1 - No Issues. Thanks for the denial-of-service and processor vulnerabilities security plugs! 😀
  17. Update: June 23, 2019 - The continuing saga that is the nVidia - ASUS 1030 GT OC card. I did manage to get the video card to display from the display port in both boot and a Win10/64 VM configuration with OVMF, i440fx-2.12. (Yea, some success!) I had to make the card the primary display in the T310, essentially disabling the onboard intel video chip in the server's bios. the boot screen now shows up through that display. To get this far with the VMs, I used the downloaded and editted BIOS from the TechPowerUP in the VM's XML, and set the sound card to a ich9 model. So f
  18. Heyas - Happy to share what I know. Just to be clear, I am running my T310 as a "headless" system, with no keyboard, mouse or video display. If you intend to use it as a desktop type system to run games, then you might want to consider how the VMs and the other components are installed. I wanted to be able to run 24/7 as a NAS, with some Virtual Machines (VMs) - that I could remote desktop into via a VPN, have some Docker apps (Plex) and otherwise house my digital photo library. Attached are some of the photos of my system. Excuse the pink floor, the house is in a state
  19. Heyas, Welcome to the T310 club. Feel free to ask/share info. Sounds like you have a good start on a nice system. I’d see about adding a redundant power supply, if you are able. Not a mandatory thing, but I like the reliability bump I get with mine. And yes, I have mine hooked into an UPS brick- just in case. I had the H700, but went to a H200 card so I could use the Smartdrive info to monitor my drive health more closely. But the H700 is a nice card too. One piece of advice for the H700- Copy your RAID config file settings for the H700, that way if you have a drive fa
  20. Moving on (June 15 update) Still happy with the Dell T310 server as an unRAID platform. Very few down days. Installed the Samsung 1TB SDD, definite performance bump with it over the Patriot 240GB one. Still working on the ASUS nVidia 1030 card - and tonight my next step is to make it the primary video card at boot-up. (Nope, that didn't work either. Will need to remove the card and dump the bios/firmware on another machine) Starting to enjoy the Plex docker. Still not got SickChill working well. Also tried to get Deluge-VPN docker working, but confused by the co
  21. Moving on (June update) Updated/Max'ed out the RAM in my server to 32Gigs from 16Gigs. (16GB for $49 on eBay) Added a Plex docker. Tried BinHex's SickChill docker, but it's not working well (yet.) Also bought a 1TB SDD (Samsung $89 at MicroCenter) but have yet to install it. Also still need to debug my ASUS nVidia 1030 card issues, but the system is working well without that working fully - at present. Loaded up the DarkTable docker app for photo cataloging, not sure yet it's something I will keep.
  22. That and disabling the motherboard graphics chip are all I have left to try, but that will have to wait a bit. (Family life calls!)
  23. Just the one (Asus 1030). There is the onboard graphics chip, but not using it - although I have not tried disabling it ... yet.
  24. So, I'm about out of ideas. (This is on my Dell T310 Server, specs in my signature) Still trying to get a Asus 1030 card to passthrough, and having no joy. I've watched S-I-1's videos a dozen times. (Thank you!) Made over a dozen VM's with various settings. The unRAID server boot mode is set to Legacy. Downloaded the Asus 1030 BIOS from techpowerup and edited it, as shown. Am able to get Win 10 Pro to boot, video to show up, and fully load up. (login works) Can even get to where the card is recognized as a 1030. But any driver tried only leaves me with