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  1. I didn't see this right away, but found the change in file location from /usr/lib/jvm/java-17-openjdk/bin/java to /usr/lib/jvm/java-18-openjdk/bin/java @binhex the at needs to be updated to working paths. I think.
  2. I gathered more pertinent network data in the hopes at networking pro comes across this! Fingers crossed. ================================================== ========== Orbi RBR750 =========================== ================================================== DHCP off WAN:, PPPoE from Centurylink DNS:, LAN: IP Address: get dynamically IP address from Router, grayed DNS address: Get automatically from ISP, grayed, firmware version: V4.6.8.2 Advanced > Router / AP Mode: Router Mode selected Advanced > Port forwarding: several ports forwarded to unRaid server (including 61801 > UPnP: On Traffic meter: Off VLAN / Bridge Settings: Enabled, By VLAN tag group: VLAN ID 201, Priority 0, All wired ports, All wireless ================================================== =================unRaid 6.10.0==================== ================================================== Network settings Enable Bonding: Yes Bonding mode: Active-backup (1) Enable briding: Yes Network protocol: IPv4 only IPv4 address assignment: Static IPv4 address: /16 IPv4 default gateway: IPv4 DNS server assignment: static IPv4 DNS server: IPv4 DNS server 2: ( I think) IPv4 DNS server 3: Desired MTU: 1500 Enable VLANs: No Routing table, all IPv4 Protocols route gateway default via br0 wg0 wg0 docker0 br-4df99f81dc0c shim-br0 br0 shim-br0 Settings > Network > VPN manager (wireguard settings) local name: unraid vpn network protocol: IPv4 only local tunnel network protocol: local tunnel address: local endpoint: 61801 Local server uses NAT: yes Peer name: laptop, remote tunneled access peer tunnel address: peer DNS server: peer name: phone, remote tunneled access peer tunnel address: peer DNS server: ================================================== =================raspberry pi piHole============== ================================================== Pi-hole v5.10, FTL v5.15, Web interface v5.12 Settings > DNS > IPv4 both checked: DNS OpenDNS. Nothing checked for IPv6. Settings > DNS > Interface settings: Allow only local requests checked Settings > DHCP > enabled Settings > DHCP > range of IP to hand out: - 251 Settings > DHCP > Router (gateway) IP address:
  3. anyone have this setup correctly? I'd like to be able to connect to my home network, access local services, and use the PiHole ad-blocker for regular internet browsing. It's worked before, but it's not now, and I'm not sure what got screwed up. Wireguard VPN on my unRaid server (static unRaid > Settings > VPN Manager > remote tunneled access both "laptop" and "phone" can connect to VPN no problems to access local services neither laptop or phone can access internet while connected network connected raspberryPI runs pihole ad-blocker and DHCP on static IP "guide_pihole_on_the_go_with_wireguard" reddit post laptop Wireguard conf. You can see the only way I could kinda make it work is by specifying for the DNS, which bypasses the pihole blocker, and is slow as molasses. If I put in, the pihole address for DNS, nothing works. [Interface] PrivateKey = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Address = DNS = [Peer] PublicKey = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PresharedKey = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AllowedIPs = Endpoint =
  4. I usually update via Windows nag screen and it seems to work aok for both Core (on Docker) and local client.
  5. Yes I have. It worked on my iPhone, gobbles the heck out of data - not just the size of the flac file, but about 3-4x’s more.
  6. It's a really great piece of software - damn near identical on iphone and android, and I appreciate that too. Worth the couple bucks it costs for sure, if you're curious of going that route: simply copying pictures from your phone to a NAS.
  7. This blog entry I wrote is a little dated at this point, but I detail the setup process for another photo stream management technique using Photosync, Long and short is you can specify "get home" location trigger, or wifi name trigger, folders and more to just copy pics and videos across your wifi when you're home. I use 2022-03/all pics in here sort of scheme and it works swimmingly. PhotoSync can also do the sync over cell data if you don't visit home often enough and still want redundant photo storage from your regular smart phone cloud storage option.
  8. Got a bit of a surprise here, I reached out to and they got back to me saying they were interested in getting their software dockerized and probably monitized. Anyone know a reputable unRaid Docker author that might run point on this? I've had great luck with @binhex with their stuff. I'll shoot them a message now. thanks!
