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  1. But... but... in the interest of science! Just trying to learn
  2. Someone tried it and successfully passthrough a ps/2 device! I copied the text just as a backup: To find the eventID, type this in ssh and find the handle for the keyboard (in my case it's event1). So I tried putting the <qemu:arg.../> in the xml, but it didn't work. Error message: internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: 2019-09-06T18:48:59.851051Z qemu-system-x86_64: -object input-linux,id=kbd,evdev=/dev/input/event1,grab_all=on,repeat=on: /dev/input/event1: is not an evdev device So has anybody successfully tried passing through a ps/2 device? ps. It's easier to do with USB, I know that, but since I have ps/2 keyboard lying around, and two ps/2 ports not doing anything, why not? Original source:
  3. PayPal works! Just that the option to choose has changed from the Cart page to the page inside it during checkout... wasn't immediately apparent to me. Cheers!
  4. I do use UPS, and 95% of the time my system manages to shutdown gracefully. But gracefully or not, the inaccessible array part when trial ends is a bit of a concern to me. It's up to the point that I'm checking PayPal availability every few hours lol. If debit card from Malaysia works with the "check out now with credit card" option then I'll do it the moment I get a confirmation 😁
  5. OK that's good to know, but every so often (like once a month or two) the fuse where I store the server trips by itself. Is there an estimated/rough time as to when PayPal becomes available again?
  6. I linked PayPal with my debit card, and since my trial is going to end in a few hour's time, I decided to just purchase unraid yesterday night (close to 20 hours ago). Tried using PayPal and it just couldn't go through. Thought it was my card problem, but I purchased something else yesterday and it was fine. Just tried again and saw PayPal is down. with 4 hours of Trial left to go, I'm worried my data won't be accessible tomorrow. Advice?
  7. I'm exactly 30 days into the trial 1. ESXi. But esxi free is limited to 8 cores per VM, and for the life of me I just can't get nvidia GPUs to passthrough. With unraid it was super easy (as long as I use an older driver, the same with AMD apparently due to the bug in their control panel) 2. easily not really. but easy enough. once you understand how it's rather easy. I just changed the boot line into label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append vfio-pci.ids=8086:150e,1106:3483 initrd=/bzroot kvm_intel.nested=1 with 8086:150e being my quad port gigabit for example. 3. Refer #1 but no they won't by default without any GPU it'll auto assign an emulated monitor via web-based VNC. 4. I believe if you assign the SSD as cache it'll auto load the files into that. 5. don't think so. only way that I know and currently use is 1 windows VM, with multiple (nested) windows VM via hyper-v and remotefx (1GB of GPU ram per VM). enable RDP, enable remotefx rendering in the windows host's (and the nested VMs' group policy) and use RDP client's connected USB device with the connected VM.
  8. Awesome! Have you tried these steps but with the ds3617xs image?
  9. Damn, that sucks. I'm guessing since I've added the same lines a bunch of times, it will screw up the VM? Cause my VM doesn't seem able to start anymore
  10. I tried putting this inside any windows VM, at the 2nd last line or right after <domain> <qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='-global'/> <qemu:arg value='pcie-root-port.speed=16'/>  <qemu:arg value='-global'/> <qemu:arg value='pcie-root-port.width=16'/>  </qemu:commandline> but everytime after I click save and re-edit the VM, these lines go missing. What am I doing wrong?
  11. These lines work for me, although I don't use Avid (Vegas and AE user here) I reckon it'll work for you as well. <features> <acpi/> <apic/> <hyperv> <relaxed state='on'/> <vapic state='on'/> <spinlocks state='on' retries='8191'/> <vendor_id state='on' value='C-Fu'/> </hyperv> <kvm> <hidden state='on'/> </kvm> </features>
  12. in here? <cpu mode='host-passthrough' check='none'> <topology sockets='1' cores='10' threads='2'/> </cpu> My CPU is Sandy Bridge EP though, should it still be Penryn? E5 2650
  13. OMG finally! Changed to e1000 and all is well. Which is weird because I edited the XML file to e1000-82545em and it won't boot, but after I changed it back to e1000 it works. I swear I did try e1000 the whole night yesterday ugh Well it's booting now, but it only detects 2 out of 3 qcow2 10GB vDisks. We'll see. Edit: Oh turns out I extracted the VMDK, converted them to raw and added them into the VM as disks 2 3 4. Disk 4 isn't detected because it is empty or something. And now nothing works lol. Guess I have to start all over