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  1. Hi all, Having real difficulty in identifyig why my mover process is taking so long, taking hours to move a single GB. Do I have a failing drive? Is someone able to assist?
  2. Hey all, I had a drive failure the other day in my array, replaced it with a new drive and afdter rebooting, it seems my cache drive may now be going also? Just after some advice on how to confirm so. I've had my cache drive running for a while, and haven't had any issues. However since rebuilding the Array, my docker containers keep freezing, CPU wait sits all the time at 80-90% and having tried and tested multiple things, and disabling the cache drive on almost all share, I believe I've now removed the problem. However, the problem is all appdata runs on cache... I've performed an extended S.M.A.R.T which is showing no errors. Any advice on how I can 100% be sure it's the cache drive/what else it could be? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey! No progress on this at all unfortunately, gave up in the end and waiting for an update in this topic from someone who's able to get it working. It really wasn't functioning properly at all.
  4. Hey! I'm mining using a GTX 1050 Ti however the hash rate is incredibly low, is there a way to check it's utilising it to the full capacity, rather than nvidia-smi - as this isn't showing anything specific to T-Rex?
  5. Turns out this is due to TorrentDay's proxy being blocked on my ISP
  6. Having an odd issue whereby trying to add certain torrent providers, I get given this message: Any ideas? The above was for TorrentDay
  7. I had this same issue, fixed it by modifying my template as my default network bridge was incorrect. It was picking up br0 for me when it should have been virbr0. Force stop the VM you wish to have working, then click 'Edit' - select 'XML view (this is important!!!) then modify the br0 value for your network bridge! That should solve it for you, did for me!
  8. Unfortunately not having much luck this side, got the VM booting correctly however when trying to install either Catalina or Mojave tested so far, it hangs on "Downloading installer information to the target volume failed" Any ideas anyone?
  9. I seem to unfortunately have hit a snag. With trying to diagnose why my Docker wasn't updating, I've disabled and re-enabled Docker a few times and now I'm stuck whereby Docker won't install any new containers/won't addcontainer at all through CA either. When trying to pull a new container it simply hangs with: Pulling image: binhex/arch-plexpass:latest Please wait .... Any advice?
  10. How did I not test that, I'd tested Chrome & Chrome Incognito and assumed it was specific to Unraid. Turns out it's specific to Chrome, works in FF.
  11. Whenever trying to configure Pushover, Slack, Telegram, or any of the agents within 6.7.2, I enter the respective key/webhook URL and hit 'Apply', then nothing happens. This is after enabling the function also, and upon refreshing the page via. CTRL+F5 it does not save the information and therefore, I can't configure Slack notifications. Upon refresh it shows then as 'Disabled'.