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  1. I am at a loss. Sonarr has worked well for years, now suddenly it cannot find the path for completed downloads. Nothing, that I am aware of, has changed on my server. I have tried changing the /data paths, but nothing seems to make a difference... 2021-07-15 17:30:59.3|Error|DownloadedEpisodesImportService|Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /data/completed/tv/I_TOOK_OUT_THE_FILE_NAME. Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder. Any help is appreciated. The conta
  2. Oh boy, tough to remember now, I didn’t spend much time on the issue. I think after adding the GPUID Plex would encounter an execution error when trying to start. I think it was v460.65 but hard to remember now, it was the latest at the time. Someone else had the same issue and rolling back to 455.45 fixed it so I just did that and didn’t troubleshoot further, which worked. Thanks, good to know that was more of an anomaly than something to plan for. I’ll just stick to the prod branch for now. Thanks!
  3. Anyone know what version of the nvidia driver is working for Plex transcoding? I had latest selected to begin with, which didn’t work. Then rolled back to 455.45.01 which isn’t listed anymore. No issue right now using 455.45.01, but dreading my next reboot until I know what newer version should be used. Is the Production Branch version always a good bet?
  4. Unraid v6.9.1 plugin v 2021.03.19 I was able to download the driver from the link you provided. It was working with the latest driver, but ran into that checksum error after changing the selection to v455. I noticed while grabbing the plug-in version that the plug-in was listed under the errored tab. I removed the plug-in and installed it again. Changed the driver to v455 and clicked Update, then Download and it worked. Plex HW transcoding is working. Not sure what I did to get it in that state. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Anyone have a checksum error when attempting to download the driver? I’ve tried both the latest v460.67 and v455.45.01. Trying to get my p2000 going with HW transcoding. It seems like only driver v455.45.01 currently works for this, but I can’t download it.
  6. Last thing I am trying to do is run the converter in the preprocessor. I have a couple of questions/issues...first I see the in /app/lazylibrarian/. I added /app/lazylibrarian/ to the preprocessor program field, but it keeps saying... Preprocessor returned 1: res[] err[runScript exception: FileNotFoundError [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/app/lazylibrarian/': '/app/lazylibrarian/'] Also, in the script it wants to define the full path of ebook-convert if it does not exist in the
  7. FYI, I changed from /mnt/user/downloads/completed/books to /mnt/user/downloads/completed. This caused LL to no longer import my downloaded books to the LL dir. Changing it back to /mnt/user/downloads/completed/books resolved it. Also, I am no longer having the issue when attempting to send or open a book. Seems to be working now
  8. I am not sure what happened but this is not working for me
  9. Ahhh, sorry I missed that in your original posting. I’m sure you already used this tutorial. I would watch it again particularly starting around the 9:40 mark and see if you missed something. This is what I used and have a similar hardware setup as you. I didn’t have any issues.
  10. In Network Settings of Unraid do you see the interfaces listed? Possibly under the Interface Rules group.
  11. Okay so I may have had /downloads incorrect in LL. For other containers (sonarr, radarr, etc.) I have /mnt/user/downloads/completed for LL I had /mnt/user/downloads/completed/books. So it seems like I need to remove books from the download path in LL correct? Where this doesn't make sense to me is that the downloaded books are being moved to the LL /books location just fine, from what I can tell. It's just when I go to send it to my ereader that is says it can't find the file. When the file seems to be in the path that it says it can't find it in.
  12. Ahhh okay, I am certainly not well informed when it comes to containers and what all is in the container's file system. No matter how obvious it seems. I have attached a screen capture that shows what is in both books and downloads. That's as far as I knew how to go in the path, I wasn't sure how to get further with the names with single quotes around them.
  13. I attached a screen capture to one of the previous posts, which shows the /downloads and /books paths for the container. Are these incorrect?
  14. No worries. Thanks for trying. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  15. Yeah, when you go to the eBooks tab, if the book has been downloaded you should have a button on the far right-hand column labeled Send.
  16. It does, but only past /books... Missing eBook Randy Wayne White, Cuba Straits [/books/Randy Wayne White/Cuba Straits (37)/Cuba Straits - Randy Wayne]
  17. As far as I can tell. I am not sure of a way to have LL show the path to me, but it gives me the options to Open or Send after it was downloaded and placed in the /books/author/title path.
  18. I can download the books fine, and they are then moved to the /books path. The issue is when I click the send button in the UI to send the mobi file to my ereader. That is when I see in the log that it cannot find the file, but the file is actually there. LazyLibrarian has the correct path and file name, and the must see the files as it shows it as available to send to my device, but for some reason doesn’t see the file when attempting to send it to my device.
  19. I don't think that is the case, but I have included some screen captures that I wasn't able to obtain with the original posting. Let me know if there is anything else I can provide. Thanks!
  20. Having an issue sending books. The log states that the ebook is missing, but I check the path and it’s definitely there. Missing eBook Randy Wayne White, Cuba Straits [/books/Randy Wayne White/Cuba Straits (37)/Cuba Straits - Randy Wayne]
  21. okay i wasted way too much time on that one. Thanks!
  22. I am having an issue signing into the gui. I configured the GUAC_USER and GUAC_PASSWORD. When I select WebGUI from the context menu it takes me to the Apache Guacamole login. I enter the user/password I entered for the GUAC configuration of the container, but it tells me my login is invalid. Not sure what else I can try to get logged in. I also tried the default user/pass for Apache Guacamole, but that did not work either.
  23. I’m not sure I follow this. 6.8.0-rc7 has the 5.x kernel. Which it sounds like is being abandoned in 6.8.0 and will be implemented in 6.9.0-rc1. 6.8.0-rc8 contains a kernel version that I believe was used in 6.7.2 (I think), which my pfSense VM booted with just fine. So how does Unraid rolling back the kernel to a version that previously worked with my VM now cause the VM not to boot? And the 5.x kernel, which apparently is causing the issues noted by Unraid, allows my VM to boot without issue? I’m sure there’s a logical explanation, I’m just not getting it.