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  1. @jowi Logging: not that I know of. the logging is pretty piss poor on this one.
  2. @jowi yikes! This report is the first I've heard of this issue. If others were having this, I'm 100% someone would have posted. That being said, I'd start to consider other stuff you have going on your server.
  3. @xthursdayx Well, I'm sorry to hear you ran into the same issue we've got - but also glad I've got someone else with interest in getting this resolved! I really don't want to have another machine running 24/7 if I can help it. The unRaid box and dockers needs to cover the needs! (with the exception of piHole). I'm about ready to fail another upgrade here, so I'll document the whole process with screenshots and logs. detailed comment on your github issue #8 split unRaid forum post of the update problems screen shots along the process pastebin 1 pastebin 2 Nuked, re-installed. Runs. Restore from backup, completes, upon restart, no dice. pastebin log re-Nuke. re-install. rebuild. same-same
  4. @wcg66 so you were having random disconnect issues then, and moving to a seperate machine solved those. That's good! On the NUC, it's running Windows 10, and you've got a Roon Core software running on that, right? From what I understand, there's actually a Roon OS called ROCK. ROCk on Intel NUC thread, another NUC Gen 10 thread. Have you been through a server side upgrade with that system? Where a Roon client will pop up note "New Roon server has been downloaded and ready to install. Click here to begin upgrade process." ??
  5. @realdiel I switched back to the docker. Seemed wasteful to run a whole VM just to house Roon. Course, there is the updating issue! @xthursdayx not too many issues, just the one: updating. You're running this in the docker, and you're able to apply server updates (via clicking update on a client) and update server to the latest build, no issues? @wcg66 you were able to update the server, it comes back with all data, no fuss no muss? I'm liking those port assignments you guys were chatting about on the previous page... Let me think about what makes my system different... I'm also running: wireguard VPN docker, I have pihole server running on a Raspberrypi 3B on my home network doing all DNS level ad blocking., plex docker, no VMs., I do have a second router on a hardwire with another ssid in a different part of the house. And the last (anything) I can think of roon clients and end points: PS Audio Sprout, windows 10 desktop, volumio Raspberrypi plus Allo Boss DAC, my android phone. The update will fail weather I'm at home or away on VPN. Type of failure is I hit Update, server will do its thing, then not come back up. If I nuke the docker, reinstall (latest build), and try to restore a backup from the same day= server doesn't start. I've found the system logs to be unhelpful in troubleshooting, UT perhaps I'm looking in the wrong log? Maybe there's some data in the main unraid system log?
  6. @realdiel I switched back to the docker. Seemed wasteful to run a whole VM just to house Roon. Course, even a VM is better than a whole 'nother computer just for Roon Core. The updating issue plagues me. But, I've really begun to lose interest in the whole thing! I spend so much time away from home, that it's pretty much impossible to enjoy Roon. Sure I've got a VPN actually working (!) but even it fails and skips tracks frequently enough that the slick Roon experience isn't slick at all. 😔
  7. Ya know, I've attempted installs on the last three versions and had to nuke it everytime. It's frustrating.
  8. @wcg66 can you add exceptions to Pihole to get it to effectively ignore all connections to/from Roon? It should keep a running list of denials in the Pihole logs. I'm running a Pihole server on an actual RaspberryPi, with this Roon docker, and haven't seen any of those issues. But then I haven't been looking for them either. Seems to just be working - other than the upgrade fails.
  9. @wcg66 No idea. I would get crashes after I used the in-program upgrade utility. It wouldn't start, just keep crashing. The logs, as you can see, aren't helpful. I nuked it and did a restore from a backup, that made it crash too. So I'd have to rebuild my library again. As far as I know, this issue hasn't been resolved. I continue to Backup, attempt upgrades, nuke, attempt Restore though. Are any of these possible sources of your crashes? Sorry I don't have better info. This container is in it's infancy.
  10. Thanks @SPOautos you're right, you do have to point the Roon Core at your music files, it isn't automatic. Furthermore though that can be done from any client, and only need to do it once. I got into those settings via Windows 10 client, then android client just worked. I appreciate the note! A little good will and information for posterity is what it's all about.
  11. @SPOautos it's most certainly your path mappings. You need to do two things to get it working 1 set correct paths in the docker settings at the time of setup (you can fix and change it now too) 2 navigate to that path mapping in Roon client. Another user on here @xthursdayx out another docker up there also called RoonServer. They excellent example path mappings in there that you'd modify for your own system. Makes it more easier. Those path mappings took me several tries to get it right, and prompted this howto thread.
  12. @SPOautos I don't think so. You have to have something called a Roon endpoint. It will do the digital to analog conversion and send that to your stereo. You can use a Raspberrypi, or a phone, or a laptop. You might even be able to use your server, but that isn't what this docker does. The docker hosts the Roon core, which is the music server, not a player/client/endpoint.
  13. @wcg66 pihole huh. I can relate to that, and perhaps that does have something to do with some Roon discovery issues. Short story for ya! I was also running pihole under a docker. I was doing it because I wanted it the DNS level blocking, it's terrific, if a bit restrictive. I also had pihole doing dhcp because my router, at the time, didn't support manually specified DNS servers. Everything was running swimmingly, until a power outage, and my ups didn't make it through. On restart, unraid wasn't getting an ip for its main interface from pihole docker! Duh. Ended up actually just buying a raspberrypi and running pihole as intended, never looked back. Also had to upgrade router to one that would work Century Link fiber vlan201, and allow me to specify DNS (Netgear R7000 with some firmware from somewhere). Now that the setup is as it is, Roon, and most everything else works fine. I haven't had to specify any special ports for Roon, the R7000 is doing routing, while pihole is DNS. I changed unraid to a static IP.
  14. Terrific, great. Ya, I wish some of those things were filled out for me! Thank you.