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  1. @Twinkie0101 Just like we've been doing the whole time, via Roon Client. You will have to add some port forwarding details to your docker template. I modified post #1 to reflect those changes. Do a little digging on, and their forums, then post here if you have any issues. Related to Roon ARC.
  2. @umax there are good resources here: and here: If you run into additional problems, post over at the community roonlabs forum and they can help you out. Or maybe I'll help you out over there!
  3. did you get that thread added? I didn't see it. With Roon 2.0 released (includes ARC remote playback), there will be more traffic to that thread.
  4. I think it would be more appropriate @xthursdayx; and I promise I'll keep lurking the new thread.
  5. I'd like to either add another moderator, or transfer ownership of this thread to the actual Docker Maintainer please. from me, to @xthursdayx thanks : user
  6. I hadn’t thought about that much. I just poked a hole in the firewall port forwarding and let er go. I guess I figured that minecraft was ssl natively? Without the need for a separate SSL thing like SWAG (previously Letsencrypt)
  7. Sign up at duckdns. I use for all sorts of stuff. There’s a Spacedinvader YouTube about setting up the duckdns Docker too that will keep that dynamic up updated with duckdns. Works great.
  8. It adds another path location option for you to select for your Roon database backups.
  9. Anyone know a way to specify other release versions of Roon other than "latest"? Are there any other releases I can specify? How about installing a downloaded version of a .tar.bz2 file from the internet into the docker?
  10. @xrqp when you’re adding containers, they won’t start if another container is using the same port. If you don’t need DLNA on the Roon Docker, you should either A) remove it from the container (make sure that selection sticks through reboots) OR B) change the port assigned to DLNA on the Docker settings page to something that won’t interfere with anything else (7490526). Then just ignore it.
  11. Moved back to Emby, and the sync is working fine. It still isn't awesome, I wish it was more ... reporty, and consistent - but IT WORKS, vs Plex sync which, is still DOA for me. I still run Plex, I just use Plex for my home and family, and Emby for me when I'm on the road: which is frequently.
  12. someone let me know when Crafty 4 makes it into this docker, I'd love to give it a whirl. thanks!
  13. Here we go: Netdata and cAdvisor Dockercontainers And from @Squid
  14. @chillr can you detail how you can see how much memory Roon Docker is using and how it creeps up? I seem to recall there being a Docker specifically for monitoring individual Docker footprints: CPU, RAM, file size etc. percentages, what’s been allocated, what’s actually physically available. Thanks!
  15. This thread is for a different Docker. I think you’re looking for this one: