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  1. Did this work for you? I actually have both my download client and lidarr mapped to the exact same location and get the same error. This is the only docker that complains about this.
  2. Hi All, This may be a obvious to others but i can't find the info. When I see Unraid tell me there is an update for this docker, I jump over to the project page but never see anything showing that any code changed. How can I find out why there is an update? TIA!
  3. Hello, I'm running the latest version and am unable to add indexers. I test and it succeeds, but when I select SAVE or SAVE and ADD, I get the spinning wheel then nothing. All my other dockers work just fine. TIA for any help.
  4. Great! thanks for the assist. Now I'm off to build a multi server redundant vsphere farm. If vsphere was as easy as unraid... my job would be cake.
  5. Got it. Old Server has key on USB. New Server has no key on USB. If I was to backup the flash on new server, then wipe the USB of old server and import my flash backup from new server, to the USB of the old server, you are implying this will work?
  6. I built a new server to test out a few things, and now want to upgrade my reg key and move it to the new server. Is this possible?
  7. Thanks for that info. I haven't kept up much on AFPS but I'll need to look into it. SO far SMB is working ok with enhanced osX enabled. I'll see how well it continues to operate.
  8. Hello all, I apologize up front if this has been asked already. I searched for it and found nothing. Is there a possibility AFP will be a supported as a mount protcol for unassigned devices? Not that its a huge issue but my OCD is killing me when I see this..... Thanks for the great work on this!!! EDIT: After posting I did just realize I could mount everything via SMB. I just hate how SMB operates on MAC. Never seems stable to me.