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  1. The zpool is just a share with a symlink to a zfs pool. Dockers and dockers app are in the pool and all ny other containers have been running fine for years like that. So it is not relevant. I did try reinstalling l, but still same problem.
  2. ```Tachidesk data location inside the container -> /home/suwayomi/.local/share/Tachidesk The server is running by default configuration on http://localhost:4567 log file location inside the container -> /home/suwayomi/.local/share/Tachidesk/logfile.log /home/suwayomi/startup/ line 18: can't create /home/suwayomi/.local/share/Tachidesk/logfile.log: Permission denied``` there are no files inside the Tachidesk-Docker folder, beside a manga/ folder
  3. Was anyone able to fix the permission error? Im having the same problem default settings
  4. I have a nvme that was use as a slog for my zpool. i got the notification for the update so I went ahead and updated and reboted the server. after the reboot, the nvme is not detected anymore causing my zpool to be degrated.
  5. is there a way to use h265 gpu HW? thanks.
  6. Hi, I am trying to setup pfsence using spaceinvader videos. I tried the first instalation, after some troubleshooting everything was working. Wan and lan. But I was not able to login to the webui. So I deleted the VM to try again, but now the pci NIC does not show when crating the VM. And now they show under settings/network on unraid, even after pass fvio-pci.ids to the flash file, it seen like now it ognore it. Thanks.