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  1. So i noticed this in my logs after the script that executes "nvidia-smi -pm 1" to enable Persistence mode to force the P8 power state. "kernel: NVRM: Persistence mode is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use nvidia-persistenced instead." So looked into it, so instead of using the nvidia-smi command to perform the job - now use the command nvidia-persistenced. Docs for it can be found here: Using just the nvidia-persistenced command by
  2. Upgraded one server from 6.8 to 6.9 without issue - and am happy to upgrade as my second server has been running 6.9 betas/RC's with very few issues and is happy to say that 6.9 has been well tested :)
  3. Go Beta 6.9 (have personally been using for beta 29 and beta 30 and its been stable for MY usage) or not run the unraid nvidia build and use this to build a kernel with the current drivers and a bunch of other stuff if you require it..
  4. The drivers in 6.8.3 will work fine with the 1050ti (i use one myself) - the drivers in 6.9.0 beta30 are better for current builds of Plex (if that is the use case) from terminal run lspci -k this will show the devices found - for example a 1050ti might come up like this in the list: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050 Ti] (rev a1) Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. [MSI] GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050 Ti] Kernel driver in use: nvidia Kernel modules: nvidia_drm, nvidia If its not showing - either the card i
  5. Check the nvidia support site Chances are - the card is quite old - and does not provide very good video encoding and decoding support.
  6. Within the settings of the PMS, there is a Scheduled Task "Backup database every three days". This by default just makes a copy of the database and adds a date to the end of the name. So if you need to restore the database due - you delete the broken one and rename the backup (or copy with the correct name).
  7. Check the Plex docker logs - if its stopped at "Starting Plex Media Server" and goes no further.. The Plex database is broken - restore from a backup (if you run the standard plex backup tasks its just a simple rename of files) - restart the docker. The database is stored within appdata - so even if you did a docker file rebuild the database is still as it was.
  8. Fixed Since I had rolled back to 6.6.7 - I made the change to the network.cfg file via MC - and performed the upgrade to 6.8.0-rc4. BR0 and Docker0 are back, dockers can see the gateway and outside world again Simple fix Thanks!
  9. Performing an upgrade from 6.6.7 to nasv4-diagnostics-20191029-2322.zip6.8.0-rc4 (and rc3) - dockers and plugins and unable to access gateway. Looking at the network setup, BR0 is not available neither is docker0. Network config files are pointing to an eth2 also - which no longer exists.
  10. I to would love some sort of official acknowledgment of the issue. While its an inexpensive product, its still good to hear that an issue is being worked on. Customers complained about Flexraid and its lack of responsiveness to issues - and look at where that product ended up... and in all fairness I would still be running it if the company hadn't died (some of my machines is still running it, but in the process of being decommissioned now) Was about to dive into a few more licenses for Unraid but holding off for now due to this issue and mainly - lack of acknowledgement.
  11. If your are running 6.7.x you could be hitting an issue a number of us have experienced. When writing to the array, performance of docker, VMs, other writes goes down to the point they stop responding.. Rolling back to 6.6.7 gets everything working again..
  12. Add me to the list as well - 6.6.7 and all is well - 6.7.x and it all turns to custard - there are a number of threads on this now.. copying a single file between disks or writing to the array via SMB should not slow the disk access down to the point where docker and VM's die and stop responding - this is not heavy IO - its a single file. I personally have not purchased unraid yet - and maybe not looking at the current state and lack of interest from the devs around this - but i've given it a lot of time for something that really shouldn't require messing around this much, Freena
  13. I'm trying 6.6.7 and there are no issues like the above.. I couldn't even install or update a docker image - let alone goto the docker page in the GUI while copying data via SMB or the mover running... 6.6.7 i can happily do that - and have plex running as it should. So whats broken in 6.7.x...
  14. Any data access to the array causes all docker and VM activity to become unresponsive. Copying a file via SMB or moving data from cache manually causes docker to become unresponsive - this isn't just during mover activities. Lets say copying a file to the array via SMB to a share that is not part of the cache pool. copying a single file is causing the docker and/or vm's to become unresponsive - this might happen after maybe 500mb into the file. I've tried different parity drives(SATA and SAS drives), different controllers(SAS and SATA), different setups of the SATA controller,
  15. No - I guess the main issue I am having - and when the movers runs - copying a file to the array via SMB will bring all dockers to a halt - not just the mover.. even with the docker file running on the cache drive...this is writing directly to the array and not to the cache drive.
  16. Diags attached for the current config.. it was suggested in another forum that i move all appdata and docker image to the cache drive.. still no dice..
  17. I am testing unraid as a replacement for my windows server for plex and all the bits that go with it. Having a similair issue where the mover will kill plex - or all docker content - will try the plugin mentioned here to reduce the priority - but also copying data to a share also brings docker containers to a standstill. Ive tried multiple configs with SSD caches etc, locking the appdata to SSD etc - and no luck in improving performance. The current windows server runs a mix of hardware raid for some disks - and flexraid for the rest - flexraid is now pretty much dead as for upgrades and