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  1. Is there an update on this topic?
  2. Ahh understood. thank you for your explanation. I added it with Bind and the VFIO Plugin and also tested the new RC Unraid version but non of them was working. I ordered a USB ISDN "Card" hopefully this can be forwarded and is functional. Than this problem is not relevant anymore.
  3. Badly I only have one PCIe Slot How can you see if it is a legacy PCI devices or what do you mean with that. I didn't heard something like that. Testet also with the unsafe interrupts and no change at all
  4. Hi, I have a AVM GmbH Fritz!Card PCI v2.0 ISDN and I want to passthrough the card to Windows but I got a error. I googled this error but don't find a solution. Hopefully you can help me. "Failed to set up TRIGGER eventfd signaling for interrupt INTX-0: VFIO_DEVICE_SET_IRQS failure: Device or resource busy" I tried different PCIe ACS override settings but no change. VMS Error attached. VMS_error.txt
  5. I having issues to connect with duplicati to proftpd. The answer is 451 Transfer aborted. Broken pipe. Filezilla is working fine and als a script made in python is working fine. Only dupliacti is making trouble. Do you have any idea?
  6. no success for me I will now switch to X99 on the hope it will be better.
  7. I'm now on q35 v2.12 and have added "pcie_no_flr=1022:149c,1022:1487". Two shutdowns and starts without any issue. I will test later again
  8. With i44fx V3.0 is not working for me. Server crashes after shutdown. @peter_sm Is your system working? I think it is depending on the platform x79. Friend of mine had also problems and has now switched to x99 and has no bugs.
  9. Is there a fix at this problem? I have same issue on my side.