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  1. This would be great, self hosted youtube/twitch like. platform https://openstreamingplatform.com/ https://hub.docker.com/r/deamos/openstreamingplatform
  2. is anyone getting Branch 'aphrodite' has been merged, switch to 'nightly' for further V3 development in linuxserver/radarr:preview ??
  3. Subsync - Syncs out of sync subtitles to videos using speech recognition dictionaries. https://github.com/sc0ty/subsync There is already a few docker projects out there, like this one bazaar and subsync all in one. https://github.com/wayller/docker-bazarr
  4. Anyone else using this script? The chapters seem to be misplaced when output to mkv.
  5. Hello, I have an LSI card with 2 external ports and 2 JBOD enclosures. Am i better of using both ports with 1 JBOD on each? Or should I chain them to 1 port? Would i get better performance off using 2 ports? What about reliability? Thanks.
  6. I had to pull the plug. On restart, it formatted fine within 5-10 minutes. Thank you
  7. I added 2 more hd to the array (disk10 and disk 11). They cleared, which took about 13 hours, and now they are formatting for 4 hours. Is this normal or something went wrong? I see from the log it started formatting around 8:14am. If i SSH i can see /mnt/disk10 but not 11. The WebUI is responsive but it is stuck started formatting. Only buttons available are reboot and power down. Any help on what to do would be great thanks. tower-diagnostics-20190201-1205.zip
  8. Hello, I chose the repo because it had sqlite3 but I am having issues, not sure if related to sqlite3, the shell, the repo itself? Some queries will return results and others wont. I have ran the same queries from radar and they all check out fine. You can test this yourself in the shell. 1 result echo $(/usr/bin/sqlite3 /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Resources/com.plexapp.plugins.library.db "SELECT * FROM accounts") 1|Administrator|||2010-11-12 00:07:53|2010-11-12 00:07:53|||t|t No results echo $(/usr/bin/sqlite3 /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Resources/com.plexa
  9. Hi, I am new to unraid, I purchased a pro key and left a wrong email on the delivery details. Needless to say i got charged and didn't get my key. LOL Would be great if someone could fix this for me or direct me where I can fill up a support ticket for this. Thanks.