  9. I ended up bailing on the project! I did manage to switch my email over to fastmail from gmail, so I got a little something to thumb at big-tech. I needed an iPhone app, decent sharing capabilities, and sync. I vaguely recall there was only two solutions that had those items, and both were a no go for me. I have used that getmonument product before. I’d be way more keen on it if it could use a network share on my unRaid server. Years ago, when I was using their v1.0 box it did not have that capability. I’ve emailed them before to see about releasing a dockerized version of their hardware - I’d subscribe for it too. Radio silence. But, they might be worth another look at. app is updated a week ago (3/14/22) Monument 2, $180 It will do additional mirrored backup to external NAS
  10. Curious if anyone else is experiencing total shut down and failure of Plex (or Emby) offline sync? I have both running in a dockers hardware encoding with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti syncing to iPhone SWAG reverse proxy on Emby, seems like Plex takes care of this itself Regular playback works great, both direct, and transcoded - but the offline sync does nothing, while it was working about four months ago. Where do I start looking at fixing that? Am I alone here? My daughters old Galaxy TabA android still sync's fine. So I'm thinking this might be an iPhone issue....
  11. How can I re-install Nextcloud, and restore/recreate same users, and re-index all the existing files to their accounts? I think I'm on my third Nextcloud installation now. What happened this time is database corruption, I think, in oc_filecache table or something like that. I tried several things to fix it, but was spending way too much time doing that when I could just nuke it and re-install. Here's the issue: I want old users, and their files restores. Each time, when I go to re-install, I have a "you can't use that name because files exist." my two users are drew and anne. I end up making drew2, or drew2admin, or admin2, or admindrew2, etc just to get through the installation. Now I have several of these junk folders in my appdata/nextcloud/files/<user>, that are a reminder of my laziness. This screen shot is of the usershare "nextcloud" that I use for all the nextcloud user data.
  12. I've got this 256GB ssd that SMART reports as failing. I'll attach a screen shot from CrystalDiskInfo. Would it be a horrible idea to use it as a second cache drive or something?
  13. The directions are a little different for nVidia GPUs for sure. Let's see how much of this I can remember: the binhex-emby docker didn't work with hardware encoding. I ended up using emby There are two spaceinvader videos, I used both: 3/2/21, Ed goes a bit off the rails here with an nVidia commercial; but he's also chosen to detail the process for "unlocking" consumer nVidia GPUs for multiple encoding threads, which I also did. I left a time-code in the URL to get to the meat and potatoes. The docker he uses here ( emby) has also been changed. I had to Remove the raspberryPi encoding items, they were giving me errors. 2/12/19, also helpful. Here he goes into the Advanced tab of the docker, adds three items (extra parameters, and two variables), all of which I had to add to get it all working nVidia drivers shows up in Apps, but then lives inside Settings rather than a Docker. It's the ich777 nvidia driver package. added GPU SWAG proxy. Spaceinvader setup "method two." I wanted to get this working also, this is where your guide helped! As I recall there: I had to put the name of the docker into the conf file, "emby" (ya know, that might be the default now that I think about it) I created a subdomain CNAME in my webhost, added the subdomain, "emby" to the subdomains to pass through on SWAG container Edit. I'll slap a pic of my docker settings in here. You can't see the linuxserver name, but that's what it is, the Rpi stuff is gone, and the two Variables are at the bottom, cribbed from Spaceinvader video up top. I installed GPU Statistics, that's been nice to have. It doesn't entirely work with emby (no icon for "active applications") but it does have threads and usage and it's right there on the main page where things like that should be. The reason I've been through this Emby stuff is because Plex totally stopped Sync'ing for me. I switched to an iPhone, that may have something to do with it. Plex removed the old Sync option, and came out with their new version, which was wonky at the beginning, then totally stopped working. I don't have too much to complain about, I bought the lifetime pass about five years ago, and I think I've more than gotten my value out of it. I've also used Plex to share my library with family - I think the pricing scheme for Emby won't allow me to get away with that as affordably as Plex has. I think each user needs a premium membership to sync. For parents: you want sync for car and airplane trips, fer sure.
  14. This is excellent thanks! I had a change from the above: Edit SWAG container, scroll down to Subdomains, add the subdomain from step 1 into the list. Restart SWAG. For getting SWAG setup, the video/instructions from Spacedinvader are excellent. I've got an AMD CPU and motherboard, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti, so these hardware transcoding steps didn't work. Nice write up thanks!!!