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  1. Jackett started working again today. I did not do anything to fix it.
  2. Is anyone having trouble with Sonarr communicating with Jackett? I am running Unraid 6.7.0 with the latest linuxserver.io Sonarr and Jackett dockers which had been working flawlessly. This morning Sonarr reported that none of Jackett's indexers were working. I saw there was an update to Jackett and thought that might fix it. It did not. I noticed that the url Jackett gives for a torznab feed is quite different than what I had in Sonarr when I originally set up Jackett. I updated one of my Sonarr indexers with the new torznab feed but the indexer would not pass the test connection
  3. Thanks Squid. I did not where to look. Deleting the share on disk #1 did the trick. Appreciate your insight.
  4. Diagnostics, yes, I should have thought of that. Thanks for taking an interest in my problem. media-diagnostics-20181130-1454.zip
  5. I'm on Unraid version 6.6.5. I regularly access the cache drive from a Mac (on Sierra) using SMB. Yesterday, I mounted the cache drive and saw that it only had 1 folder name "ffmeg" at the top level. When I mount the cache drive using AFP, I was relieved see all the files I expected. I can continue to connect with AFP instead of SMB, but I'm wondering what could be the underlying cause. All of the other shares show identical content whether mounted with SMB of AFP except the cache drive. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?
  6. @jbartlett, Thank you for this tool. I very much appreciate what you are doing here. Update: Looks like this is the same error message Simon021 posted. I have downloaded the latest docker version and can't seem to get past the initial hardware scan. This is the error message I received: DiskSpeed - Disk Diagnostics & Reporting tool Version: Beta 3a Scanning Hardware 12:01:51 Spinning up hard drives 12:01:51 Scanning storage controllers 12:01:53 Found Controller SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Falcon] (8 ports) 12:01:53 Found Controller C602 chips
  7. @Swithblade: Thanks for your suggestion. I reverted back to 6.3.5 so I can't check the logs or settings in 6.5.0. However, when 6.5.0 was running I could access the shares and Sonarr, Plex, (and others) which were running as dockers were also accessible via http. I think that means the network was running ok.
  8. Upgraded from 6.3.5 to 6.5.0, then reverted back to 6.3.5. 6.5.0 worked fine from the web-gui on the monitor at the server. However, when accessing the web-gui from any other machine I got a 500 Internal Server Error which I think this is an nginx error message. Working from the web-gui at the server, I was able to provision the certificate for https, but this did not fix the problem. I've tried booting into the web-gui in safe mode, but this also does not fix the problem. I've removed dynamix.plg as per the instructions in this post.
  9. @johnie.black Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Deleting /boot/config/._Trial.key and Trial.key fixed the problem for me.
  10. I set up a new system with UR 6.4.1 using a Trial Key. After about a week I purchased a basic license and it looked like it installed fine. However, I noticed the following errors in the system log. How can I get rid of these errors? It looks like UR is looking at the trial key during bootup. Thank you, Kamhighway Mar 18 09:10:35 popo emhttpd: error: get_key_info, 584: Invalid argument (22): get_message: /boot/config/._Trial.key (-3) Mar 18 09:10:35 popo root: error: /webGui/include/ProcessStatus.php: wrong csrf_token Mar 18 09:10:36 popo emhttpd: error: get_key_in
  11. I tried updating this docker but got an error message. Anyone else getting the same error? Error: Error: image lsiodev/nextcloud:latest not found
  12. Thanks for taking a look. I appreciate it.
  13. I am having trouble getting the plugin to remember changes made from the Wake On Lan tab. Here's what I do: 1. Click on "new" button 2. New line shows up with hostname "New", IP Address 192.168.X.XXX, Mac Address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX. It is always the same IP Address and Mac Address. 3. I edit the hostname, IP Address, and Mac Address 4. Status changes to green 5. Click on "Done" whereupon I get sent back to Unraid's Setting tab 6. If I click on Wake On Lan in the Settings Tab, I go back to the Wake On Lan tab of this plugin. The Hostname, IP, and Mac addres
  14. Pulsedmedia supports btsync (now called resilio sync). It works well with gfjardim's btsync docker.