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  1. unraids parity works, for the most part, like any other parity system. you can just use freenas if you want zfs
  2. IMO, ZFS is "ok" - but sort of goes against the whole basis of unraid. Redundancy without striping. I'm all for options. But I voted for multiple arrays. I moved away from FreeNAS to unraid because it's a pain to add space to freenas. Unraid makes it simple. Also, if you lose parity+1 drives in unraid, at least you have direct access to some of your data on the still-good drives. with zfs, you're fubar. Again - I can understand why some want zfs, but they also have to understand that by implementing zfs, you will lose quite a bit of unraid functionality/ease-of-use Anyways, my 2 cents. I'd actually like to see VM templates be a feature - where I can setup a baseline VM, flag it as a template, and unraid makes it easy for me to setup a new vm based on that template.
  3. Yeah - that's what you'd mentioned previously, however, I'm not accessing my server via HTTPS. As such, I was surprised when someone mentioned being able to get it to work and why I had to ask how they did it: ...doesn't work. (ip is internal ip of my server, the port is the port for the app/docker for the webui going to it when clicking the docker webui menu entry works fine. Ah well - was hoping Thanks
  4. You were able to get a CustomTab to show SabNZBDs window properly inside the tab? What did you do to make that work? Could you show a screencap of your customtab settings for it? Thanks!
  5. youtube-dl-material Is there a way to rate limit the download speeds? i.e. can I set it to 1MB/sec max or is the only option to let it take what it can take? I couldn't find anything in the settings inside the app. edit: added the -r option in custom args: Saved the setting. However, when trying to download, the following is showing in the log: 2021-01-13T16:34:25.163Z ERROR: Error while retrieving info on video with URL https://www.youtube.com/c/TED/videos with the following message: Error: Command failed with exit code 2: node_modules/youtube-dl/bin/youtube-dl -i --dump-json -o video/%(title)s.mp4 --write-info-json --print-json -f bestvideo+bestaudio --merge-output-format mp4 --write-thumbnail -r 250K https://www.youtube.com/c/TED/videos 2021-01-13T16:34:25.163Z ERROR: Usage: youtube-dl [OPTIONS] URL [URL...] youtube-dl: error: invalid rate limit specified Asny idea why it's reporting invalid rate limit? per the github docs for youtube-dl, -r 250K should be fine.
  6. Im connected to toronto without issue (with strict port forwarding set to off) - torrents happily transferring. have been for a couple days now.
  7. lol - I'll send you a tinfoil hat too
  8. Not even able to get into the browser - this log file entry seems to be making it where things can't even display: Internal error: Could not resolve keysym XF86FullScreen
  9. awful service? seems their support has been fairly responsive, and positive, in regards to the folks posting here...
  10. No - but the torrent client works best with port forwarding operable.
  11. until you have updated files you're trying to backup.
  12. Hey folks. Trying to start m,y Firefox docker that I've used for a while. It's not letting me connect to it. It's throwing the following error in the logs: Internal error: Could not resolve keysym XF86FullScreen Last time I started the docker (back in July) log doesn't show any issues. I installed a duplicate firefox container from scratch and it works...but I don't want to lose the plugins, open tabs, etc, from the one that isn't working... Any ideas? @Djoss
  13. Hmm - I don't have an issue with the webui not coming up. The appdata backup I could possibly see, but Deluge is completing torrents at various times of day, so I don't think that would cause the issue...if I knew where to look at the Deluge logs themselves to see what it says when a torrent completes and the move fails, it'd be a start
  14. Yeah - it's not that - I don't have any backups pulling from the Process folder (or any subfolders). Thanks for the thought tho!