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  1. So if I understand correctly, if I plan to leave the drive permanently connected you would choose a cache pool. Even if I am not planning to use it as a real cache, just storage that does not need parity protection or speed. I have a ssd cache pool in use but with the new cache pool feature I started thinking to use a second cache pool instead of the unassigned drives plugin. Sorry if my explanation is not clear. I am not a native English speaker.
  2. I ordered a 6TB drive today to add to my server. I was planning to use it as an unassigned drive to store some backups and Storj data (because the last one constantly spins up my drive and parity drives) But an hour ago I started thinking, maybe it's better to add the 6TB HD to a new cache pool. If I select my Storj to prefer cache, it will never be moved to the array. It seems better this way, no plugins needed, everything in the array. What do you guys think?
  3. I was wondering the same, mainly because I want to group disabled/unused scripts to clean up the list
  4. I switched from Kodi with mysql to Kodi with emby I like the Kodi interface and I use emby when not at home.
  5. I like the way it uses to make an array (keep data on single disk) A mobile web gui would be nice