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  1. I have got to be going crazy.. But after 4 hours I really need some advise... Moved over to pfsense running on a vm in my unraid box with a dedicated nic. Before this with my old eh router, assigning a br0 ip address would just pop it up in the router no issues. pfsense i get nothing. doesn't show at all. and in the log i get "2020/05/25 03:17:13 [emerg] 2202#2202: bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)" while running pfsense even if i set the DNS to the unraid set br0 ip address for the lancache, it doesn't work. Old router, works like a charm. *pulls hair out* Any ideas...?
  2. Awwww Yus!!! Thank you kindly!
  3. Love these! Would it be possible to get one for the IBM x3650 M3? Thank you! Stay safe!
  4. Hey guys, I'm sorry for the noob question... but.. I'm not using the vpn side of this docker, I'm running binhex's sabnzbdvpn (so sabnzbd can use the vpn). And in deluge I set the proxy to the privoxy settings in sabnzbdvpn. My downloads will not work. The proxy works for everything else i throw at it, just not deluge. I turn the proxy off, and it works fine. Turn it on, no downloads, no seed connections, no nothing. Any ideas...? Tired using both binhex's deluge dockers, and the linixserver one as well. all do the same thing...
  5. Opps. Yes entered the api key provided by Machine Box. In the "API_KEY" Setting I have tried the following Key: MB_KEY= Value: api key Key: MB_KEY=api key Value: api key Key: MB_KEY=api key Value: MB_KEY=api key Unless its an issue with nthe api key needing the " before and after it, But the moment I put that in unraid removes the entire key...
  6. Can someone help me with the Facebox docker at all? Starting to lose my mind... No mater what I do, when i start it, the logs always say "[ERROR] MB_KEY: Invalid MB_KEY" S: any ideas would be appreciated.