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  1. In case anyone runs into the same issue I figured out my original problem. If you set the free space to 10GB, then copy a file of 50GB while there is, for example, 30GB left it will copy to your cache. Unraid does not check the file size before copying so make sure you set the free space to what you expect your biggest file will be.
  2. Hi @mgutt, what is the reason for using MariaDB instead of SQLite? I am running jc21 and SQLite works great.
  3. Well you are not alone, thanks for helping out another idiot
  4. Interesting behaviour, I did configure the Minimum Free to 10GB and it still shows the same error but I can now click on retry and it continues. Had this message around 8 times. I will need to read a bit more on how it exactly works.
  5. Yes the 4TB is parity, once I am happy with unRAID I will replace the SSDs with 4TB HDDs and then use the SSDs for cache. Current: 1x 4TB HDD Parity 2x 500GB SSD Data 1x 128GB NVMe Cache 1x 500GB SSD Cache Eventually: 1x 4TB HDD Parity 2x 4TB HDD Data 2x 500GB SSD Cache
  6. The reason I enabled cache was to have it setup and tested in the way I will eventually run it. Is Turbo write not for when you have more than 2 disks? I did read the post from RobJ about it. Makes sense, I was under the impression that the cache was a bit more transparant but from what I understand now is that it is more like a separate volume. I have set the Minimum Free to 10GB and will test it again once the current job finished. Both thanks a lot for the fast and detailed responses!
  7. After setting up my unRAID server and having everything working I started to migrate my data. While copying 150GB of data it stopped halfway saying it ran out of space. I`ve got the following setup: A single pool with: 1x 4TB HDD 2x 500GB SSD (will be replaced after migration) A cache pool with: 1x 128GB NVMe (will be replaced after migration) 1x 500GB SSD The share has the allocation method "High-water" and cache disk is set to yes. The solution was to manually run the mover and the copy continued. But should it not be that when the cache gets filled up it starts writing data to the main pool?