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  1. for me..its here: flash/config/plugins/ProFTPd
  2. Thanks, appreciate the response
  3. Am thinking of building a server just for testing/preclear of drives. Will the trial version license be enough for this?
  4. Hello all- thanks for reading. Looks like the port on the UPS is bad. New cable, same problem. Any recommendations on UPS? was thinking about this one: APC SMC1000C
  5. Trying to find a replacement cable to check that.
  6. Afternoon all- any ideas around this? I'm assuming something has failed on the UPS...
  7. Hello all- Running version 6.5.1 and out of the blue (looks like starting early this morning) the server has lost communication with the UPS. Previously, this worked like a champ. Can't see the cable all of the sudden going bad, but I guess its possible? I've shut the server down and restarted thinking maybe just needed to reinitialize the USB port. No go. I've attached the diags file. Looking for any help I can get at this point! emperor-diagnostics-20190224-1535.zip EDIT- Have swapped USB ports and the port is good. So, I'm guess either a) cable b) UPS or c) drivers/app? Is there a way to reinstall the application itself?
  8. Thanks for the reply sir. Appreciate it!
  9. Just to close the loop... Reboot=fix. Thanks Squid
  10. Hi- Thanks for this docker...been looking for a way to get rid of yet another computer and this is definitely it. I got transfers to work (pretty easy actually). The one thing that I am wondering is around commercial skip. Is there an add on or setting that will accomplish that? I didn't see anything related to this docker. ***I assume since there was no reply that there is no such setting/plugin/docker that anyone is aware of?***
  11. Hello all... I have community applications installed and its up to date, but my apps menu option is missing. I'm not even sure what steps to troubleshoot. Server has been up for about 70 days, so my plan is to reboot probably later today but just wondering if there is something else I should be looking for?
  12. As part of this...does anyone know how to edit the link that selecting webui within the docker goes to?
  13. So Your unRAID server should be resolving via NETBIOS over TCIP, not DNS. Without getting to in depth in what NetBIOS is, "In NetBIOS, each participant must register on the network using a unique name of at most 15 characters. In legacy networks, when a new application wanted to register a name, it had to broadcast a message saying "Is anyone currently using that name?" and wait for an answer. If no answer came back, it was safe to assume that the name was not in use." Windows machines do this I am pretty sure by default. to do what you want, you could use hosts file as you mention, or a DNS server. Other than that, I know of no way to do what you want to do.