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  1. Anyone have any luck getting this working with an UnRAID host running on ESXi 7 with pass through? Mine either freezes at boot time, or if I change some advanced variables around I can get it to boot, but get a message on the plugin page saying "unable to determine the device handle" I have tried the normal advanced settings you need for ESXi and nvidia passthrough like setting hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = “FALSE” and pciHole.start = “2048” but I'm not having much luck so far
  2. Same sort of symptoms for me as well on a virtualized Unraid on ESXi7.0 running on a SuperMicro X10SRH-CF and Xeon 2680v4. Fix common problems plugin is telling me I don't have a CPU Scaling Driver Installed. Although I can see my CPU is not at 100% and looks pretty normal to me?
  3. I'd like to request that the included and excluded disks are added to the shares overview page. I find it cumbersome to have to click into each share individually to see which disks have been assigned. It seems like it would be a really simple addition to either include a column or have an element you hover over or click to drop down. The hover or drop down might be better so it can accommodate systems with lots of disks. Please forgive me if there is some other way to get an overview showing this for all shares An quick and dirty example of how it
  4. Did iSCSI make it into the new 6.9 beta release, or will it hopefully make it's way into the RC?
  5. I might of missed it, but is there any chance we'll see iscsi support in this beta, or 6.9 RC? I know a lot of people would like to see it
  6. So...I have Unraid running under ESXi 7.0 as well, but can't do PCI passthrough and also have Hardware Virtualization enabled so I can use VM Manager. If I try and enable it I get an error - "Failed - PCI passthrough devices cannot be added when Nested Hardware-Assisted Virtualization is enabled." Is there a hack to get this to work? Or has it always been the case that you can only choose one of the other?
  7. All I needed to know is if it should be listening or not, and you answered that perfectly! Thank you I also noticed the actual container ports were stuck on port 81/444 for some reason, so I deleted and recreated it and it started up listening on 80/443, and also switched to dns validation, and things are working as expected now
  8. Trying to get the Letsencrypt container working with a very standard setup but it doesn't seem to be listening on any ports. I have the docker container configured with a bridge network, and port 81 and 444, with no conflicts. Once it's running should I then be able to hit <UNRAIDIP>:81 and <UNRAIDIP>:444 ?? Or do a netstat inside the docker container and see it listening on those ports? My port forwards from the outside are perfect but it's definitely not listening like I would expect