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  1. App / Plugin ecosystem. Easy Docker deployments and GPU passthrough. Official support for ZFS with ssd caching (L2ARC + ZIL)
  2. @limetech running as a raid1 ... so alas ;/
  3. BTRFS on kernel5.x supports swapfiles located on the partition. The current version is not able to use a swapfile commands to create: cd /mnt/cache truncate -s 0 swapfile chattr +C swapfile fallocate -l 16G swapfile chmod 0600 swapfile mkswap swapfile swapon swapfile cat /proc/swaps actual:
  4. Hopefully a verison 5.x kernel This will allow for swap on BTFS partitions.
  5. Crashplan is so slow its a waste of time. this is after 1 month... 200/200mbit dedicated fiber, no shaping, no aup, etc.
  6. Any chance for 4.20 kernel , or you sticking with 4.19 for 6.7 and 4.20 for 6.8 ?
  7. that custom accepts cron syntax, eg 30 12 * * *
  8. Maybe make a tooltip or place an example, so one knows its standard crontab input Thanks
  9. whats the input for "custom" to enable hourly updates ? Thanks