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  1. Thanks for the answer. Since the USB stick can be used normally under Windows, I continued to use the Config folder. The RAM test shows no errors. Now my USB stick does not boot anymore, with another one it works (probably not the server). I wait until my new USB stick arrives to transfer the UNRAID license.
  2. Good afternoon, This was the third time I had the same problem. The dockers and vms are not displayed. So I restart the server, nothing works anymore. Always in about 2 month intervals. I also changed the USB stick once, but it didn't work. Now I have created the stick again. (It worked with the 5th try) and it does not boot. It's really annoying, every few months the same problem but never the same solution. Every time I need hours for countless new installations until it works for whatever reason. Right now I'm back at the Unraid and I just don't want to boot. Does anybody know why this could be?
  3. Hello, Thanks for the quick response I tried the force update thing. The status remains unchanged, but now the picture is missing. Of course I have tried several dockers.
  4. Hello, Since yesterday I have the problem that all dockers at "Version" are set to "not available". What could be the reason for this? Furthermore, the "App" overview loads significantly longer than normal.
  5. A feature that allows you to give individual users a quota of RAM and CPU for dockers and/or VMs. For example: So you could say that User Xy is allowed to host 4 Dockers with a maximum of 2GB Ram CPU (Assigned cores) or without assigned CPU cores. So you could share your server with your friends.
  6. Hello, Today my unraid server crashed for the third time. The CPU (Ryzen 5 2600) is running at 99% capacity, just like the RAM. The Cache SSD is suddenly very hot. The web interface is not responding anymore. It usually happens when I restart a docker. Has anyone here ever had this problem?
  7. Thanks for your answer. So just move the data manually to one of the other HDDs. Which tool is best for this?
  8. Good afternoon, I have two 4TB HDDs and one 1TB HDD in my server, unfortunately no parity yet. I would like to remove the 1TB HDD and write the data to the 4TB HDDs. I've read some things about this, but didn't understand if this works and if so how. I would be grateful for answers
  9. Hello, I don't understand how to get into the console with the MinecraftBasicServer. Entering the command in the terminal of the unraid server itself does not work
  10. I deleted the Nvidia header and inserted it via the function but it doesn't work.
  11. Thanks, but I don't understand the XML part. I don't have a button to open the XML file.
  12. Hello I am currently trying to route an MSI GeForce GT 1030 AERO ITX 2G to my Windows 10 VM. The VM starts but I get the error 43 (That the GPU was turned off) I saw here in the forum that you can change this with the VBios. But I didn't quite understand what I had to do. It would be nice if someone could explain to me again what I have to do so that the graphics card under Windows 10 is recognized normally.
  13. I forgot to mention this, I reinstalled Unraid 5 times and now it just works again.