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  1. So, looking for some help. The WebUI has suddenly deciding to refuse to connect. I had to change to port 8444 (but its been that way since the start). All my other dockers I can connect too, its literally just mineos and the WebUI. Just refuses to connect. Scratch this, for some reason the config file in the appdata file didn't take the 8444 port, which is weird as it was working before on 8444. Unfi-Controller uses 8443 as well. So, I have had it different for over a month. Regardless, changing the port in the config file in appdata seems to have the Web-UI
  2. Yup, same here. I have mine set to run the 1st Monday of the month, and its been running for 14 hours now. Was supposed to stop after 8 (at 8am) Maybe the plugin hates February?
  3. THANK YOU! I've spent hours on this stupid thing.... Lord knows if I've screwed anything else up....
  4. OK, then how do I get krusader to run as root. As there are files I need to move back into the Mine-OS directory for plugins to work, and I can't because I don't have permissions... I've tried adding a password, forwarding port 6080, and when I try to change to root mode, it says my root password is incorrect...
  5. I've having an issue I can't figure out. So I moved some files around to make my minecraft server a little less full of plugin files that make the mineos webUI stupid slow and a huge resource hog, and the owners on some files have changed from nobody/users to root/root. I can't for the life of me change owners back to nobody/users and now cannot move files to get the server back up and running. I can't get krusader to log in as root, forwarded port 6080, tried added the password in the set-up. Just tells me the root password is wrong. Tried using commands in console to change the p
  6. Ditto. I have a 6 core 12 thread server with 64gb of ram and over the past 2 or so weeks when I try to save or backup the server the usage will spike to 75-90% usage on all cores/threads for about 10 min. Something has changed, it takes so long to load the mineos web UI and crushes system resources trying to do anything with the server via the web ui... That is when it loads... it refuses connection for 10-15 min after starting the docker....
  7. OK, I am seriously confused here, and really need some guidance and/or direction. I can't seem to find guides that help me out, so I am losing my mind. I have an UnRaid server with 2 onboard NICs (eth0 is my home network and eth1 goes to my neighbors network) and a PCI 4 port NIC (none active for anything atm, but I had it in my last server, so it came over) So, this particular server hardware is new to me about a month ago, ditched the old salvaged desktop and went to a server I got via friend (Supermicro X9SRW-F, Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-1650, 64 GB DDR3 Multi-bit ECC, case. Driv
  8. The only docker I am running is Emby. And no VMs. I guess it must be a hardware issue... that's what I was worried about...
  9. My bad, I thought I had attached it with the diagnostics... syslog- crash.txt
  10. OK, I am back. I ran memtest for 3 days and had no errors, and it has been running fine until I tried to access it today (been working tons) and it was offline. Box is powered on, ethernet is still active, but I cannot access the server remotely, and when I turn on the attached monitor, its a black screen. the last line in the saved log is Sep 22 08:21:59 MediaServer root: issuing standby command Then it goes through the boot sequence as I hard to do a hard power reset. I have no idea where to go from here. I have also attached my diagnostics as
  11. I will give this a shot and see what happens. Also I found a few more threads talking about doing memtests, so I'll do that as well.
  12. This has happened twice in the past 2 weeks (or so), the server goes offline, doesn't appear on my network, can't ping it, can't login, and when I turn on the monitor I have attached to it just shows a plain old blank black screen. First time I just rebooted and went about my day (wrote it off to a storm we had earlier), it just did it again last night (Saturday) and I had to do a hard shutdown and I have left it off, hoping to fiddle with it tomorrow (Monday) when I work the night shift. Where's the best place to start to see if this is hardware related or if Unraid it
  13. So I managed to get a sweet sweet deal on a pair of brand new Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSDs. So I am going to replace my really old crappy 2 tb HDD that is currently my cache, and I am wondering if I should put both SSDs in and set them up in a Raid 0, or if I should put them both in and have one as cache and one as the app data/backup drive for the USB. Or, am I completely stupid and can 100% live with just a single 500GB as cache/app data. I'm not running any crazy amount of dockers/VMs, but I am also going to be upgrading my server to a quad core i7, so I'll probably play around a bit more wit