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  1. Sorry, Where is this pinned post?
  2. How can I do this with DNS instead of port forwarding? I tried to use spaceinvaders subdomain file but get the following error. nginx: [emerg] host not found in upstream "bitwardenrs:80" in /config/nginx/proxy-confs/bitwarden.subdomain.conf:9 The bitwarden.subdomain.conf he provides in his video.
  3. Plex1 (intel) does not hw transcode. I have the following in the extra parameters "--device=/dev/dri" and the transcode box is checked. For Plex2, it successfully transcodes with the nvidia graphics filled out as the Docker states to. I see "hw" when changing 1080p movie to 720p. Do not see this with Plex1.
  4. That is correct! I have completed everything on the guide as instructed. It doesn't hardware transcode ("hw") with intel. I added a dummy HDMI doo-dad and this this did not change result.
  5. Hi All, Need a little direction please. Currently, I have everything working with with a GTX1060. All works well! I want to switch to the Intel GPU and use the 1060 for a VM. I have pulled down a new linuxserver plex docker (named differently plex2) and setting up Intel quick sync on it. No luck. It does not show "hw" after I complete all steps. I can switch back to plex1 and all is well working with the GTX 1060. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! root@Server:~# cd /dev/dri root@Server:/dev/dri# ls -l total 0 drwxrwxrwx 2 nobod
  6. Do you have any suggestions on where to look to find out what I'm missing or incorrect?
  7. Hello again, Anybody know what this means? Thanks in advance!
  8. Greetings, Just tried to install NextCloud from the best Linuxserver guys. I am getting the following error. I changed Host Port 1: to 444, and my path to a Share I created called NextCloud. What is the problem here? Is there a fix? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for the comments!! I do understand I can upgrade, however, I don't want to loose the capacity of the other drives. They are good red drives. I would love to do a homemade DAS. Would this only be 1 cable going from Server to DAS? Also, can you please add give some specs and links your set up above. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello Fellow Unraiders! My first post...I think. I've been on Unraid for a few years now, upgrading and improving my server over time. My specs are below. I'm running out of places to store drives. I still have 1 opening and I know I can upgrade the 2TB's...but I would rather not. I'm looking to add a small form factor external DAS. I know it is possible, but how? I have 1 and can make 2 (if needed) of the 4 PCI-E 16x slots available. I'm looking to add 6 to 12 more drives over time. So, external SAS controller?...then what? Know of a guide? I searched on the forum, but didn'
  11. Bought a mug and some stickers to pass the good word of unraid along. 4-April-2019. Thanks, Scott Twitter follower: https://Twitter.com/drugdoctor1 2nd unraid build pics Xeon 8 core, 64gb ram, 16TB array, 4TB parity, dual 500gb nvme cache, 2x500gb SSD's unassigned devices, 1x500gb nvme and a GTX 1060 (6gb) passed through for a Win10 gaming VM.
  12. Looks like it worked (writes after balance). Thanks for the help!
  13. Does this mean anything? Jan 29 20:18:40 X-Server root: /dev/nvme1n1: Jan 29 20:18:40 X-Server root: issuing standby command Jan 29 20:18:40 X-Server emhttpd: shcmd (1798): exit status: 25 Jan 29 20:18:45 X-Server emhttpd: req (4): cmdSpinup=cache2&startState=STARTED&csrf_token=**************** Jan 29 20:18:45 X-Server emhttpd: shcmd (1799): /usr/sbin/hdparm -S0 /dev/nvme1n1 Jan 29 20:18:45 X-Server root: HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(setidle) failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device Jan 29 20:18:45 X-Server root: Jan 29 20:18:45 X-Server root: /dev/nvme1n1: Jan 29 20:18:
  14. Thanks for the response... attached. x-server-diagnostics-20190129-2157.zip