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  1. Hello again, I am thinking of building a new system for unRAID with the i3 and a socket 1200 mainboard. I have now a AMD A4-3300 build with 11 disks, mostly under 4TB. So I would like to split up the current build into a new build (i.e. with an i3-10100) with the bigger drives and the second with the A4-3300 for a data-only server for the backups via FreeNAS or some other free server OS and some of the leftover drives (lets say 5). Thanks to you guys I got this answer on an other topic here: Is that a good idea (to build a second server) I've be
  2. Hi guys, I just installed this (binhex-minecraftserver) docker image on my unraid. The pull went all right, but my container stopped working with this error line in the log file: xxxx-XX-xx xx:XX:xx.964990 [info] JAVA_VERSION defined as '8' '/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk/jre' is not a valid Java environment path Not so weird at all, because I never installed any java on my tower. I had already did a repull force last version update, in the hope it would also immediatly instaal java or openjdk8. That is what I found with a simple google search. Unlucky me, it
  3. I've soaked all the information up. Thank you everyone for giving me such great advice. I have put a PCPartPicker list together, and I would like to know of that it is a good list for a new server. So if you have additions or points that you would recommend me, please let me now. The link to the list is: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wMzMHz It is going to be used for some Windows vms (max. 2) and the current docker images: SABnzbdvpn Delugevpn DuckDNS Jellyfin (media server) Openvpn Is a 3700x enough? 8c/16t...
  4. I need to soak up all the new information right now, so I need some time to process the new info atm. My first question that pops up is that with my budget that is approx. 650 USD, what are the best options...? I want to build a second server and replace some smaller disks for 8TB ones. So that I can make a proper backup of my most wanted unraid files. But what sort of operating system (free of charge) can I use for that second server? I dont have the budget to buy a second unraid key... Well I have to think this over, but already thanks for the info and guidance!
  5. @kizer, I would love to put another parity in my array. So option A is definitely a good one, but I have something to say for option B. I would like to remove the smaller 2TB and 3TB disks and replace them with 8TB disks. Then I would have 11*8 = 88TB. But what should I do with those spare drives. Isn't it a shame to throw those drives away. I have no other use for it... Sorry for all the questions, 1st I am not as experienced with unRAID as the most of you. 2nd I have Aspergers, and very unsure... I well would say a big "thank you all" so
  6. Thats a pity @sota, but thanks for so far! Can someone else help me then with this subject of matter?? I would like to have something with a lot af slots, and in a sort of server environment...
  7. Too bad, that wasn't what I was hoping for. What can I do to have a single array of 24 disks... (i.e. with more parity disks or so.)? That is what I am looking for all the time... Saw that unRAID OS supports up to 30 devices in the parity-protected array (28 data and 2 parity)... So how can I finally get a solution to use that...
  8. Yea, I did. I use from the last disk on, only 8TB drives now. But that's a little off-topic, right? I can connect 2 380e racks for usage of 1 unRAID instance, am I right? So that they both are using the same USB unRAID array. Is that possible, so that with the list above I am done until I reach 24 disks (23 data and 1 parity disk, of course)?
  9. Yes I think so. My tower has at the moment 11 disks incl. parity. So otherwise I cannot expand by more than 1 disk after merging everything into the HP server...
  10. Well @sota, thank you very much for the infomation until now. Lets say that I buy the following: 2x Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant 380e Gen8 server (https://www.spareit.nl/nl/servers/servers-1/hpe-dl380e-gen8-e5-2420-1p-12gb-r-p420-hot-plug-12-lff-750w-ps-server) 2x HPE Smart HBA H240 726907-B21 (https://www.creoserver.com/hp-smart-hba-h240-726757-b21) Then I can switch over from my (almost full) unRAID tower to these 2 racks? Is that everything I need to look at? Or do I need more (yeah a server rack enclosure, to put the 2 2U racks in )
  11. Okay, excuse me. When I buy a HP ProLiant 380e Gen8, then recommended is to disable the internal controller card and buy a HP H220/240? Am I concluding that right? Or would you recommend buying an other rack? If so, which type and brand? EDIT: Is it possible to put 8TB disks into them? Is that size supported by a HP H220/240?
  12. So you do not recommend using a refurbished server rack for unRAID purposes?? Then I have to look for an external enclosure (like this one: https://www.icydock.com/goods.php?id=201 ) (or this one. https://www.datoptic.com/ec/15-drive-port-multiplier-enclosure-sbox-xv-html.html) with eSATA. Can we discuss external enclosures in a separate thread or just in this thread (mod / admin maybe to answer..?)...?
  13. I never had a server before, can I swap the one in the server(rack) with a HP H220/240 controller? Sorry for all the "basic" or "newbie" questions, but I have zero experience with serverracks...
  14. Sorry for the doublepost but I found something interesting. I want to buy a Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant 380e Gen8 server 1,9 GHz 12 GB Rack (2U) Intel® Xeon® E5 familie 750 W DDR3-SDRAM - server rack. I came across this one: https://www.spareit.nl/nl/servers/servers-1/hpe-dl380e-gen8-e5-2420-1p-12gb-r-p420-hot-plug-12-lff-750w-ps-server It is the Base model, found out via the CPU's inside. The internals are SATA/SAS interface from HP are with this model: HP Dynamic Smart Array B320i/512MB FBWC Controller It has PCIe slots, so can I just p
  15. Thank you @jonathanm for the information. So is the disk controller the only issue I have to look after, or are there more?? And is there a list of RAID controllers that are compatible with unRAID or do I need to ask it here, before I buy a refurbished server? I hope that the disk controller is the only hickup... Kind Regards!