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  1. meh... this is making it tempting to switch to docker-compose, does it not?
  2. This! For security options, it would be nice to be able to put fo example MariaDB in a 'gapped' network that is not connect to internet, and have a nginx/apache/django/whatvere webservice that needs a DB have 2 networks
  3. Tuumke

    [REQUEST] Traefik reverse proxy

    Slow as in health says that response time is 1000ms =/ also have a DEV setup with dockers and traefik, but that is on a Ubuntu VPS i rend. MS = 4~6 there..
  4. Tuumke

    Unraid OS version 6.6.7 available

    Just upgraded, no issues so far.
  5. Tuumke

    [REQUEST] Traefik reverse proxy

    Anyone else having issues that traefik is really slow?
  6. Tuumke

    [DISK Errors] What to do?

    Replaced the disk, parity is rebuilding now. Thnx for the help guys
  7. Tuumke

    [DISK Errors] What to do?

    Ordered a new disk. Should arrive todat. Is it correct that replacing a parity disk is still this: https://wiki.unraid.net/The_parity_swap_procedure 1. Stop the array (if it's started) 2. Unassign the old drive (if it's still assigned) 3. Start the array (put a check in the Yes I want to do this checkbox if it appears (older versions: Yes, I'm sure)) 4. Stop the array again 5. Power down 6. [ Optional ] Pull the old drive 7. Install the new drive 8. Power on 9. Stop the array 10. Unassign the parity drive 11. Assign the new drive in the parity slot 12. Assign the old parity drive in the slot of the old data drive being replaced 13. Go to the Main -> Array Operation section 14. Put a check in the Yes I want to do this checkbox (older versions: Yes, I'm sure), and click the Copy button 15. Put a check in the Yes I want to do this checkbox (older versions: Yes, I'm sure), and click the Start button
  8. Tuumke

    [DISK Errors] What to do?

    Still ongoing with SMART extended self-test. It's the parity disk but i think it's going to need replacement if it takes this long =/
  9. Tuumke

    [DISK Errors] What to do?

    Still running?! self-test in progress, 30% complete
  10. Tuumke

    [DISK Errors] What to do?

    Running an extended test now.
  11. Hey guys, I'm getting disk erros on my parity disk. All disks i have a pretty old by now and have ben running a long time. I'm suspecting they will need to be replaced in the near future, but i hope there is another way to fix these errors? Running on v6.6.6 Attached smart report from the disk with errors. nas-smart-20190116-0808.zip
  12. Tuumke

    [REQUEST] Bazarr

    Ofcourse . My bad i didnt report back.
  13. Tuumke

    [REQUEST] Bazarr

    I just found out, that you can set the community plugin to also check on dockerhub. Testing now
  14. Tuumke

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    Never mind. I'm using FTP with TLS now, hope that's secure enough. Is it possible to have mod_shaper added to ProFTPd? http://www.castaglia.org/proftpd/modules/mod_shaper.html So we can limit bandwith per user? @SlrG ?