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  1. Haven't tried anything else yet. I set up an Amazon Glacier account, I'll try that.
  2. No, unfortunately it doesn't save these settings. I get the same result after restarting the container.
  3. It's strange but there's nothing in the logs to indicate an issue. The application hangs when finishing the backup plan setup (pressing the done button on the dialog.)
  4. No, it just hangs. I also noticed one of the CPU cores was pegged at 100% after doing this and stops when you stop the Cloudberry container. I did a test with rclone and I was able connect to Backblaze and upload files.
  5. I think the problem was a) the "+" in the key name or b) I was using an application and not a master key like I thought. I generated a new key on BackBlaze and that connected. However, I'm trying to backup a single file now and it seems to be hung when I press "Done" on the plan config. There's a small window with "Exec edit plan command" open. Note: I'm not sure if this is the issue others are dealing with. If you use an application key you need to use the key ID as the "account" ID not your normal Backblaze account ID. I haven't tried this, however.
  6. Are there any special ports required to be forwarded at the router level? I'm having trouble getting Cloudberry to authenticate both my Backblaze B2 and Amazon Glacier account. I can authenticate using the desktop app on Windows working on the same subnet and Internet connection. (I used the Blackblaze "master application key" when attempting to authenticate.) I am running unRaid as a ESXi VM. unRaid is able to connect to the internet, I was able to get and install trial key and download apps, etc. I think the issue may have been a "+" in my master key. I generated a new key with no symbols in it. I can authorize and connect now.