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  1. Hi every1, Duplicati have been workign like a charm for me till 20 of march. now i get an Error Disk full. Path /tmp/dup-b on all of my backups. Dr. Google said i should clean up the tmp folder...but it is clean i have no files there. or am i in a wrong /tmp folder? i checked in root /tmp this settings i am using for backups any ideas what i am missing? SOLUTION: found a solution myself. changed in the web ui in Settings/Advanced tempdir command to a different location. Seems to work for now.
  2. i am actually trying to add them in windows under explorer. i think i will try to setup Nextcloud and swag from the scratch. but i need to know what to do to be able to also delete the files if i connect the drive where nextcloud data is stored in windows.
  3. i tried to map the webdav link in windows but i always receive an error that such address does not exist since my nextcloud is not exposed the address is https://192.168.0.XXX:444/remote.php/dav/files/USER/
  4. thx, it should be a permanenet solution. i got lot of stuff auto uploaded from phone to nextcloud and i would need an option to sort those things, but not via nexcloud UI ;(
  5. Hi every1, went through the whole thread but could only find some small hints towards my "problem" running nextcloud on unraid which is not exposed and not using letsencrypt for reverse proxy or smth, only local use if there a way to delete files from nextcloud folders via windows explorer? I connected the unraid nextcloud share in Windows but can only read, but not write/delete. already tried to set the share to public with no luck. any ideas what else can be done? thx in advance
  6. Dont know if it the right place to post my issue, but i will try. Using spaceinvaders video i could get OpenVPN Server running on my unraid and it worked flawlessly with my domain till something broke. cant figure out the issues on my own. I think it has to do somethign with CNAME entries at my Namecheap domain provider i have following entries CNAME entry 1 Host: www Value: mydomain.com A+ dynamic DNS Entry @ and my static ip i am not using duckdns and it have been working till now without any problems i try to use openvpn on my phone to login into my home network and it is "Looking up for DNS" all the time any ideas from the community for this? dont want to start messing around with duckdns P.S. used duckdns and it works, just would like to know how i messed up the namecheap settings ;(
  7. Hi. No, it is not Sia. Storj V3 is an Own Project. Sia is Sia. if you need any assistance on config, just let me know and i will post my config here. My first config went down due to DB corruption. But after i updated to 6.8.0 it should be good now. i will try to setup my docker on coming weekend.
  8. i found out the root cause. in my router DMZ was activated and pointed towards Unraid. Switched it off and cant reach my Box anymore. OpenVPN access still working. Case solved as it seems to me. Only Nextcloud and OpenVPN ports are forwarded to Unraid internal IP.
  9. if u ask me i have currently no idea how it happened. what ports are unraid webserver ports? i will close them in my router.
  10. Hi every1, could not really read out an answer from further post. I currently have bought a domain name and have forwarded it to my unraid. When i ener my domain name xxxxxxxx.com i get forwarded to Unraid GUI login page and it is not secure, seems to me my machine is exposed to internet and every1 who enters my domain will land on Unraid GUI landing page. I also have an created an open vpn to be able enter the data. so data can ONLY be seen using openvpn. If there a way to secure Unraid GUI for external usage? i could net remember being able to login via external browser to my Unraid GUI but something seems to have changed lately and i can now without using openvpn. What could happen? Without knowing my password no one would be able to login to unraid GUI i suppose?
  11. Its hard to choose one thing i love about Unraid - my favorite is the ability of the system to utilize the whole power of bare metal and different setup possibilities I am looking forward a built in/integrated easy to use backup solution like duplicati or rclone
  12. hello everyone. so V3 mainet will be going live anytime soon. couldnt find any proper description how to setup this V3 docker in Unraid. I have plenty of space available and would like to share it to storj to support the project. any1 else with same goal in here?
  13. hi, do you have any data towards idle and load consumption? would be nice to know. my ryzen 2600 system, GTX 1070ti with drives spun down consumes 90w. think its a bit too high. 60-70 would be ok. i think things will change when i set up a vm and let it run.
  14. +1 same here. would be nice to have a step by step guide. even without a video.
  15. thx, i checked his posts. i finally ordered OEM LSI SAS 9207-8i SATA/SAS 6Gb/s PCI-E Host Bus Adapter LSI00301 IT Mode from China. Lets see how it will do.
  16. do you knwo if this one will work? is there any lsit of chips which will work with unraid? AMCC 3ware (LSI) 9690SA 4I8I
  17. hi. wil this card work also with VT-D ON? i need virtualization at all cost. what other controller can i take except LSI?