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  1. On the docker page for that container.
  2. Not bothered about the update not showing on the context menu. It's just if you're using a private repo, it will always show there's an update available for that container on the dashboard (i.e. the container name is in blue text) even though it's already up to date. This behaviour was fixed in 6.8.1 but now it's back with 6.8.3
  3. Upgraded from 6.8.2 without any issues. Noticed one thing, the following change was introduced in 6.8.1, has this been removed in 6.8.3? I've got a private docker repo, which is now showing as there's an update available even if I try re-pulling the image. Think the above change in 6.8.1 fixed it for me but now it's back. Edit: when I say it's showing as update available, I mean container name is in blue but It doesn't give me an option to update the container on right-click.
  4. Will it also work, if I set it to auto update the vpn container using the CA Auto Update plugin?
  5. Is there a reason why it rebuilds only when the Docker page is opened?
  6. Official image builds the app package from source, I'm grabbing their GH releases. I'm using my own alpine image as the base image of this container, which is basically a fork of lsio's alpine-base, that has s6-overlay installed (used for setting PUID/GUID and running service scripts). TBH I don't see the point of merging this with the official image. I would suggest you open up an issue on their GH requesting to add support for PUID/GUID, let's see what they say.
  7. It's not a fork and a different approach to the official one, so don't think there's a chance it will be merged.
  8. I've created my own image for this, added support for: PUID/GUID TZ Supports app update on container restart (can disable this) Added support for optional run flags like verbose logging & env var file support. https://hub.docker.com/r/eafxx/statping
  9. Works as expected now thanks! If I want to include my theme with the plugin, does my theme need to use the plugin variables or can I have it set entirely within custom styling?
  10. Seems like it's hitting some character limit, it won't let me save past certain number of lines/characters.
  11. Happens only when using my own custom variables, no issues saving random text or css otherwise.
  12. @Skitals I'm trying to use my own custom variables for my theme in 'custom styling (advanced)' , so whenever I try to save my css with the :root { } block it won't save it, to get it to work I have to either get rid of root block or manually edit the theme's css file and then it will show up fine on the plugin but it won't allow me to edit & save it from the plugin. Any idea what's going on here?
  13. I like the docker management in Unraid. What I would like to see in 2020, is a responsive web design, better discord/webhook intergration and better VM management (Quick checkpoint creation & restore).