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  1. no success for me I will now switch to X99 on the hope it will be better.
  2. I'm now on q35 v2.12 and have added "pcie_no_flr=1022:149c,1022:1487". Two shutdowns and starts without any issue. I will test later again
  3. With i44fx V3.0 is not working for me. Server crashes after shutdown. @peter_sm Is your system working? I think it is depending on the platform x79. Friend of mine had also problems and has now switched to x99 and has no bugs.
  4. Is there a fix at this problem? I have same issue on my side.
  5. Can you look in the nextcloud nginx config if the following file looks like mine? I know that there is a ticket in the nextcloud docker image related to this. nextcloud/nginx/site-confs/default default
  6. Found the failure in the nextcloud config. Thank you very much for your help!! Have a happy new year.
  7. it was a not encrypted cache pool with 2 single ssds but media and "...?!" in raid1. I now changed Docker and VM's back to UD and a single cache SSD and everything seems to work normal again. But its not a fix for the problem in general.
  8. I have the same problem on my side as S1dney. What I also see is that docker is extremly slow against 6.6.6 where I come from. Everything in my point of view changed with a. Update to 6.8.0 OR b. Second SSD in Cache Drive The screenshot shows around 20 minutes.
  9. Funny... https://securityheaders.com/ says: X-Frame-Options = SAMEORIGIN (green) but Warning: X-Frame-Options --> There was a duplicate X-Frame-Options header. https://scan.nextcloud.com/ says: X-Frame-Options is red Will the X-Frame-Option not set by the last webservice in the row or how does it work? Maybe its a poblem by Nextcloud directly.
  10. Hey, sorry I also forget that you made awesome work!! I would like to have the ability to do something like it. The UI just shows some dockers and not all of them. MQTT is now working, was because of my network structure. I need to made that all containers are able to speak to each other and also to unraid. I thought on a structure like that, where all points have a single message. Json is fine but I think at smarthome systems its better to have single messages for every status. That makes it easy to put it as a new json together for the display. I checked my adapters at iobroker and see that for example kodi does put every channel or switch in a single message/object. servername systeminfo arrayStatus arrayProtection ... vm vm1 switch_1 id status usb name attached ... docker container1 switch_1 imageUrl name status ...
  11. Not working for all of my docker containers at my side. Log says: There was a problem retrieving a field for a docker image Cannot read property 'contents' of undefined Docker images will be build on my side over docker-compose and not over the app center. what do you need for analysis? Question by the way. Why did you not build a general unraid-mqtt-interface? I'm using iobroker and nodered and this has not the format of Home Assistant. I must no badly change this to my needs. So the idea could be a general unraid-mqtt-interface and adapter for every smarthome-system if needed.
  12. Other Question... Is there a possibility to enable oder disable the proxies over ssh or so? I think about to automatic disable and enable proxies over my smarthome-system.
  13. Nextcloud reported that the X-Frame-Option is not configured as "sameorigin". Is there a way to check debug this? Maybe there is a wrong Nextcloud setting.