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  1. i don't understand my nextcloud docker was updated 4 days ago (i see on the docker hub latest release was 4 days ago to version 20.x), but when i look in my nextcloud my version is 19.0.0, then what is the purpose of update if the nexcloud container does not get updated to version 20.x ?
  2. Uk, Lancashire Any way to increase the timeout ?
  3. i did try everything and i posted on page one browser i don't think so (that error i received with internal browser from unraid), because i try different browsers and regarding network i lost count how many time i did reset my router. one think i notices is that the when i installed CA plugin and install fist application then the errors start appear, sometimes only when i installed the second application, but even with that error applications work fine, but the problem is you cant manually update them, if i use Auto update i see no errors. Fix Comon problems show no signs of errors regarding network i noticed this problem some time after i upgrade to latest Unraid OS, and i thought might be the OS (i downgraded the OS same problem) all this errors appear with CA application installed only (nothing else) if you know a way to test network problem please do tell
  4. Reboot does nothing mate, i rebuilded entire server and have same problem , format everything , i posted on my other topic
  5. no mate, i still have the problem
  6. i did saw that guide but does not help me from minio terminal, mc admin user add myminio newuser newuser123 if i type minio -h in terminal / # minio -h NAME: minio - High Performance Object Storage DESCRIPTION: Build high performance data infrastructure for machine learning, analytics and application data workloads with MinIO USAGE: minio [FLAGS] COMMAND [ARGS...] COMMANDS: server start object storage server gateway start object storage gateway FLAGS: --certs-dir value, -S value path to certs directory (default: "/root/.minio/certs") --quiet disable startup information --anonymous hide sensitive information from logging --json output server logs and startup information in json format --help, -h show help --version, -v print the version so i don't see any option to add more users
  7. thank you, worked but, there is any way to add more users ?
  8. ignore mu post, i just wake up, did not read properly remove / 'overwrite.cli.url' => 'https://nextcloud.protech.my/', should be => 'https://nextcloud.protech.my',
  9. i just changed the subdomain server_name nextcloud.*; nextcloud.subdomain.conf
  10. happy that you finally manage made it work
  11. Hi, does anyone have minio.subdomain.conf.sample , if not can anyone please help me with that
  12. does anyone have a Minio.conf.sample file for letsencrypt ?
  13. Well ya, that how i understand, did not worked for me with A record, and only if i enabled proxyed